Drop D600A Non-Slip Connected Kitchen Scale/Cocktail Maker : Simply great!

The drop scales take weighing to a new level by introducing flexibility. Either by selecting from a range of recipes or creating your own recipe you can easily scale up or scale down ingredients depending how many you are cooking for. The scales are you also your cookbook, they initially summarise your ingredients so you can get them all ready and then you are guided through adding the correct weight of ingredient to the correct container. They also advise when to beat, cool, mix, bake, chop, divide, in fact all the actions you need to do to combine your ingredients through to cooking and presenting them. These scales are software driven so are continually being updated to include new actions, ingredients and recipes. If they were to be endorsed by a major chefs and recipe books released for drop (like they are for kindle) you would see them in every kitchen.

What i like most about drop is that it makes cooking and baking easier for me. I’ve also found my clean up intakes less time as a result. I love the fact they have thought about american cooking and baking allowing us measure in cups as well as european measurements. I use the drop recipes app as a way to discover new recipes all the time too. Thanks to this gift i have varied my diet and it has been easy.

One of my favourite pieces of kitchen equipment. Takes the guesswork out of baking, and works seamlessly with my iphone and ipad. The upcoming drop creator allows users to submit their recipes, and there’s a thriving community around this product.

I received the drop scale, and it just worked. It has never glitches on me and i love the way it displays really clear instructions and guidelines to some really great recipes. It is really simple to use, i can use it with my ipad or iphone, and when i have messy fingers and don’t want to touch the screen, the little button on the front of the scale is really good. I love the fact that you can now put your own recipes on it, though i think it’s still in beta, and soon will open up a whole new baking/cooking social media platform with the recipes right at your fingertips. To sum it up: it does what it says it does well & more.

An unusual scale, the build quality is excellent – it’s fairly light and has a none slip silicone base and top. This prevents it moving when you are putting different jugs or liquids containers on it. The only control is to turn it on you tap the top of the scale and it powers off after a period of inactivity. You need to download either or both of the free apps – drop kitchen or drop scales. Scales is the basic app that allows you to measure and use as a normal scale – albeit via a tablet or smart phone. This is the one weakness with the scales in that there is no display on the scale – it’s great to use with an ipad but sometimes you just need to use quickly and at the premium price, a basic simple led display would have been useful. However, the apps are good and really do fetch the scale alive. Drop kitchen has lots of different recipes in and allows you to quickly find and try something different. Once nice feature is that alternative ingredients are suggested and if you are running low on an ingredient, you can tell the app and it will adjust the rest of the ingredients accordingly. It’s a well thought out and clever addition.

Got this when it first came out a year or so ago. Very precise scale, readings changing quickly on both iphone and ipad and this was one of the main reasons i hated my old digital scales – it took a few seconds to update the wait. I normally just use these as normal scales however i have used some of the online recipes and they have turned out great. Signed up beta tester for the new ‘add your own recipes’ feature and so far it looks very promising. Easy to clean and battery lasted ages – only replaced once so far. Love the new cocktail feature.

I originaly bought my drop from their own website but loved it so much i thought i would come to amazon and write a review so people understand why this product is worth every penny of the £79. It connects through bluetooth to your iphone/ipad really quickly and easily, and once youve made an account you can save your favourite recipies and acess them again easily. A few things to note about drop1. Its is not just a kitchen scale. This is about as basic as it gets – both on ipad and iphone you can download the app and use it to weigh things which i do regularly now i have it2. The app comes loaded with 100s of recipies of all sorts (which are all really pretty good). This is where the real value of the product comes into play. By using the scales alongside the app itself drop takes you step by step through the recipie from start to finish. There are helpful tips with images and videos to show you what to do at each stage.

A beautiful product combining the basic scale skills that everybody who like cooking needs in the kitchen with a new technology. The quality of the product is great. A very well build product, thus you feel what you paid for. The app is beautiful and easy to use. The negative side of the app that it is currently only available for apple products only. The app at present is not fully configured for easy adding your own recipe, but i believe it is only a matter of time as developers continue to work on it. I hope it will be eventually an easy process accessible from the app. Nonetheless, it is a great product if you like sharing your cooking, but at present slightly more difficult then one would want for digitalizing your own recipe book for use only for yourself. The app has a number of preloaded recipes and for me a collection of drinks was a great bonus as i didn’t have my own selection of those. The surface of the scale is well designed.

