DREW & COLE Drew & Cole Pressure King Pro Electric Pressure Cooker 8-in-1 Multi Cooker : To cook by a faster way

Make a great meal in a fraction of the time.

Good quality as it promises. Ideal for a small family for making soups or stewing meat. The only defect is that the “reheat” function works for only 10 minutes, no matter if the food is really hot enough or not, and i cannot repeat it because the pan is already hot and it would automatically stop reheating. Anyway it was a good choice.

As a newbie to the whole ideology of pressure cooking this little electric pressure cooker is really simple to usetoo many superlatives to mention well worth the money.

Bought one but it wouldn’t keep the pressure so the count down wouldn’t work so returned it and unfortunately it has put me off getting another one.

How did i manage without this. Perfect stews and curries in a fraction of the time.

 used this to make sushi rice and it was perfect: 1 cup rice, just over one cup of water, 1 tbsp of rice vinegar, 1 tbsp of agave (could use any sweetener) rice setting for 4 mins, turn off and leave for 10mins before opening.

Worth buyingcan prepare everything directly on itvery useful.

I got this for my mum as i have the larger sized model. Can’t go without mine and this is perfect just a smaller sized version but still plenty of room. Best all in one multi pressure cooker.

  • Practical

  • Would recommend this.

  • Happy

Drew & Cole Pressure King Pro Electric Pressure Cooker 8-in-1 Multi Cooker, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Soup Maker, 700 W, 3 Litre, Black

Product Description, Perfect for smaller families, couples or individuals, the new compact, 3-litre capacity Pressure King Pro lets you cook perfect meals at the touch of a button, up to 90% faster than traditional cooking methods! With 8 pre-set functions, you’ll get that amazing, slow-cooked tenderness and taste in fast food time! And because the Pressure King Pro cooks with pressurised steam, not only will it cook your food faster than other methods, it’s also healthier, locking in more vitamins and nutrients than boiling or even steaming

Box Contains, 1 x Pressure King Pro Pressure Cooker 1 x Inner Pot

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Why Pressure Cooking?

Pressure cooking isn’t just up to 90% faster, it also locks in more vitamins and nutrients than conventional cooking methods.

So with your Pressure King Pro you will not only create delicous meals much quicker, but they will be more nutriernt rich too.

Cook Up to 90% Faster and Healthier with Your Pressure King Pro

The Pressure King Pro is a multifunctional pressure cooker – with 12 built in programmes to complete your common cooking tasks.

Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who need delicious tasty food quick, or those that want to take the hassle out of home cooking.

  • Easy to use, just select one of the inbuilt pre-set functions and walk away
  • Delay Timer mode means you can switch it on in a morning and your food will be ready to eat when you get home
  • The Keep Warm mode automatically kicks in when your food is cooked, so your food will stay hot until you’re ready to eat it
  • Fast Reheat mode warms up already cooked food

3 Litre – 8 in 1 5 Litre – 12 in 1 6 Litre – 20 in 1
Features Compact design with all the essential cooking functions for those on the go. Larger capacity and more functions, perfect for families and batch cooking. For keen cooks, with pre set functions and multi cooking modes for all types of cooking. The 6 litre capacity is perfect for batch cooking and entertaining.
Power 700 Watts 900 Watts 1000 Watts
Total Functions 8 12 20
Adjustable Time and Temperature Settings
Fast Reheat
Slow Cook
Keep Warm/Cancel
Temperature Adjust
Time Adjust

Pressure King Pro

Cook Up to 90% Faster with Your Pressure King Pro

– With the Pressure King Pro, you can cook meals in minutes and even from frozen

– Compared to an oven, it cooks foods quicker by creating a tight seal when cooking to maximise heat and shorten the time taken to cook meat and vegetables

– Cook tasty stews in 20 minutes, or a whole chicken from frozen in just 60 minutes

Pressure King Pro

Cook Healthier with Your Pressure King Pro

– Super-heated pressurised steam locks in vitamins and minerals into your food more than many other traditional cooking methods and no need for added fats or oils

Pressure King Pro

Cook Tastier with Your Pressure King Pro

– Locks in flavours to create juicy and tender food by infusing food with its natural flavours for that slow-cooked taste in minutes

– The Pressure King Pro achieves savoury slow-cooked tenderness with less time and energy for healthier and tastier meals

Pressure King Pro

Cook Cheaper with Your Pressure King Pro

– Turn cheaper ingredients into tender, flavour some meals in minutes

– Your Pressure King Pro will not only reduce your shopping bill but your energy bills too with mouther water meals in minutes compared to hours if using conventional cooking methods

Pressure King Pro


Pressure King Pro


Pressure King Pro


Pressure King Pro


Pressure King Pro

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It’s great for cooking rice or roasting beef or even making soup in a short time.

