DeltaToast : The toaster – Satisfies toast and design desires nicely

I bought this little toaster to use when we go camping. I have camped for years and tried every type of non-electric camping toaster on the market including the pyramid style, the ones that fold almost completely flat and have a layer of fine mesh to act as a heat deflector. I have one called a ‘bright spark’ and i even managed to acquire one from italy that was for toasting bruschetta. The pyramid style ones are, in y opinion, a complete waste of time. Yes, in theory, you can toast four slices on bread at once but you have to constantly turn the bread or the bottom half (closest to the flame) is burnt before the top half is even vaguely toasted. Then you have to turn the slice over and repeat the process because they only toast one side at a time. My other three toasters are a slight improvement on this in as much as they toast more evenly but they only do one slice at a time and you still have to turn the slice over to do the other side. This toaster is different (and considerably more expensive). It still only does one piece of bread at a time but it does both sides at the same time and it toasts really evenly so there is no need to keep moving the bread. The toaster sits neatly over the gas burner on my camping stove.

Smaller than expected but perfectly fits a regular slice of british toast. Makes beautifully browned toast, a bit quicker than expected. Such a great object for a toast and design lover. Worth the dosh if you can afford it.

Expensive but well made and gives you great toast.

By far the best camping toaster i have ever owned, browns both sides evenly in about the same time as an electric toastera few have commented that it doesn’t fit well on their stove, i found this if i put it on square but if you put it so that its at 45 degrees to square it then fits much better, see my photo and you’ll get the idea.

Excellent choice for any area. Marked well gor use so doesn’t get broken before one understands which direction to open it. Use ut on our small yacht gas stove all the time. Used to miss toast and have it now again.

I came across this by chance on you tube whilst looking at toasters for camping, i was quite surprised at the price and nearly didn’t buy it, but i am really glad i did. Toasts a slice of frozen bread in just over two minutes, against ten minutes under the grill in the motorhome, and because it’s so quick the centre of the bread is still quite soft instead of too dry. Really clever design because it can be adjusted for different thicknesses of bread, i can’t wait to try it on slices of baguette. I think some of my friends might be asking about it when they see it on the stove, because it’s not immediately obvious what it’s for.

‘intrigued by the apartment therapy the kitchen blog’s review i ordered a delta toast and it does exactly what it is made to do: evenly toast bread on the stove top. The design is essential, minimal, and eye pleasing. A highly functional and beautiful little object. If you like toast and design this great value for the investment.Also it looks very classy next to the mocha.

Fabulous piece of design, a great addition to our campervan kitchen. Makes toast time fairly slow though, relax.

Straight out of the box this toaster impresses. Solid and well crafted from stainless steel the toaster has a classic, retro look and although it folds up neat and compact i like to keep it out on show. I was looking for a toaster that i could use on camping and boating holidays and this ticks the box as it is robust and takes up little space when folded. I use the delta mostly on the kitchen gas hob but have also tried it out on my camping cooker. I found a little bit of experimentation was needed initially to position it so that it toasted evenly but once sorted it produces evenly browned toast every time. A bonus is that you can see how the toast is doing without taking it out. The first slice takes a bit longer as the toaster has to heat up from cold but it’s only a few minutes and subsequent slices are actually quicker than my electric toaster. Although it only does one slice at a time it is still much quicker than the hob top toasters where you have to turn the slices over and the results are much much better. The one downside for me is that due to its small size it works best on small loaves.

Here are the specifications for the DeltaToast : The toaster:

  • innovative, compact design is ideal for small kitchens in apartments, boats and motorhomes
  • Large, adjustable bread slot fits oversized & extra thick slices, as well as sandwiches
  • double layered heat shield means crust won’t burn
  • 100% stainless steel; zero e-waste
  • made in Italy (hand assembled); dishwasher safe; durable
  • Manufacturer warranty will not apply. Please review Amazon’s return policy, which usually offers free returns within 30 days of receipt.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Cooking on gas!
  • Excellent choice for any area
  • Satisfies toast and design desires nicely