Diguo Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle : Sleek, tidy and with enough customisation to keep you experimenting.

This small kettle is practical and attractive.

A lovely kettle with temperature control. Only thing to mention is that it looks a lot bigger in the picture than it actually is. Ideal for aeropress or v60 pour over.

I have been looking at temperature controlled goose neck kettles for a while. I have not had experience with others like the brewista or bonavita gear so i cant compare but for me this kettle works great and i am happy with my purchase.

This is the best coffee kettle i’ve ever owned. I use it with my aeropress to control the pour of water. It’s of course meant for pour over coffee enthusiasts, but the temperature control and keep hot functions are just as useful for other users. One point is that the buttons are all in kanji rather than english script. That’s not a problem though, the kettle is simple to use and you’ll very quickly learn which buttons do what.

Just received this kettle, first impressions. The instructios are in plain english as are the dials ( buttons ) how simple do you want?.

I loved this kettle to start with. Unfortunately the heating element went out after one year to the day. I’d say it was semi-regularly used. Not the quality i would expect from a kettle that cost 60gbp.

This kettle is such a nice looking piece of kitchen equipment. With the variable temperature setting, it is perfect for coffee as it does not take away the flavour which a standard kettle does.

Very good item, arrived quickly from china. Here my points of interest:- has a plug adaptor to convert from chinese to uk plug but it is not a big plug- my unit had all english printed on the buttons (pic shows chinese) which is a real plus- instruction manual is also in english and very easy to use- kettle lid just sits on top and has no notch or anything so need to be careful when pouring and use a hand to hold lid on- comes with what looks like plastic packaging but is actually a waterproof cover for the base that you leave on, all the buttons work by pressing through the plastic. This is a simple but nice touch to keep unit clean and free from water- surprised how small it is, takes up very little footprint- 500w so not the fastest to boil but i usually make less than 400ml at a time which takes a few minutes, but if you wanted to use this as a normal kettle for other kitchen uses this might be a little slow, just worth noting. – functions are great, heats up to specific time and can set it to hold that temp if needed. Overall: really good considering the bonavita & brewista are about £40 more expensive and this looks really nice too.

  • Good looking and works a treat!
  • Good things come in small packages.
  • Practical and useful

Diguo Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle, Pour Over Coffee Kettle Hand Drip Kettle Narrow Spout Premium Stainless Steel Gooseneck Tea Kettle, DG-18 (Black)

In order to brew a perfect cup, it is important to control the correct water temperature and steeping duration apart from the quality of water and coffee beans / tea use.
With that in mind, Diguo kettle is able to precisely heats and hold the water temperature of your desire. Real time water temperature is always display on the bright and easy to read LED. It doubling up as a count up timer so you can act on that crucial moment for the perfect cup.
Diguo Electric Gooseneck brushed stainless steel Kettle with Variable Temperature Settings has a capacity of 0.7 Litre and many unique features.

  • Six present temperatures. 60, 82, 85, 88, 92 and 100 ⁰C.
  • Fine adjustment of 1⁰Cto set own temperature preference from 60 ⁰C onwards.
  • Maintaining water temperature at any setting between 60 to 95 ⁰C for an hour.
  • Well balance kettle and narrow gooseneck spout for precise pour control.
  • Real time temperature LED display.
  • LED double up as count-up timer makes it easy to perfect you brewing process.
  • 60 minutes auto shut down safety feature to prevent kettle boil dry.
  • 700watts for quick heating.
  •  Add this beautifully and sturdy crafted stainless steel with real wood handle and lid knob kettle to your collection.

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    I really love this little thing. It’s slow to get to boil, but allows a coffee lover like myself time to get the rest of the kit set up before it’s finished. For the price, it’s excellent. Considering that a more recognisable brand offers their own kettle for more money and doesn’t have variable temperature settings. It’s sleek, and pours very well. I saw online people were a little unsure of the handle and how sturdy it is, but i’ve not had any problems with it and it feels very secure. The only gripe i had was the confusing instructions and the buttons are not in english, but it’s easy to figure it out in time. I like the feature to keep the water warm at whatever temperature you set, it allows you to take more time with the water and not wasting water on new batches. If you’re a coffee nerd like me, then this is a nice, cheap way to step up your game a little bit and enjoy experimentation with temperature to find your perfect setting.

    • Good looking and works a treat!
    • Good things come in small packages.
    • Practical and useful

    Diguo Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle, Pour Over Coffee Kettle Hand Drip Kettle Narrow Spout Premium Stainless Steel Gooseneck Tea Kettle, DG-18 (Black)

    Features and Spesification

    • Precise Temperature Control – 6 pre-programmed temperature setting for your quick selection with a fine adjustment of 1 degree. HOLD function is able to maintain at your desire temperature while you prepare for your coffee ritual
    • Well Balance and Excellent Trickle – What is crucial to manual brewing is to moisten your precious coffee grounds evenly. The perfectly crafted gooseneck did exactly that by providing an accurate pour control and continuous thin trickle. With the right tools, coffee you brew is perfect every time
    • Easy to Operate – Logically positions and self-explanatory control button on pedestal. Real time temperature display on large, bright and easy to read LED in degree Fahrenheit or Celsius. It doubles up as a count-up timer for the brewing process. Every operation is feedback with a confirmation beep
    • Elegant Kettle – Add a warm and rusticity to your home with this distinctive kettle. Beautiful and nicely pressed pattern, brushed finish couple with sturdy real wood handle and lid knob. Be it in your kitchen or counter top, it is an object of attraction and a conversation starter
    • Package – 360-Degree Swivel Base with spill and dust protective cover, Voltage: 220V. Power: 700W. and brushed 304 (18/8) stainless steel body with real wood handle and lid knob kettle, Capacity: 700ml