DOY Waterproof Bluetooth Sports 4 : A great pair of Sweatproof Bluetooth headphones

A great product, works so well.

I love these, never had headphones that sound this good, even waterproof, perfect fit, very comfortable, definitely recommend.

I thought i would give these a try as they were cheap nothing much to lose. The first thing i was impressed with is how quickly the sync up with all my devices, ipad, iphone etc. Even my tom tom runner 2 sports watch which is notoriously slow to pair connects straight away. The sound quality is surprisingly good too on par with my sound magic wired headphones. I have only ever used them for a max of 4 hrs at a time, but they seemed to have plenty of life left in them,so i would say that the battery life is good, although i don’t know how long they will last for its long enough for meto run 20 miles. I have had 2 other pairs of blue tooth headphones that cost over £100 both pairs broke after about 6 months of use. I am not expecting these to last forever but for £20 you can’t go far wrong.

The earphones are light feel very good quality and they don’t move around when you’re running which is exactly why i bought them top marks. . A follow up on my review, the base is excellent and they sound great when exercising, there is very little movement and are really comfortable so a big yes to anyone who is thinking about getting a pair.

I have purchased several cheap bluetooth headphones of which all have failed within 3 months of use, however, i read the reviews on this product and knowing that they are also sweatproof gave me more reason to buy. The sound quality is good for the price and the overall quality, build and comfort is also great. Don’t drop connection like the other cheap headphones i’ve purchased, and fit in the ear ok, however, you do have to fiddle with them to get the right fit, i use these when mountain biking and they stay in place, not used them for running yet but intend to do so. If i was to rate these out of 100, i would easily give them 90, i do have to fight to get the initial bluetooth connection but once it connects no problems. A great little pair of sweatproof bluetooth headphones and they’re cheap.

No hearing problem and connect very quickly.

I bought these for my brother’s christmas present as he does a lot of running and wanted some headphones he could wear that wouldn’t fall out. Since i gave them to him he has text me twice to say how much he loves them. I’m considering getting some for myself now.

Good quality headphones, very easy to set up, buttons take some getting used to so i am still using the controls on my phone however will look to understand the button uses on the headphones in time. I charge mine every night and have experienced no issues with the longevity of this product.

  • A great pair of bluetooth earphones with premium presentation and fantastic sound!
  • Fantastic, but I wish they had lasted longer.
  • A great pair of Sweatproof Bluetooth headphones

DOY Waterproof Bluetooth Sports 4.1 Headphones Wireless Earhook in Ear Earphones with Mic and Secure Fit Running,Cycling,Hiking for iPhone 7,7Plus,Samsung S6 and Other Bluetooth Devices(Blue)

❤ Become a part of your life!
❤ DOY Bluetooth headphones was designed for you who enjoy convenient and easy life. It has optimized the housing shape for a stable, secure and comfortable fit.
❤ The headphones use the highest quality transducers and hardware, as well as Bluetooth 4.1, CVC 6.0and A2DP stereo transfer protocols. That means bigger bass, lighter-than-air treble, and perfect phone call clarity EVERY time.
❤ We designed the DOY headphones so that it can withstand even the toughest environments. Thanks to LiquipelTM Nano-Coating the DOY headphones withstand sweaty workouts and can continue to be used after accidentally dropping into the water.
*Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.1+EDR
*Noise cancelling: CVC 6.0
*Woking time: about 5-7 hours
*Standby Time:  180 hours
*Charging Time: 1.5 hours
*Music Play Time: 5 hours
*Range: up to 10 meters
*Function: answer/hang up/rejection/on-off, redial, mute, volume adjustment, intelligent one-driving-two, music pause/play, up and down song switching
*Compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei and other smartphones with Bluetooth, ipad,laptops, tablet, and other devices equipped with Bluetooth
❤ Package including:
► DOY Bluetooth Headset offers 12 months warranty and superb customer service. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.

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Much better than the ones my husband wanted to get and with £100 saving it meant he could treat himself to more new musicdon’t waste money buying the leading name items – these perform as well, if not slightly better at a fraction of the cost.

Excellent piece of kit for the price, don’t be fooled into paying a fortune for alternatives until you’ve tried these, you’ve got nothing to lose and won’t be disappointed.

These arrived really quickly and securely. I am happy to say that sound quality was excellent and they looked fantastic they fit on comfortably and securely with the ear clip. I used them at the gym today on the running machine and they didn’t budgei love the fact that they are blue tooth and that you don’t need worry about annoying wires attaching themselves around the gym equipment. Another advantage is the battery seems to almost last forevera top quality headset at such a reasonable price.

