De’Longhi Traditional Pump Espresso Coffee Machine EC156 : The machine is making a perfect coffee. The only problem is it is too

Another great cappuccino maker from delonghi. This is the 3rd cappuccino maker from delonghi i have had over the years and this one is even better than the last, makes a lovely cup of coffee and froths the milk brilliantly. The size is also great as it will fit into any small space.

Had this machine for over a year. Work from home so used it 4 or 5 times a day but it eventually developed a leak, guess it would last longer if it wasn’t used so frequently.

Took a bit of getting used to after my antique krupp expired. Very pleased, quick, clean, practical machine which makes beautiful espresso.

Makes great coffee easy to use and compact, only problem is vibration causes cups to move or clatter together if filling two at once. I bought some silicone coasters from our hosts that solved it completely. Uk/gp/product/b011s3szya?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00.

Husband really enjoys many thanks.

I have a more expensive delonghi coffee maker for home use, but needed a smaller one for my boat. This not only fills the bill, it actually makes a nicer cup of coffe and is quicker and cleaner in use than my ‘superior’ model.

Great little coffee machine, love my fresh coffee, and this makes an excellent replacement for my previous more expensive one, which broke down, another plus is that you don’t have to use ground coffee all the time, you can use coffee bags, which can save time if you are in a hurry,.

. Quiet, fast very efficicent and makes lovely coffee with no fuss. Overall i’d thoroughly recomment it.

  • Nice little coffee machine
  • It worked fine until January 2016 when it started to blow the
  • Great little Coffee Machine

De’Longhi Traditional Pump Espresso Coffee Machine EC156.B

Product Description, The high performance 15 bar pump pressure coffee maker makes perfect espressos, cappuccinos and caffe lattes or can be used to create any favourite coffee or milk drinks. It is both stylish and easy to use with a simple dial operating system. The filter holder and built-in tamper creates the perfect crema on your espressos and the traditional manual milk frothing arm mixes steam, air and milk to produce a rich, creamy froth for a great cappuccino or latte so you can have barista-style coffee in your own home.

Box Contains, 1 x Delonghi EC156.B

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It is a very cheap coffee maker that does all the basic stuff. Do not expect anything above the mediocre. For the price you pay you will get a nice tasting espresso and a nice milk cream if you use the steamer. The machine does not produce consistent results. The machine cannot prepare a thick and bold crema on your espresso shot. As a comparison i have tried my capsule coffee maker and it produces a thick and tasty crema every time. The results are never similar. The second coffee does not tastes the same like the first one. So you should let the machine cool down a bit and then go for the second round. Before you operate it you need to let some water drip from the group to avoid the burned taste. I always let some steam off as well before i prepare anything. Always tamper the coffee you put on the portafilter and for good results use pre ground coffee from the supermarket (i prefer the lavazza red brand). Always use filtered water and always fill the water tank up to the maximum to avoid problems.

Great machine bit noisey but does a great job.

Unfortunately this machine is so noisy and i wish i had bought the more expensive one, like the one i had before. But early in the morning it wakes the whole house.

Bought this espresso machine in october 2015. It worked fine until january 2016 when it started to blow the electrics in the kitchen. Contacted the manufacturers who arranged to collect it for repair and then deliver it back to me. It was back with me within three weeks and so far it has worked ok. Very pleased with the customer service i received.

Steam arm started dripping after about a month’s use. I contacted delonghi and it was taken for repair. It took a week or two from sending off to receiving the fixed machine back but the steam arm doesn’t drip anymore. The steam is much hotter and there’s more of it.Ultimately it now makes a much better coffeeit’s also worth noting that i dropped the drip tray once and the corner cracked – it’s quite brittle plastic.

I do really like this coffee machine, the one issue i have is that it leaks at the bottom. Has anyone else experienced this?thx.

Got this as a replacement for the one my boyfriend has had for 10 years, he was so reluctant to change it but now he loves it. We have only made espresso’s so far and they are great. The size is perfect and it looks great in the kitchen. Only small thing i would change is a place to put the cups on top but its not a big deal. Ordered this at 7pm on the friday and we had it by 2pm on the saturday as we have prime and this saved the day. . Living with an italian who cannot make himself a coffee is quite tough.

This would of been a good coffey maker apart from the fact that a little after two months the steam functionality stopped working witch is a bit of a let down.

  • Nice little coffee machine
  • It worked fine until January 2016 when it started to blow the
  • Great little Coffee Machine

De’Longhi Traditional Pump Espresso Coffee Machine EC156.B

The only issue that you might find is the noise that it makes during make a coffe but other than that if you are not a barista it is the perfect coffee machine.

