DREW & COLE Drew & Cole Pressure King Pro Electric Pressure Cooker 20-in-1 Multi Cooker – Best one on market

Excellent piece of kit, i now have two of them.

Have had this for a couple of weeks now. Very impressed with delivery and packaging. Instructions fairly straightforward. Tried 2 recipes both good results but took double cooking time stated. Time seems to refer to actual pressure cooking and does not include initial frying, cooking off liquid or bringing to pressure. Fiddly to clean lid and valves. Overall pleased we bought it.

Only downside is you have to shine a light on the display to see the icons, you’d think for a £100 they’d put a back light on the display.

Really excited at the first couple of times i used it. Then i found the recipie book was not up to scratch food was burning at the bottom of the pan only because the recipie i believe read wrong. After using my own plan frying rather than cook on meat function at the start of cooking it worked worked better. I have now amended many of the recipie to suit me. But a really great pressure cooker.

I like this multi cooker for the versatility. There is great support and recipes on line from other users. Only dislike is it is easy to switch on to heat mode accidently.

We bought this in an effort to save the oven from being on so much. In fact we find we use it so much for all sorts of things. Its incredibly versatile and over the winter we have made stews, soups and cooked meat in it too. Everything takes a fraction of the time with a stew being ready in around 20 minutes.

Brought the six litre one this is the best pressure cooker slow cooker multi cooker i have ever owned no messing round and easy to clean.

We dont use it as much as other people obsessed with the product seem tothe claim of cooking a chicken in 25 minutes is bogus. Its about 35-40 minutes (which saves about 25 minutes overall) and the chicken isnt browned or crispy skin. Its good for ribs, stews, chicken in sauce dishes (like curry or a chinese dish). Not the product people rave about, its ok.

Just simply the best kitchen gadget ever, follow pro king on fb and get tons of recipes and help from the group.

That’s what it says on the tin.

Very good for a lot of foods and meals, but the detachable lid can be a bit tricky.

It’s a very good appliance and dose everything as advertised. It’s also easy to usethe only downside is i’ve only used it three times and the plastic hinge on the lid has disintegrated. After looking at it and attempting to get a replacement have come to the conclusion there’s no point as if it’s made of the same material it will break again ,after saying that it doesn’t stop you from using it.

Excellent productnot used the job for a week. Here are the specifications for the DREW & COLE Drew & Cole Pressure King Pro Electric Pressure Cooker 20-in-1 Multi Cooker:

  • FAMILY COOKING: huge 6L capacity, great for large families or batch cooking
  • COOK FAST: cooks up to 90% faster than traditional cookware, make meals in minutes rather than hours saving energy
  • HEALTHY: more nutrients and vitamins are retained than traditional cooking methods – up to 95%
  • SLOW COOK: so versatile it can also do the job of a slow cooker
  • EASY TO USE: 14 pre-set programmes plus 24 hour delay timer, keep warm and fast re-heat
  • SAFE: patented and proven safety devices, locking lid that only opens once pressure is released with audible alarm when the lid is not shut
  • EASY TO CLEAN: non-stick inner pot simply wipes clean – dishwasher safe too

I love this but it seemed a bit daunting till i tried it. Just make sure you check the pressure release valve is open if you aren’t using steam as it can swing closed if you open the lid as i did when making yogurt ( which incidentally didn’t really work very well. It was too runny and more like a yogurt drink). I’m used to a stove top pressure cooker so couldn’t get over the fact that it was almost silent when under pressure.

We are going to try silver foil in the bottom as it can take some cleaning.

Love it ,no more being anchored at the kitchen cooker , i’ve got my life back best thing , it keeps it warm all day without over cooking it.

The non stick coating on the pod doesn’t work at all. Food keeps getting stuck to the bottom of it, which is very annoying. But in general is good, although i haven’t tried to cook many dishes as yet. Yoghurt not the best, won’t make it again. Bread option is only for a garlic bread, according to the recipe book.

Girlfriend bought me one of these a few months ago. Was so impressed that i bought this one for my daughter for christmas. Still finding more things i can do with it. Place the ingredients inside, select the correct setting and forget it. No more waiting for a pan to boil before turning it down and keeping an eye on it. Most meals are ready in less than half the time of conventional cooking.

Does meat absolutely perfect. There is a trial and error on some dishes, for instance the lamb rogan josh recipe from the book does need more water than stated. I have had the 6 ltr version which i feel is just right for a family of 4 with good appetites. The speed it cooks with no loss of taste is fantastic. I would certainly recommend.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I will never ever do without mine , I can look after my family while I put my feet up LOL LOL
  • PKP 6L 20 in 1 not a bad buy. Hopefully, will be a must have applience for busy families/individuals
  • Its good for ribs

Very pleased with ease of use but bit disappointed with screen showing which ingredient to use. Print in recipe book could be larger. Having used pressure cooker for years like fact you don’t have to keep returning to it every few moments. Will get used to using all functions gradually.