Went long run today trialing the headphones, pleasantly surprised by the level of passive noise reduction they give once i had fitted the correct rubber ear bud. The firm centre to the bud felt a bit unusual when in the ear canal against ear drum but you get used to it when positioned correctly. Sound quality good in relation to reason for use and controls whilst on the move simple and intuative and bluetooth connection had minimal impact on phone battery.

For 20 quid i wasn’t expecting top quality but i must say i am very pleased with these headphones. Easy set up, great fit, and good sound quality considering the price. I use them when i go running and for that they are perfect.

Arrived quickly in a compact little box and with manual. Very good little headphones, quite straight forward and easy to charge. Although i didn’t take notes, i would say that the battery life is approx. Sound is ok, you need to adjust the headphones properly around your ears to get a good sound but for the price i have paid for these, i can’t ask really ask for more.

Bought them as a gift for my wife and paired them up for her. They apparently sound good etc and are comfortable – but she has had a few problems with the phone playing the music rather than the headphones which is slightly annoying in the gym. On these occasions she has had to switch the headphones off and on to get them to talk to each other. Could be the fault of the phone, but something to watch out for.

Cannot believe how good these are – especially for the price.

  • A great pair of bluetooth earphones with premium presentation and fantastic sound!
  • Fantastic, but I wish they had lasted longer.
  • A great pair of Sweatproof Bluetooth headphones

DOY Waterproof Bluetooth Sports 4.1 Headphones Wireless Earhook in Ear Earphones with Mic and Secure Fit Running,Cycling,Hiking for iPhone 7,7Plus,Samsung S6 and Other Bluetooth Devices(Blue)

Sound quality is good, occasionally cuts out but sounds mostly fine. However on amazon, in the name it says ‘waterproof’ but when i read the instructions they said, ‘do not expose to water’ so watch for that. Other than that, decent for the price it is.

These are comfortable to wear and pair very easily. I find the controls to be reliable and easy to use. The sound is pretty good – the bass is fine and music is clear. There is a slight hiss if the volume is turned to full on the headphones but this is not present if using high volume on the source and mid volume on the headphones. The phones are supplied with a choice of three different bud size. It is important to chose the right size because the sound is tinny with the wrong size but very good when they are fitting properly.

Good headphones but pick up static when near wifi sources.

Great headphones for sports and daily life. Excellent sound and it fits perfectly. Customer service was great too. I would recommend these if you are looking for affordable bluetooth headphones.

I’m seriously impressed with this headphones. I purchased them for when i’m on the exercise bike or rowing machine, as the normal headphone cables were getting annoying and having to have my phone in my pocket was an issue. I didn’t think i’d be getting much performance from them, as they were just for convenience. However, they really, really deliver. I listen to a lot of heavy bass songs in metal and such. The bass delivery is very solid and isn’t washed out at all, which i often find to be an issue for a lot of headphones around this price. The headphone fitting themselves is a little bit annoying at first, before you get it settled and then it’s comfortable. Overall, excellent headphones for the price.

Brought for a present first set came apart on the earpiece and the seller refunded and i ordered another set from them as they were a good buy and i think we were just unlucky that they came apart the new set are fine so far.

For the money can’t go wrong, comfortable and light, very happy with item.

I purchased these as i needed a replacement pair of bluetooth headphones as my older pair died and i am mighty impressed by the overall quality of these. Firstly, i love a good premium presentation and i believe you when you buy something you want to have a good experience opening the packaging and when the packaging is cheap it’s often an indication that the product quality itself is cheap. But that wasn’t so with this. The company understands the importance of premium packaging and did well to give us that premium packaging without a big price tag. The build quality and sound quality of the product itself was excellent. The sound is very impressive for the price and it easily sounds as good as our beats wireless earphones and far better than my dead pair that i replaced them with. Another thing i really loved was how easy it is to remove the rubber cap that’s covering the micro usb charging port because often companies overlook the fact that many of us have very short nails and it’s not so easy to pry open these caps, with my old pair i literally had to break off the cap as it was so difficult to open it. They have designed an easy way to open the rubber cap that means a person with short nails like myself doesn’t have to break the cap off for the convenience of a hassle-free charging experience. There have been no bluetooth dropouts so far while using my samsung s7 edge and initially connecting to the phone was quick and hassle-free unlike a lot of bluetooth devices out there. The battery life also seems to be long lasting as i’ve been using it for a few days and have not needed to charge it after initially charging it fully out of the box.