My first one broke after about 7 years and i had no hesitation in buying another. Easy to use and makes a good cup of coffee.

De’longhi traditional pump espresso coffee machine ec156. B actually this product is very good for those who want budget coffee machine with fine quality of coffee that almost like famous coffee shops. Also i must say that the seller whom i bought the machine from, is amazing man, he is really taking his job seriously and want to keep his business going by being faithful to the customer more than the money of the costumer.

This is a very good mid-range espresso machine. 5 years it is still working great.

A straightforward table top espresso machine. In my case replacing a broadly similar model which had given up the ghost after four years of faithful service. It seems that details vary slightly between individual machines. Thinking here of the drip tray design and the type of control switches fitted. Warms up quickly and produces good coffee with an acceptable crema. One niggle with my particular machine is the feature which switches it off if not used for about 5 minutes. The on/off switch is not very positive and has to be ‘felt for’. In my book delonghi are master designers of coffee machines.

Great coffee machine brilliant espresso every time.

This makes great coffee just like starbucks etc. However the unit is a bit cramped especially the milk steamer i will have to buy an specially small milk jug that will let the steamed milk from under the nozzle without spilling it bit rubbish really hence threebstars.

Good quality for the price but i did find it a little tricky to use in the beginning. Once i learnt how to use it, it’s pretty easy and straight forward. It makes great tasting coffee and hot chocolate, but you will need to buy a jug to fit under the milk frother.

The machine is making a perfect coffee. The only problem is it is too short. You cannot fit a proper mug inside. This is what i call epic design failure. Just a little bit more space between the base and the top, and this will be a 5 star product.

Its not really intended for a 5 times daily coffee drinker but then again its not really meant for that. If your very much into you coffee then a home barista machine for around 300 quid is what you need. The frother is fab for cappucinos and hot chocs alike and it rotates nicely under the unit for safe storage. The coffee part is very robust. That part does feel like a proper barista. You have a spare filter part that has its home in the top compartment but i havnt had to use this yet. The coffee produced is very smooth and comes in a nice even stream, the little compressor part on the side does its job as well. The water reservoir is very much ample for a few of each choc and coffees, you will need an espresso cup for the coffee but mine were about £2 from a supermarket.

I received this last week and almost sent it back. I found the arm with the coffee filter in difficult to rotate fully as the machine moves about. I had to practically cuddle it to hold it still. This seems to have loosened up a bit now. I was very disappointed with the milk frother but i have never owned one of these before so i did a bit of reading online. I found many posts that tell you to switch the machine on 20 mins before use to let it heat fully. Not so easy with this as it switched itself off after about 10. I also found it’s useful to purge the steam spout of water before trying to froth milk. The instructions don’t tell you this either.

Fabulous machine easy and straight forward to use just a little noisey.

It performs well and is easy to use and quite compact. I use coffee bags rather than loose grounds.

I got this for my birthday back in july, and it makes such good coffee, that i have not touch instance since. It is small and easy to use, which in my kitchen is a blessing.

I had an older model that i used pretty much daily for a couple of years before it started to malfunction, and i was desperate to find another, similar machine, without paying the earth. Works the same as my old one and better too – it’s a solidly built item that produces brilliant espresso, and is quite forgiving if your grind or tamper is a little off (thankfully). It’s pretty quick to be ready for use, takes about a minute or two from switching it on to being able to turn the switch and make beautiful coffee, and the auto-off function is a nice touch. It comes with all you need, so no need to worry about buying any extras and it’s incredibly easy to maintain and clean, with the drip tray easily removable. The milk steamer works a shade better than on my previous model, and it does the job for making lattes or cappuccino. Yes, it is a little noisy but all machines like this are. All in all, it’s a nicely compact and easy to use way of making fantastic espresso. So easy is it that i’ve actually pretty much abandoned the instant coffee in the morning – it really isn’t much fuss. (you are probably going to need to run both the espresso and steamer functions through with just water for a couple of tanks full to get rid of any ‘manufacturing-taste’ when first using)great value for money if your looking for gorgeous home espresso.

We bought this machine about four to five years ago & it made perfect lattes, coffee, & capachinno,it just went aweek ago, but i always used de longhi cleaners,& washed it after every use. Be good to your products, & usually theeir good to you.

Makes a decent cup of coffee, although the pump is rather noisy.

Far superior to the cheap alternative i bought and got rid of after 2 weeks.

Features and Spesification

  • Use ESE pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder.
  • Easily prepares lattes and Cappuccinos with the swivel jet frother, for perfect drinks every time
  • on/off indicator light
  • removable drip tray
  • stand by function