Beautiful & Affordable Designer Jewellery by Jon Richard

Jewellery is my favourite accessory for any outfit. I wear pretty basic clothing nowadays; jeans, top and a cardigan or lightweight jacket is all I need, so I love dressing up such simple outfits with beautiful pieces of jewellery. I mainly wear fashion jewellery from high-street stores, but I do love having the odd piece of designer jewellery on me. This might sound like an expensive way to dress up an outfit, but there are brands out there that offer affordable designer jewellery! Shocker, I know.Mood Earrings by Jon Richard

Jon Richard is one of these and I have bought many pieces form the Mood range in the past for family and friends. Jon Richard has a number of ranges to suit your style or occasion, with Mood and Simply Silver being featured today. Firstly, my favourites – the Mood range.

These metallic green cluster earrings and the necklace to match, are my new favourite duo. Tassels incorporated into jewellery is my new favourite thing and I currently own another necklace with just gold tassels cascading down into a V shape. So this necklace is everything for me; metallic, a bold-statement and tassels. perfection! Simply Silver Ring by Jon Richard


These next couple pieces are from the Simply Silver range. This range is perfect for those who want simply pieces of jewellery, with a touch of elegance that are ideal for work and occasion wear, but also teaming up with pretty much any outfit in all honesty! This trio are the matching Labradorite pieces; ring, earrings and necklace.

My favourite out the three has to be the earrings, simply because these are 2-in-1 which I found out by accident, oddly enough. When your remove the back of the earring, you can remove the pendant and chain from the stud to leave you with just a pair of plain silver studs. Simple. I’m one of those who occasionally just wants a pair of simple studs like the good ol’ days in school, but I never have a pair. So it’s nice to know that with this pair I can alternate to have the style of earring I want that day. The same actually goes for the necklace. The pendant is the same style and length as the one featured in the earrings, which is then hung from a necklace chain. Perhaps you have a pendant lying around that you’ve been meaning to buy a chain for…well, now you get 2-in-1.

Mood Neclace by Jon Richard