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I have been coming back to here every other week to decide whether to bit the bullet and purchase a set of these, as i was looking for a replacement of my current long haul noise cancelling headphones. Denon have certainly not let me down. I don’t do a lot of long haul travel but, when i do it is a real long haul from london to the other side of the world. At first i was surprised at the packaging, they really have thought about the customer experience with these, and a very simple but handy zipped leather carry case. The leather on-ear pads are very comfortable, although got a little sweaty after having them on for hours, but would expect this from any real leather regardless. Sound quality, denon have really stuck to their heritage of sound, and these are no exception. Pairing to my iphone and ipads via bluetooth whilst abroad – yes people you are allowed to use bluetooth on an airplane, just make sure your device is in flight mode and you will be fine. One of the best things about these headphones is all the integrated features, usb charge (i was able to charge the hp before landing in the seatback) volume, microphone, answer call button because if you are anything like me when you travel long haul you don’t want to be messing around with your phone whilst trying to keep all your bags in control, all the features allowing me to make the call to the family totally hands-free and wireless. Worthwhile investment if you can relate to anything i have mentioned.

Normally i do not take the time to write reviews, however, after purchasing these headphones and thoroughly enjoying them i thought i should share my experience as i feel others have posted quite unfair, negative, comments. Honestly i do not care about how big or small the case is or how technically advanced they are, i care about how the headphone looks feels and sounds. The look is very unique and stylish, battery life is excellent, noise cancelling is not 100% but the music sounds great, especially when listening to adele. If you want a pair of wireless headphones which sound, look and feel great, then these are perfect.

These are head phones for music.

These are one of the more different sets of headphones i have purchased. Was looking for something that was going to last me awhile, especially since i travel the globe at least once a month. Pros:• comfortable – leather ear pads certainly help• sound quality• well made• noise cancelling• features – volume control on the headphone• wire free (listening and calling)• still works when the battery runs out (cable comes in the box)• rechargeable battery (no need to carry spares)cons:• not much, other than size – maybe not for the short haul travellerall in all, a great pair of travelling headphones for both normal and noise cancelling listening.

I am disappointed with the music balance on these considering the high price. They are very bass heavy for my taste ( recently recorded mainstream jazz). They are comfortable to use and pair easily with my iphone but have have made a couple of unintentional phone calls.

I have had the denon ah-ncw500’s for just over a month now, and thought to review it, there are a few things i would like to pick up on, and thus will divide this review in a few sections, to make it easier for people to read:packaging, and accessories:i really love the packaging, and the case provided with the ncw500’s – it really denotes a lot of style and professionalism. The carrying case itself, looks like a tablet sized bag, which in turn is very much portable, and easy to carry about. The accessories that are provided are what one would expect from a set of portable headphones too. Build quality:the build quality of these headphones is very good, they are built to last, and do not feel flimsy. I feel as they can take quite a bit of battering, this is especially the case with the reinforced headband assembly, where there’s an extra metal piece holding the headphones stronger togetherclamp:the clamp on ones head is very nice, it isn’t too loose like their brothers the denon ah-d2000’s, however isn’t too tight like the beats by dre. It really is perfect long hours of listening, and even jogging. I don’t feel like they will fall off my head whilst i’m jogging. Comfort:these are comfortable headphones, as far as comfort goes for on-ear headphones. I feel that the clamp, the soft pads on the headband and drivers, make this headphone comfortable to wear. Connectivity:with its bluetooth apt-x technology, it means i can portably listen to my music, even as far as being over 15m away from my samsung galaxy s iii.

Not a very loud pair of cans and the noise cancellation circuit is more like a bass boost switch, however still a nice and exclusive purchase.

I love the look and style of these headphones i saw that they were recommended by suzi perry and thought i had to buy a pair but at over £400 they would have been out of my price range however since they have come down in price i think they are definitely worth every penny. I travel back and forth to japan on business and need a comfortable set of headphones, the discreet controls on the ear piece means no fuss or hassle in changing tracks. I have also tried them jogging, they feel really secure and the blue tooth connectivity is excellent. My battery life also lasts much longer than just the 10hours as stated on the description. Really love my denon headphones.

  • Great Headphones
  • Best ever
  • Very good sound, easy to use, decent battery life.

Denon Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones – Black

Manufacturer’s Description, Wireless, Noise-Cancelling, Luxury Travel Headphones
Denon’s Globe Cruiser On-Ear Headphones are luxuriously finished and provide exquisite comfort and style. Featuring a 40mm driver, an integrated amplifier, AAC and aptX decoding for CD quality audio over a wireless connection, the design’s control wheel also allows you to effortlessly control Apple iPhone, iPad or other Bluetooth devices.
Incorporating advanced noise cancellation circuitry via Bluetooth 3.0 wireless or a wired connection, Denon’s Globe Cruiser headphones actively eliminate unwanted ambient noise, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your music, wherever you are.
Denon’s pentagonal-shaped earpieces feature luxurious protein leather covers, detailed custom stitching and soft memory-foam cushions to alleviate pressure and prevent listening fatigue during extended listening. The headphones further feature a flat folding design housed in an executive leather bound travel case for ease of transport.
– Denon’s noise cancelling circuitry blocks out ambient noise for undisturbed listening- Wireless with CD sound quality (Bluetooth aptX) – Denon’s control wheel and integrated microphone for full control of iPhone, iPad and other Bluetooth devices- Integrated amplifier- Rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours listening enjoyment (USB charging cable included) – Cable included for listening to music in passive mode- Denon’s pentagonal-shaped ear pads with memory foam for comfortable fit- Two-axis ear cup articulation for a perfect fit- Flat folding design for convenient packing- Leather travel case with carabiner- Cable and airline adapter included for in-flight use- Denon’s Travel Smartphone Application for productivity on the go
Denon Travel Smartphone Application
Denon’s Travel Smartphone application, available for iPhone, iPad or Android phones enhances the listening experience of the frequent travel.
– Allows you to load frequently-used travel apps for easy access- Better quality audio player with instant playlist creation capability- Ability to create, save and share custom EQ curves – Choose a myriad of EQ presets- Update your Facebook or Twitter status about the music you like with a touch of a button