(new packaging, same headset)1x sport bluetooth earphones1x usb charger cable6x ear rubber (middle size, connected to earphone and ear hooks)2x ear hookfirstly when i received the box, it was very well protected and displayed. The delivery was quick, got it within 2 days. (free delivery)one unusual thing i noticed, was that the controls for the headset were on the left side not the right. For a right handed person it’s going to take time getting used to it. However connecting the device was easy and also the battery lasted 6 hours and a bit, and only took me an hour to charge. The mix of blue and black (ear rubbers to) makes the headset look stylish. Received 6 ear rubbers but the two already on the headset fits me perfectly. The length of the wire is about 46cm (not exact) but is capable of going round the head, without stretching or tangling to much. The sound quality is brilliant. I don’t listen to loud music so i haven’t put it to full volume, because i’m afraid my ears will blow.

Great sound quality, and design gives you the confidence that they will not fall out whilst working out. Battery life is pretty good to. Thoroughly recommend this product.

I use them for running and other ear phones either constantly fall out or make my ears sore. These have not and i have had them since feb and use them every day. They connect easily and stay connected. My only criticism is that the little rubber cap which protects the charger connection site has come of.

So far so good – have linked them to my phone and my kindle with no hassles. All pretty straight forward.

. I loved these earphones and used them regularly for about 16 months. Unfortunately a few weeks ago they just refused to turn on and haven’t worked since. I guess for the price that’s not terrible, but i think one should be able to expect a longer lifespan from a set of earphones. As i result i drop my rating from 5 star to 3. Surprisingly great sound quality for a relatively inexpensive product. I’ve tried similarly priced bluetooth earphones that i bought in tk maxx, that weren’t even waterproof and they were shoddy and tinny sounding and broke easily. These on the other hand, are sturdy, waterproof and sound great. Two massive thumbs up from me. Battery life is decent enough, but of course not as good as they claim – i’d say i get about 3-4 hours of play time on a full charge – but i do play my music up full whack, so if you’re kinder to your ears you’ll probably be kinder to the battery too.

These headphones arrived earlier than expected and the quality is excellentthey are comfortable to wear and feel very secure.

To big and uncomfortable for my ears.

Works fine with phone but does not work with win7 64bit. Drivers simply do not exist.

The sound is fine from these headphones, but the design could be better. The cable is quite stiff and the ear clips not particularly effective such that the headphones slowly come out of your ears as you listen, and have to be pushed back in every so often. It might just be that my ears are in a different place to everyone else.

I am very happy with this set of headphones. I searched so many different bluetooth headphones and it was so hard to decide which one’s to buy. I keep coming back to these doy waterproof bluetooth headphones and from all the reviews here they sounded like what i was looking for. I eventually made my mind up to try these out. To be honest i was thinking the price was so cheap i wasn’t going to expect very much from them and i would probably be disappointed. Very fast delivery and i took them straight out of the box and paired them with my samsung galaxy s6 and they paired straight away no problems. And i was delighted with the sound and also the design of the headphones. They where so mush more than i had expected. So i run long distance and no more plugging into my phone. Just easy, comfortable and great clear sound with good base also.

Features and Spesification

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  • ♬ LATEST BLUETOOTH 4.1 & CVC 6.0 TECHNOLOGY: Featuring latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology + CVC6.0 NOISE CANCELLING technology, you will have a high-quality hands-free phone conversation even in the street or gym. Can be paired with 2 different bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • ♬ SECURE FIT & WATERPROOF for SPORTS: For protecting against sweat and moisture, DOY Bluetooth headphones has adopted IPX7 waterproof technology, which prevented sweat, rain or water from permeating electrical components that might lead to erosion damage. They are great for running,gym,jogging,hiking,cycling or other sports
  • ♬ COMFORTABLE IN EAR: Ear hooks are made of silicone, which is smooth and comfortable. With Ergonomic design and the flexible ear hooks, the Bluetooth headphones will stay put and won’t falling out. Thus, even if you wear it for long, you won’t feel any uncomfortable. comfortable user wearing experience perfect for heading to the gym
  • ♬ LONGEST BATTERY LIFE: The DOY running Headphones are with powerful & fast recharging battery, you can enjoy SUPER LONG 6 HOURS uninterrupted playback time at maximum volume, which is equal to 3 days of workouts. Play, pause and answer buttons are perfectly placed, in addition, the available distance up to 33Ft, It means you can leave it in your purse while you working or exercise
  • ♬ WIDE COMPATIBILITY & TWO DEVICES CONNECTION: The Wireless Headphones could easily connect with any Bluetooth-enabled Devices (iPad, iPod Touch, tablets, iPhone7, 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge,); it also supports connecting 2 phones simultaneously and allows to automatically connect after paired successfully for the first time