I was very excited to use the pro 6ltr it has an various different settings and is fairly easy to use. . The hinged lid is a good idea, but when you lift it after cooking all the water drips down the back of the unit over the electric cable. It does have a collection cup but the majority of the water doesn’t make it there. Its a shame as it cooks well and i love the multi uses it has. Am returning it and hoping that this issue will be addressed.

One of the best kitchen gadgets ive bought for a long time. Ive cooked so much in it, pasta, curries, chicken, lamb even stew in 30 mins is amazing and ill never cook beef any other way again. Hubby is addicted to rice pudding made in it and ive even baked cakes and bread. It can be a bit of a faf to clean the lid but other than that, i love it x.

Best kitchen gadgets ever bought, meals are fast and tasty, a little hard to get used too but endless options, i never use any other cooking methods now, very highly recommend and amazon always have best service and price, won’t shop elsewhere now.

Brilliant machine, best muti purpose unit we have had, three meals so far and all perfect,.

Apprehensive at the start, and to be honest the instructions could be in a better order for use,to understand, the machine needs to heat up, then await pressure build up, before the timer starts. But the results are amazing, i started with too much liquid, but now reduce to the min. We all have different requirements, don’t give up on first attempt, keep experimenting, to your taste. Never use metal utensils, this could damage the coating* on the inner bowl. Easy to clean, and a extra helping hand to your busy life, a delight.

It is so easy touse save so much time using it wish i bought earlier in my life.

Fantastic item, use this now more than the cooker, very versatile.

I like cooking with this product.

Good electric pressure cooker.

Consistent & reliable settings of temperatures & timings for different types of recipes. Timer to delay start of cooking. Warmer for keeping food warm.

In my kitchen very need iteasy to use, many programs.

Orderd one day here the nextlove my pkp.

Absolutely has changed the way we cook. Great if your busy and need to have it cooking and delay timer.

Love this use it so much , so many things you can use it for, all taste great.

Updated our kitchen including new induction hob. Forgot about old pressure cooker, it would not work on induction hob. Looked to replace pressure cooker and saw this, not on hob and not just pressure cooker. The old one was only used in the cold weather for stew this does so much more and no constant steam escaping nice and quite and efficient.

It was and is definitely worth the money. Quick and easy to use plus there’s a booklet with it on how to prepare the food.

Well worth the cost, this is easy to use and clean afterwards. I made beef stew with chive dumplings the day this arrived and it was delicious, it also took a fraction of the time it would have taken in the oven. I’m looking forward to cooking lots of new recipes and trying the different functions.

Nice product at a fair price. The only flaw of this item is that the lid’s bracket should have been made stronger, it kinda gives you the feeling that will break easily because it’s made from plastic. If you are careful, that can be avoided. It comes with a small book with recipes which are really useful but anyway there any hundreds of videos on youtube if it’s not enough. The quality of the food is really nice, full of flavor. I just use the other day the slow cook function and the meat was really tender and flavorful. The inner pot can be cleaned easily and i really appreciate itoverall it’s a good product as long as you take care of it properly.

The time it saves is great, i love it.

I love how quick and tasty the food is cooked in this. I haven’t had it long but i’ve done spaghetti bolognaise and a couple of stews.

I bought the 6ltr and 5 ltr both are used every day perfect pressure king pro.

Bought this for a friend as i love mine and he is enjoying his very much.

Great item,bit price but worth it.

I use this product for cooking nearly everything from rice to sweet corn and have had first class results every time so far,it is quick and versatile and is a great saving on energy.

This product is clean and easy to use for all sorts of cooking.

Received item today and did the simple mac and cheese recipy. I am disappointed with the instruction manual. It would be nice to know what each function is for. For example; i had to use a face book group to learnt the simmering option was the fry button. Could do with more details in the recipy book also. A proper step by step of the method would be nice. The first part was easy but then it stated to let it stay in keep warm mode for 5 mins before opening the valve which i did. Then the method states to add the rest of the ingrediants and simmer until sauce thickens?. To me i was like does that mean keep it cooking on the keep warm function or what. I was advised by others to use the fry function (which i did).

Quite simply, the best cooking aid i have ever bought. Never had a failed meal, cooks everything perfectly and healthily.

I think it will be a great product and would rate it with 5 stars when i have got used to it. At the moment i haven’t had much experience on it yet. Not much in the way of instructions and hence i went on youtube t get more ideas. What i have used it for seems to come out fine especially steaming fish.

Had 1before but display went brill piece of kit.

A great addition my kitchen. After a couple of goes it has turned out so easy to use and the food is delicious. I’m off now to make spaghetti box.

Use it most days a real time saver. Could do with a better non stick surface as mine didn’t really work the first time i made a cake in it and burnt on residue now left, so now its not as good for other cooking.

Brilliant kit, no need for steamer, pressure cooker and slow coooker.

I really want to like this multi cooker, but had to send the first one back after less than 2 weeks. Amazon were great had a new one shipped the next day. So fingers crossed that this one will last.