Box Contains, AHNCW500BKEMLeather carrying case with karabiner for easy attachment Micro USB Cable Audio cable and airline adapter Documentation

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Pressure on ears get a bit much after 8 hr, so not comfortable for long haul flights. Should have gone for over the ears headphones.

These headphones are great for relaxing at home or on a flight as they have brilliant noise cancellation and are very comfortable. I had a pair of bose quiet comfort 3 which were very loose fitting and didn’t sit on my ears very well. These denon headphones are the complete opposite, the headband is secure and comfortable, even when jogging.

Good sound quality at decent range. Bit base heavy but nothing that can’t be sorted with eq. Very uncomfortable after shot periods. My ears feel pinned down and hurt after 30mins to an hour. First pair one side not working so had replaced. After few months the plastic sides have cracked pretty bad but that maybe have been my daughter dropping them. But still should be made of sterner stuff.

I bought these to replace my broken bose qc2 that i had had for 10 years. Rather than spend nearly £300 on a new set of bose and to give myself the convenience of playback without wires i went for these. They are quite big, but reassuringly so, i have no complaints with the weight. Connected with my iphone and my ipad perfectly and contrary to another reviewer i had no problem connecting them to my macbook pro (once i had switched off bluetooth on the iphone in my pocket). They sound great, nice highs, clear mids and warm lows. The convenience of not having to stuff a wire under my jacket or in my pocket is wonderful. I’ve only used the noise cancelling once and it seemed comparable to my old bose but i haven’t used them like that for an extended period yet. All in all i’d recommend them if you’re looking for a pair of good quality bluetooth headphones. 99 they are a bit of a bargain.

Isn’t so noice cancelling as i was hoped. Denon is also little bit too heavy for my head and neck. Price is ok for this product.

I have tried several headphones with noise cancelling, and these are the abosolutely best. The battery last for 10 hours, and this is not a joke. The sound is increadible good with a very good bass. The ergonomic in the ear pads are great, they fit on the ear very nice, and it is comfortable to wear even for a long time. Controlling of my iphone is great, it works very smart and is easy to use – and great feature with the buildin microphone for calls.

I have been looking for a good pair of noise cancelling headphones for a long time as i travel frequently from london to dubai in with my job. I had originally seen these denon models a few weeks ago and was interested but the price then put me off a bit. They have recently had quite a drop in price so i thought i would take the plunge. First the bad- the design is a bit ‘retro’ so is a bit love or hate; the noise cancelling, whilst good, is not ground breaking which i think (not being any sort of technical wizard) is down to the ear pads not going all the way over your ear; and, if i am being really picky, the case is a wee bit too big. Now for the good- they are really light and comfortable, which is what i need for the travelling i do; the bluetooth functionality is excellent as are the controls on the side of the ear piece; and finally (and probably most importantly) the battery life is excellent. Summary- at £400 a bit too steep but at £300, a great buy.

Great value item received as described aaa+++.

  • Great Headphones
  • Best ever
  • Very good sound, easy to use, decent battery life.

Denon Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones – Black

Very good quality/sound but feel the nr function is not as good as my earlier bose headphone. Bluetooth function very smart.

I had thought the wireless nature of these headphones (using bluetooth) would give poor sound but in fact the music and voice are clear, natural and pretty neutral. The phones fit snugly against the ear, and i’ve found them comfortable for extended use. They come in a rather splendid box which gives a good initial impression of quality, and the package includes a smart storage case and a lead to use for wired connection. The phones themselves have a good overall feeling of quality with regard to head band and ear pieces. However the same can’t be said of the controls; on the right controls for volume, on/off/skip and on the left controls for answering phones connected by blue tooth. These are of very cheap feeling aluminium look plastic and (rightly or wrongly) give me the impression at at some stage they are doomed to failure. Given these are not cheap headphones i do think this lets things down. The bluetooth connection i think works well; i say i think works well because i’ve used these mostly with a new laptop running the nightmare that is windows 8. I think any connectivity problems have been down to the latter rather than the denon’s; connection with my phone has been trouble free. I’ve been able to continue to listen to audio from the next room of my flat without interruption of the connection or signal problems.

I bought them after a long search. I used them on the plane (with and without music) and at office. The volume gear (not very useful) can be improved.

Been looking for a good set of wireless headphones for a while, and these fit the bill. Good sound, easy to use, good battery life. Downside – i got to use my old headphones again because my wife prefers these.

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