Domo DO8709P Pancake/Crepe Maker : A great buy.

After struggling to make pancakes with my frying pan i purchased the domo pancake maker, now i make perfect pancakes every time, it’s so easy to use and clean. I am very happy with my purchase.

Very easy to clean and easy to use. Warms up quickly and makes very nice pancakes. It definitely worth its price and i am very happy with this product. I had cheeper ones but they arent as good as this one so im glad i spent a bit more on a better quality product. Pancakes are ready quickly and they are not burned.

Easy way to make 6 small pancakes /crepes at a time. Just an on and off button, therefore no possibility to change temperature.

I bought this for my daughter who loves pancakes, but struggles to make the larger crepe ones. This makes great small pancakes that are very easy to make and taste lovely. It comes with a ladle which, if you fill it to the guide-line, means that you can always put the exact amount in each pancake holder. They are also very quick to make. As soon as my daughter had poured the batter into the last one, the first one wass ready for turning over. My daughter has enjoyed making them so much that she has taken the pancake maker back to university so that all her friends can enjoy them too. It means that there are 6 smaller pancakes ready at once rather than just one. A bonus for hungry students.

Save me a lot of time and it makes perfect pancakes every time.

I make my son pancakes almost every morning and it’s quick to get started.

This was a very popular buy with my family and is used for pancake parties and sunday brunches. I haven’t cooked pancakes in a frying pan since. The down side is that the surface is not completely level, it slopes down at the two ends so you need to be careful with how much pancake mix you put on the end rings as it will run off down the side if it overflows. Not a major issue and no regrets on buying this product.

A little bigger than i thought it would be but does make 6 perfect pancakes.

  • Love it!

  • Does what is design to do extremely well!

  • Saves time!!! Great customer service

Domo DO8709P Pancake/Crepe Maker, Plastic, 1000 W, Black

Product Description, Bake your very own delicious crepes with this fantastic Crepe maker from Domo. Great for the whole family and perfect for anytime of the day. Make up to 6 crepes of Ø 11.5 cm. High quality non-stick coating and dough ladle included. Linea 2000’s story started in the 80s. The family firm was at that time importer of different brands of household electrics. However, Linea 2000 has been specialising now for years with its own brand of electrical appliances called Domo. Leadership of the company is in the hands of Wim De Voight, son of founder Marcel De Voight.

Box Contains, 1 x Crepe Maker; 1 x Dough Ladle; 1 x Instruction Manual

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Heats up quick and so easy to use, my 14 year old does the cooking.

This nifty little appliance makes decent sized pancakes in so little time. My family of 5 can get their fill in no time and there’s no more squabbling over who gets the next batch. You can just keep ‘em comingcustomer service is also top notch, the vendor was immediately responsive to my inquiry and even bumped me up for an upgrade to the model with woks due to a delay in delivery.

Very simple, quick cooking and useful for a big family sunday brunch. Due to size can’t put it to store away in the cupboard but used weekly atm so left on the cooker.

With use i learn that the batter has to be thicker than i was making it before. With thicker batter it is easier to get thicker and bubbly pancakes. It is also very fast and now takes me half of the time to make all those pancakes (see photo). Between each batch i use a folded paper towel to clean and hen continue with next batch. When i am done, very easy to clean with a wet kitchen towel while it still a little bit hot. Overall i am really satisfied with this product and can recommend to any pancake fanatic.

Our family are pancake mad and it’s used on a regular basis.

Used today the first time , quick and easy to use , flavour if pancakes were great x.

This is the best appliance i have ever bought. Use it every day to make my healthy protein pancakes. Make the batter the night before 5 minutes in the morning all cooked.

  • Love it!

  • Does what is design to do extremely well!

  • Saves time!!! Great customer service

Domo DO8709P Pancake/Crepe Maker, Plastic, 1000 W, Black

We love to use it for breakfast.

Features and Spesification

  • Bake your very own delicious crepes
  • Make up to 6 crepes of Ø 11.5 cm
  • High quality non-stick coating
  • Dough ladle included
  • Great for the whole family and perfect for anytime of the day.