De’Longhi Vintage Icona CTOV4003BG 4-Slice Toaster – Cream : Best toaster I’ve owned

Have purchased three of these type machines to date and have been disappointed with performance of all of them. This one is far more robust and toasts excellently.

Great toaster, looks good in the kitchen. We have the kettle too and it is a great set. Toaster is quite large and takes a fair amount of room but we got the four slices version so it was expected.

Amazing toaster, very good quality and quick. Perfect for bagels, toasts etc.

I fell in love with a design (online) and i also love how it works (in my kitchen). This toaster looks so good that even my guests comment it. And it also works really well, makes delicious toasts (althought i am a bit suprised that they are not so hot as with my previous toaster so the butter does not really melt on the toast – on the other side you do not have to wait before eating and my kids don’t get burnt). I would definitely buy again and probably will have to buy this toaster a new friend soon šŸ™‚ – because the kettle looks great too.

Good: works ok, the reheat function is handy and it’s easy to keep clean. Bad: would have preferred longer slots and it’s a bit uneven in toasting.

Worth buying looks fantastic,, works well and does toast for two persons at once. Enjoying breakfast much more.

This toaster looks really nice and retro. We have only used it a few times but the toast seems to be ok. The timer though only needs setting low or you end up with burnt toast. So far so good, really pleased.

Nice toaster does the job looks good price good considering you could pay double elsewhere. Iā€™m really pleased with it.

  • A great vintage style toaster that actually toasts

  • Great Purchase

  • Best toaster I’ve owned

De’Longhi Vintage Icona CTOV4003BG 4-Slice Toaster – Cream

Product Description, De’Longhi CTOV4003.BG Vintage Icona Dolcevita 4 Slice Toaster – Cream. Variable width slots increase your choice of bread sizes.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x De’Longhi Icona CTOV4003.BK 4-Slice Toaster (polished cream)
  • 1 x Full product instructions)
  • 1 x UK fitted plug

  • From the manufacturer

    Variable Width and Extra Lift

    Variable width slots increase your choice of bread sizes and the extra lift facility makes it easy to remove even the smallest slices.

    Electronic Controls

    Includes reheat, defrost, bagel and cancel buttons. Plus variable browning controls allow you to make toast that is perfect for you.

    Removable Crumb Trays

    Help keep the kitchen tidy with two removable crumb trays.

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    However, i am disappointed it didn’t come with a warming rack. The slots can take a thin-ish muffin or crumpet but would struggle with a thick one.

    Decided to pay a bit more to get a decent toaster and, whilst this is decent, i would expect more for the money spent. I have this on the lowest setting (and by that i mean well below the 1 mark) and it still burns the toast if you don’t keep a careful eye on it.

    Love this toaster, sounds sad but it has made breakfast times so much easier and quicker.

    Looking for a toaster to match our kitchen (it matched both doors and worktop perfectly) but more importantly dealt with the larger and sometime homemade bread our previous toaster couldn’t- this ticked all the boxes and we where more impressed after using it over the first few weeks (our toast consumption has gone up ). Like other delonghi products (we have several) its quality was obvious when opening the box – easy to use, clear controls and solid construction make this a definite choice if you are after a decent toaster.

    Very retro but sold as azure blue which it is not. It’s a very pale bluey lilac which is fine for me but could mislead others. Excellent delivery and a very good quality toaster – this is my second in 5 years.

    Just what i was looking for. Excellent value, looks good and does the job fabulously.

    You’re either gonna love it or hate it. My loving gaze is more than returned in the form of gorgeously crispy toast (cook it proper – # 2. Rest for a minute, turn over and give it another – thrice for heavy duty cranks type wholemeal) takes a wee while but for the toast aficionado, heaven.

    A nice looking toaster matches my de-longi kettle. The reason that i have only given it three stars is that the toasting procedure is a bit of hit and miss you can never get an even toasting on either side of the bread without doing it twice. I have gone back to using the grill.

