(Discontinued by Manufacturer) – Five Stars

Was my son’s xmas present and he is over the moon with it manly used for gaming but great for tv and films to.

Excellent price/quality, i’m happy with my purchase.

I purchased this tv elsewhere from amazon for a bit cheaper to start. I currently use this tv for gaming, hd movie streaming, as well as a pc monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I am a very critical person and i really can’t fault this tv for any lack of quality. It is really quite good in all aspects. I picked a plasma over an lcd because lcd lacks in deep blacks and contrast. If you are used to lcd the only thing you will really notice as a downside is screen persistance where a faint ghost outline appears if a stable image has appeared on the screen too long (think a menu or a widescreen movie). But once you switch to something else with more varied action it clears up in a couple of minutes. There is a game mode on this tv which reduces latency, so if you game or use the tv as a pc monitor it is the essential mode you’d want to use. I havent noticed a huge difference between it and using expert mode with some enhancements like trumotion.

Bought this tv about 2 months ago for my new flat and so far i’m fairly impressed. Prosfull hd – it’s definitely fullhd, none of that 1080i almost hd nonsense. I’ve got a relatively small flat, so this tv looks massive in my lounge. Make sure you really want a 50′ tv and that your room can accommodate it. Built-in audio – good audio for a tv, i’m currently using the built-in audio on it’s own. My only gripe is that it’s fairly quiet, if i put the kettle on i have to put the tv on 80/100 audio just to hear it. Setting up – this tv was very easy to set up. It takes you through the instructions, and the manual is very in-depth and easy to read. Conscalibration – starting off, the image was pretty poor on one of lg’s preset settings.

This plasma tv has a great picture – much better than led equivalents in my opinion. It has full hd and the 600mhz refresh rate keeps the picture smooth and crisp at all times. Excellent sound – very loud and very clear. The smart functions work well and the tv is intuitive and easy to use without the need to refer to the manual. As other reviewers have mentioned, the smart menu has netflix, amazon prime & bbc iplayer, but it does not have itv or channel 4 catch up apps. If you shop around you can get this tv at amazing prices – in january 2015 sales the price has fallen to £399 in a major supermarket. The only negative is the daytime reflection on the glass screen. It is great viewing this tv in the evenings, but in a bright daylit room you will get more reflection on this than from an led tv.

I spent a good deal of time before choosing this television, i researched the difference between plasma and led tv’s and went to the high street to price and see the quality. If you care about picture quality then plasma tv’s are simply better than leds, its not close. As far as this tv goes i could not be happier, your getting a whole lot for the money. You do have to play around with the different picture settings in order to get the most, the vivid picture setting is quite unnatural, but when you find the ones you like for different types of viewing experience your not going to be disappointed. A fifty inch screen really does give the cinematic experience, unless you can stretch your budget to double the cost of this tv in order to get the next level of picture quality your not going to find anything better for the money.

Decided i wanted a new tv, was sceptical about plasma but decided to bite the bullet and go for it, i love it, playing my playstation 3 and playstation 4 on a 50′ screen is amazing, the colours are a lot brighter and the blacks are black and not a dark greyish colour like on the led lcd i had. Plus having the hd free view is a bonus, especially when the world cup has just started and you can watch hd football for free 😊.

Here are the specifications for the (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Smart TV – Brings together all of your favourite content
  • Full HD – 1080p offers picture resolution with incredible clarity and colour vibrancy.
  • Wi-Fi Ready – Enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connectivity on your LG Smart TV
  • Freeview HD – Free subscription offering up to 10 HD channels.
  • Magic Remote Ready.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Big and beautiful
  • Five Stars
  • the moon with it manly used for gaming but great for tv and films