Design Your Own Jewellery with DIWAH

I’ve mentioned it a fair amount of times on this blog before; I love jewellery. Whether it’s dainty jewellery, designer jewellery or bold statement pieces, I simply love accessorising any outfit with it. If there’s one thing I love more than buying jewellery, it’s being able to design it for myself. I went through a phase for a month or two (very short phase) where I loved making jewellery. I bought the tools and everything, then began making my own from scratch. It was fun knowing what I wanted to create and how I wanted my next pair of dangly earrings to look, but the task of making them wasn’t what I enjoyed most…hence why designing your jewellery is much more fun!

DIWAH is a site featuring its very own online jewellery designer. You can purchase pre-designed pieces of jewellery from the site which are stunning, but you can customise these or make your very own from scratch. That’s the process I’m going to talk you through in this post.Diwah Design Jewellery Packagaing

Step 1.
Once you enter the online design space, you are asked which jewellery item you wish to design; bracelet or necklace. There’s one simple bracelet template you can select, but there are various lengths and styles of necklace chains you can choose to suit you. I chose the Matinee Crescent; I love wearing two different necklaces together, so I liked the fact that this template gives that effect, but without the faff of having to put on two – a 2 in 1 if you will.

Step 2.
Once you’ve selected your template – bracelet or necklace – you’ll then be redirected to a page which asks which style components you want. These are essentially the beads, pendants and clasps which will make up the look of your new customised jewellery. There’s Bold, Candy, Classic, Urban, Evening Glam, Boho, Tribal, Sea Breeze, Rebel or the DIWAH Base Collection. You really are not stuck for choice, and you’re guaranteed there’ll be a collection to suit you.

Step 3.
Once you’ve loaded the components of your choice on to your screen, you will then find yourself in the ‘design lab’ as I like to call it. On the left-side you have a column with all your components in, in the middle you have your bracelet or necklace template you chose at the beginning, then on the right-side you have your ‘bead bag’ where you can keep track on what you’ve selected.

Step 4.
From there you simply start selecting the beads, spacers, pendants etc. that you want on your new piece of jewellery, and move them around until you are happy with your final design. To finish it off, you simply need to choose your clasp of choice, then select ‘Checkout’. Finito!Diwah design jewellery thank you note Necklace


Although in words it all sounds complicated and like there are a lot of steps to follow, once you are on the site it is so easy and straight-forward. Better yet, if you do ever find yourself getting stuck or are experiencing a few technical difficulties, then DIWAH have a support team who were pretty prompt at responding! I had difficulties adding the clasp on to mine right at the end, but an hour after sending my initial Tech Support request, the issue was resolved after they simply logged into my account and fixed it for me!


What do you think to the necklace I designed in the end?