    • A great vintage style toaster that actually toasts

    • Great Purchase

    • Best toaster I’ve owned

    De’Longhi Vintage Icona CTOV4003BG 4-Slice Toaster – Cream

    Liked the retro design, and as toasters go, not a bad one. But the lift to remove the hot toast is too short, and you have to hook the toast out with a knife or fork (i turn it off at the mains first) this is an unacceptable design fault, and could be potentially dangerous.

    Different toasting levels each use.

    Great toaster, toasts the bread consistantly on both sides of the bread,the removeable trays make the toaster easy to clean. It is easy to change the settings of the toaster to how you like it. The settings are for two separate sides, so i can cook toast on one half and waffles on the other half by using indepenant settings on each half of the toaster.

    Works really well and looks great.

    Settings take a bit of getting used to.

    Having had a toaster for 20 years i could not believe the improvement. The only problem is i like scottish loaves with black crusts and it does not toast the bottom, so it has to be rotated and fiddled around to brown the bottom. It will be perfect for modern white bread but i like my crusts. It toasts very nicely and is quite automatic, so no more burnt toast.

    I got this on offer, beautifully designed toaster, does what it’s supposed to all in all good buy.

    Bought this to go with a cream theme for my new kitchen and love it. Best purchase ive made for ages, worth paying that little bit more. Easy to use and clean ive used all types of bread and thicknesses with no problem. . I always read the reviews and not all of them were positive but i’m glad i bought it and have had no issues at all, i would definitely recommend.

    Really like this but had to return as the plastic parts are brown & not black – not mentioned in description or clear in picture. Had to return & order all black – shame as i really wanted the blue.

    Love it, looks so gorgeous, and it toast bread too.

    As we bought the kettle in the same retro colour and then the coffee machine too, we just had to have the toaster as well. Ok so in the looks department this wins hands down, but what is it like as a toaster?this toaster works beautifully and has plenty of ‘controllability’ too. Best of all you can toast on one side, such as bagels, which is a real boon. I like my toast well done and my wife prefers it less so, this toaster does this process really well. It toasts quickly and it toasts evenly, perfect. Our kitchen looks great with our new toaster, kettle and coffee machine, all delonghi vintage azure blue, beautiful to look at and they all do their job perfectly.

    I never realised toasters toasted bread differently, so when i first used this toaster i was really impressed. My previous toaster was made by another premium brand but the result was nowhere near as good. In tune with the current trends of ‘everything vintage’, de longhi toaster looks a lot like a vintage radio. I have to warn you: it’s veyr big and takes a fair amount of space on the kitchen counter. However, it looks great and does a very good job at toasting. Unlike other vintage looking toasters i’d been looking at, the vintage icona is suitable for standard size sliced british-sold bread, and an entire slice fits perfectly in the toaster’s slots. You can also toast bagels and other products, although if you’re planning to toast full size pittas, you’ll have to turn them halfway through. So far i’m very happy with this machine – i hope it will last for many years to come.

    Good sized toaster, useful to have separately controlled slots, looks good and easy to empty the crumb tray. If you have ‘tall’ bread like some warburton’s loaves they will stick out of the top a bit.

    Easy to use and nice kitchen colour, good quality.

    Lovely product , exactly the colour i needed for my kitchem.

    Pity about the delivery which i gather was from yodel. The driver was too lazy to bring it up to the house and left it in the drive some way from our property and out of sight, we were in at the time. If it had not been for a relative visiting we would not have seen it for a couple of days. In which time it could have been stolen or damaged by the elements, which were very wet at the time.

    I bought this to replace an older model i had and it has not disappointed. Previously had my older version for 6yrs and hopefully this will last just as long. It looks stylish in this colour and the various settings toast perfectly.

    Good quality, looks fantastic, does the job.

    Features and Spesification

    • Pastel Cream and mahogany finish four slice toaster with chrome detail
    • 1.8 kW for rapid four slice toasting with independent two slice operation
    • Variable browning control and variable width slots
    • Electronic controls for reheat, defrost, bagel and cancel functions
    • Extra-lift position for removing small items and extra deep crumb tray