What is the Difference Between BB & CC Creams?

There are so many products nowadays that we can put on our face, but what sets them apart from one another? Foundation has been at the forefront of the beauty industry for many years as the main base for our face, but over the last year or so tinted moisturisers, BB and CC Creams have been making their way to the top.

These type of face products can be mistaken for tinted moisturisers, but note that they are not. Tinted moisturisers are pretty self-explanatory; they provide a hint of colour, usually very sheer with minimal coverage, and have moisturising benefits to keep your skin hydrated.

A BB Cream on the other hand provides more coverage than a tinted moisturiser, but less than a foundation. It’s an Asian import product that has become super popular across the globe, providing us with skin care benefits that other face products don’t. These include SPF and anti-oxidants.

Although this is a product with many benefits, many don’t use enough to actually benefit from the product’s contents. As it contains SPF, you should use a generous amount to gain that protection you need from the sun. However, because it is generally tinted, some tend to use less of it which results in inadequate protection.

BB Creams are a light consistency and blend fairly nicely, which means slathering it on like you should with a more traditional sunscreen isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If anything, it’s the only way you are going to benefit from the product you have purchased.

As for CC creams, the difference between the two are very subtle, hence many of us not being aware of the comparisons. CC stands for ‘Colour Correcting’, which means this product addresses skin issues such as redness and uneven skin tone.

You could think of a CC cream as an improved alternative to BB cream. They have a lighter feel and finish to them than a BB cream and help to address the visible issues some of us have, rather than just helping to protect it from future damage.

All in all, BB and CC creams in my experience offer very similar, if not identical benefits. However, this really does depend on the brands you use. This is where you have to be rather diligent in reading the ingredients, which is a task many of us skip when browsing the cosmetic aisles.

However if you really want to get the most out of the product you are buying, and better yet the best value for money, this is a task you shouldn’t skim over.