Sometimes it does not take pressure, but it works ok, it makes me spend less time cooking.

Great little pressure cooker my first one i use it a lot only problem from begging the power cable keeps falling out that’s a problem so loses 1 star for that but cooks well make spaghetti bolognese and currys in it all the time and tastes so much better than a pan cook meat is so tender and support for the product is amazing.

Various ressipies all sucess carefree cooking for widdower.

Loved this item, makes cooking easier and in a shorter time,nice.

Nice item, was disappointed with the fact that i didn’t get the promised cook book, otherwise it could have been five stars.

Great item, we use it all the time. Good size bowl compared to some.

I use pressure king pro 3 litre, meanly as slow cooker. It is very easy yo use and very user friendly. It reduced the time i spended to cook.

  • Practical

  • Would recommend this.

  • Happy

Drew & Cole Pressure King Pro Electric Pressure Cooker 8-in-1 Multi Cooker, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Soup Maker, 700 W, 3 Litre, Black

Perfect for two and great addition to a small kitchen.

Couldn’t live without it – numerous uses. Delicious beef joints in no time.

What a great little item, brilliant. But one note in regard to the advert stating that it takes say 30 minuets to make a stew. Yes it does take that time and is great, but what it does not say is the amount of time it takes to warm up so to speak before it starts to cook. But very pleased with it and just great for one person house hold.

Would not be without it live it.

Best thing i have bought in years.

The item was brand new and arrived quickly.

Very good investment for busy people. Although the lid is not easy to clean and it can gather smells over time.

I’ve seen this item on the tv, how quickly it cooks certain food. I’ve used it and i’m impressed. The first thing i cooked was a beef stew. Normally it takes a couple of hours, but it was cooked in half an hour😀.

I’ve only made stew and rice in this so far. The rice was a bit of a mess as it takes much less water. Would recommend getting a rice cooker if you prefer fluffy rice. My stews come out great with this bad boy.

I had a stove top model in 1976 and when the pressure valve gave up i ditched it. I’ve only had this a week and i already love it. It’s in use every evening. I love the fact that it can be used as a slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker. The only thing wrong is that the recipe book is absolutely rubbish. It doesn’t give you any idea which programme to use for steaming vegetables, so i usually use the rice setting. The other bad point is that there’s no steaming trivet included. I did debate getting the ficve litre one but thought it might take up too much room in my small kitchen. The three litre one is perfectly adequate.

As a person who hates cooking, this was a godsend. Only issue i have is that it sometimes takes oddly long to pressurize correctly.

Great cooker use for batch cooking.

Excellent bit of kit, i wouldn’t be without one now i’be got used to using it.

Very much convenient,nice performance.

I am very happy with my pressure king pro i use it a lot and have lost a bit of weight by using this coz it makes such healthy meals and the stew’s are excellent the meat is very very tender cooked in this i love it.

Pleased with it the only trouble i am having is the plug is loose.

Love my king pro pressure cooker.

Regret steam valve had a slight fault. Unit was returned without cost and credit issued very quickly.

Features and Spesification

  • PERFECT FOR COUPLES: compact 3L capacity, great for the smaller family
  • COOK FAST: cooks up to 90% faster than traditional cookware, make meals in minutes rather than hours saving energy
  • HEALTHY: more nutrients and vitamins are retained than traditional cooking methods – up to 95%
  • SLOW COOK: so versatile it can also do the job of a slow cooker
  • UK RECIPE BOOK: 30 delicious meals including hearty stews, fluffy risottos, perfect pasta, wholesome soups and even bread
  • EASY TO USE: 8 pre-set programmes plus 24 hour delay timer, keep warm and fast re-heat
  • SAFE: patented and proven safety devices, locking lid that only opens once pressure is released with audible alarm when the lid is not shut
  • EASY TO CLEAN: non-stick inner pot simply wipes clean – dishwasher safe too