DIY Fairy Light Photo Collage & Affordable Polaroid Prints


I’ve been looking forward to being able to piece this post together for months since I first wanted to do this small DIY project. This is such a simple photo collage idea that is done in so many different ways, so I want to talk you through the way I’ve created my very own fairy light photo collage.

Since moving out of a house share and into my very own flat, now is the time I can start decorating my home the way I want it. I’ve recently started getting into YouTube and wanted to have a cool backdrop for my videos (no videos live just yet, but watch this space), but I also just wanted to spruce up the flat and give it a little character with this collage.

All you need for this DIY project is a hammer, a couple nails, a string of 300 fairly lights (more or less depending on the size you want), mini wooden pegs and photos of your choice. Parts of these are tailored to what you want and the style you wish to achieve, but I’m basing all of this off what I’ve created in the photo above and the ones below. I used 42 Polaroid prints by the LaLaLab and an equal amount of mini wooden pegs.

LaLaLab is an app you can download for free and you basically add the photos you want to your basket, in the style of your choice. You can sync the app with your social profiles or upload them from your camera roll, it’s so simple. I opted for the Vintage Polaroid prints which are just 29p each, with delivery being around £1.70. They tend to have discount codes where you get 20% off a £30 spend so to speak. Mine in total came to around £14 but I ordered way more prints than I actually used, so it’s such an affordable and quirky way of dressing up your flat.

If you want to give them a go, simply enter this code: PGEX80N3 at the checkout to get £5off! By this point you’re probably thinking this is a collaborative post with LaLaLab, but it really isn’t! I just came across their app by chance and figured they were the perfect match for my collage idea! So I just really recommend them, hence this post.

To achieve the string of fairy lights across the wall, I simply hammered two nails at the highest point of the wall where I wanted it start, with one on either side of the collage at the width I wanted. I made the width match the dimensions of the sofa bed it was going to sit above as a guide. I then worked my way down, winding the string of lights across the nails as I went along, until I reached the bottom.

Once your lights are up and you’re happy with the style (it really doesn’t need to be as uniformed as mine, as you can have it as a scattered style), then simply get your photos and pegs and start hanging them where you want from the lights. To make sure it looks perfect for you, turn the lights on, stand back and take a look at what you’ve created! I did this a couple times until I was 100% happy with it!


If you’ve done similar photo collage projects, or have some DIY blog posts of your own, share them below!