  • A great product that delivers
  • Good Kitchen Scale and Recipes
  • These are more than just scales

Drop D600A Non-Slip Connected Kitchen Scale/Cocktail Maker with Interactive Recipe App, FDA Approved Silicone, Red

Product Description, Together, the Drop Kitchen Connected Scale and Recipe App are an unbeatable combination that help anyone to bake beautiful and delicious creations, regardless of experience. The Drop Recipes app includes hundreds of tasty recipes, beautiful photographs, helpful videos and handy tips to ensure great results every time you step in the kitchen.
Re-Imagining Recipes Drop brings the ancient format right up-to-date by turning recipes into step-by-step digital guides that seamlessly interact with the latest kitchen hardware. Browse through the interactive recipes featured in the Drop Recipes App and you’ll find lots to choose from: including mouth-watering creations from Drop’s own kitchen, as well as featured partners like Food52, Good Housekeeping and a selection of well-known food bloggers and bakers.
Effortlessly adjust your recipe to what’s needed and even rescale a whole recipe based on how much of an ingredient you have on hand.
Simple Substitutions If you’re missing an ingredient, Drop will suggest suitable substitutes so you can continue baking and avoid a last-minute trip to the store. The app also assists long after you’ve weighed that flour and sugar. It will tell you to preheat your oven and even act as a cooking timer. And when your 19 cookies are done baking, you can take photos and share them on your social media platform of choice — all from the Drop app.
Now with Cocktails and iPhone Support! In addition to a new layout that makes it easier to find and make recipes in the app, we’re adding a new type of recipe entirely. Whether you’d rather serve fun drinks like our Blackberry Martini or Bourbon Peach Smash, or your guests prefer to stick with Margaritas and Whiskey Sours, you can now measure and make speakeasy-quality cocktails from start to finish in the Drop Recipes app.
Share with anyone!!! We’ve rebuilt the Drop Recipes app from the ground up to make it smoother, faster, and more intuitive. Inspire others by sharing your favorite interactive recipes online. Now, the responsive layout brings all the features of the Recipe App to even more Apple devices, from the iPhone 4S to the newly released iPhone 6S. The new iPhone app is just as smart, powerful, and easy to use as the iPad app – but this version is even better.
Describe your product in 3 words.
Accurate, Connected, Scale
How did you come up with the idea for this product?
I co-founded Drop in 2012 along with Jonny McCauley, Jack Phelan and Tim Redfern. We saw the array of connected products being released across the home and felt the kitchen was really underserved. We also saw that recipes haven’t changed in a thousand years; a block of text, a list of ingredients and an image, but that 50 per cent of iPads were being used in the kitchen and that recipes were the third most-shared content online. With these things in mind, we decided to make our interactive recipe platform.
What makes your product special?
Drop brings the ancient recipe format right up-to-date by turning recipes into a step-by-step visual experience, rather than relying on all that text. Baking is most precise when done by weight, instead of volume, and Drop gets the measurements right. Choose a recipe from the app’s vast database and Drop walks you through each step. Put your bowl on the scale, add an ingredient, and Drop tells you when the proper amount is reached. Then Drop automatically resets for the next ingredient. And don’t worry about getting butter or flour on Drop—it’s made from easy-to-clean silicone. Founded through an accelerator program in Dublin, Ireland, Drop is accurate to within a single gram. As the app is constantly updated, the recipe collection will keep growing and soon Drop will suggest substitutions if you’re missing an ingredient.
What has been the best part of your startup experience?
Take the stress out of baking, reduce the amount of utensils to clean, and enjoy consistently delicious results with Drop. Make a recipe without a single measuring cup. Drop is a Bluetooth-compatible kitchen scale that connects to your iPad— making it a recipe box and kitchen assistant all in one.

Box Contains, 1 x connected scale free recipe app

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The device itself is very well designed. It feels reassuringly solid, with a non slip silicone top which is easy to wipe clean yet protects the unit. It is small enough to slip into most drawers and take up very little space, something very important in these days of more and more gadgetry in the kitchen. In use the device is very simple. Pull out the tab to activate the battery (which has a claimed life of a year or so), switch bluetooth on on your ios device and start the app. It connected automatically within a couple of seconds. The app is intuitive and easy to navigate. It starts on a page of highlighted recipes, but you can select cocktails or categories and so on.

