Domo DO9041C Sandwich Toaster – Great if you like an egg toasty

Just 3 stars because it is not big enough for two slices of bread. Also, it does not close properly, sometimes i need to hold it myself to make sure the sandwiches are done properly.

A toastie maker that is the correct size for bread. Unlike many other toastie makers, the bread does not hang out of the sides or ends of this machine. This means you get minimal spillage, and a toastie that is toasted to the edges.

Grand daughter very pleased with it.

So easy to use and leaves no mess ,just wipe with a kitchen towel. I wish i had found this before i wasted money on 3 other well known makes.

Have been searching for a sandwich maker for ages that doesn’t cut the sandwich in half . You can make deep filled toasties andcas it doesn’t cut the sandwich in half you can even put an egg into the sandwich and it cooks it perfectly.

Keeps the bread in one piece instead of usual triangles. Great if you like an egg toasty.

It’s not the best, but also not the worst. For me works well, but there are bread that are bigger than this product.

I was looking for a sandeich toaster that did not cut the sandwich in half but just sealed it all around. This seems to do a good job and browns evenly.

I like the fact it all holds together un like the ones that cut in half.

I purchased this for one reason only and that’s to cook egg toasties which it does very well in just 3mins. This is the second one which was sent as a replacement as the first one was a smoker with smoke coming out rear where the power cable goes in and it smelt of burning plastic so it had to be returned. Note: even this replacement smoked for a short while when first plugged in but it soon stopped unlike the previous one. In use it’s quick and simple, just butter the outside of your bread place two pieces in the toaster butter side down wait 30 seconds then push the bread down carefully with your fingers or the back of a spoon to make a compartment for the egg, crack an egg slowly pour it on to the bread, do same for the second side then place two slices butter side up over the eggs and shut the lid down until you hear the latch click, set timer for 3 minutes, unplug the toaster after two and a half as there’s enough heat to finish cooking. Another tip is to put your plate on top of the toaster to warm while you’re waiting. If you prefer and runny yoke cook for less time.

I prefer toasties which are flat (i. Not in triangles) and this one does the job perfectly, with added toasting lines which make it look even better. It heats up quickly, toasts quickly. I like the overall design and the materials used are of good quality. Ps – the standard toastie bread might be a bit too large for it, depending on brand. In that case i either trim the bread, or put it in sideways one toastie at a time.

Here are the specifications for the Domo DO9041C Sandwich Toaster:

  • Shell shaped grilling plates for two toasted sandwiched
  • Non-stick coating for complete release and minimal cleaning
  • Cool to touch housing
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Power on and ready indication lights

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great if you like an egg toasty
  • Excellent.
  • It’s alright