I confess that i have not used this more than a few times since i bought one during the beta program/pre-launch. Recent improvements to the software and community has reignited my interest so hopefully that will soon change. Since it now works with the iphone as well as ipad, i have found myself nosing around the app even when not at home. It is a beautifully designed and well made piece of kit. I concur with some reviewers comments about the lack of feedback which is disconcerting on initial use- it should have more than a single led. However, it has a good heft to it but is tidy and small enough to tuck away into a kitchen drawer easily. Using it as intended- looking up and following a recipe- it is fantastic, really love the auto-progress feature. I may revisit this review to comment more on the recipes and how well they work when i’ve racked up some more bakes. It does suffer from a similar problem to many connected devices as compared to their more simple analogues- immediacy. When you want to simply weigh something, you need to get both the drop and your ipad out, make sure bluetooth is on, fire up the app, navigate to the the side-bar and then select scale.

I purchased this product in june 2015 so i have had enough time to try out different recipes from the drop app to know if i like it. The recipes have mostly been a success and easy to follow as the drop app on my ipad tells me each step like when to add ingredients when to use another bowl etc. What i like best is how accurate the weighing is without having to look at scale measurements. It is also handy to use as a normal scale when not cooking from the recipes. I also use my drop scale to weigh letters for postage. The only downside i can think of, is that i get flour on my ipad ( but i am a bit of a messy cook)overall it’s compact, doesn’t take up much room, and does what it says.

Drop is an incredible product and comes with an amazing app. It’s very intuitive and i love using it for all my baking and cooking needs. The app comes with some fab recipes and even has its own online community where you can submit your own recipes. I love using my drop scale, my kitchen wouldn’t be the same without it.

The drop scale is simply a wonderful addition to any kitchen. I can’t rate this product highly enoughthe single button on the front of drop allows you to easily zero your scale and the concave indent is a welcome addition for times when you’re using rounder bottomed containers. The materials used to construct drop are of a very high quality and really make the scale look and feel like a high-quality kitchen gadget. A great deal of thought has gone into not only the hardware design but also the software design of this brilliant kitchen genius. The ios app is where this device really shines. A wide range of recipes are at your fingertips, each one fully utilising drop’s unique step-by-step preparation process. Each carefully crafted step provides you with beautiful easy to follow instructions, images and tips. Some recipes also feature built-in timers that alert you when you need to continue. Don’t have enough of a particular ingredient?.Drop is clever enough to resize the entire recipe to match what you have.

This is unusual and will appeal to people who like gadgets. Personally i only like gadgets that solve problems rather than ones that just look different or make me look as if i am up-to-date with technology. ‘drop’ is an ipad-connected kitchen scale, linked via bluetooth. Your ipad acts as the readout for the weight (and does much more besides). On the one hand, it looks very ‘21st century’. On the other, it is a nuisance needing your ipad every time you weigh something. You need to download the ‘drop’ app for free. You can then use it to browse and select recipes. Unusually the app contains recipes for lots of cocktails as well as traditional recipes – it knows the weight of 1 centimetre cubed of any liquid. This looks like magic but it is not – 1 centimetre cubed of any water-based liquid weighs 1 gram, so you can use any kitchen scale to weigh liquids using that piece of information.

When i first bought the drop scales it was easy to set up, and i can download the drop app on all my devices. Drop has been a life saver, every time when i’m making a cake for one of my clients the battery dies on my scales but not with drop. The simple interface allows me to browse a variety of recipes like my favourite chocolate chip cookies and cream cheese filling. Drop features not just baking recipes, it has a section for drinks too. The step by step videos are very handy also, whenever i’m not sure of a certain step i can just watch a simple video. Drop is an amazing device and has saved me from instances when my scales was broken, to losing my recipes and forgetting one or two birthdays along the way but luckly drop has saved me from all. One of the best purchases i have ever made and i think whether you’re baking pro or beginner drop is the one device you will need in your kitchem.

This product has bought cooking bang into the modern world. I’m not sure if the older generation will take to it but anyone with a little bit of techno savvy will adore this gadget. It’s more than just a weighing device – much, much more.It’s like having a chef in your kitchen guiding you along the way. It’s an amazing aid for those who are new to cooking and even those cooks who are quite able in the kitchen will benefit from this product.

  • A great product that delivers
  • Good Kitchen Scale and Recipes
  • These are more than just scales

Drop D600A Non-Slip Connected Kitchen Scale/Cocktail Maker with Interactive Recipe App, FDA Approved Silicone, Red

No more bulky heavy scalesrevolutionary compact and sleek design which is unbelievably light. It also doesn’t take up much room at all as its so small and will fit anywhere in your kitchen with no fuss. Its nicely lined on top with a red silicone non slip layer which is great when you are trying to weigh things which you think might roll off and also for ease of cleaning. The base is also non slip too, again great not having to worry you might knock it over and its contents easily. Love the packaging it comes in too as it feels like a nice wee book you are openingthis scale of course is also not like any other scale but one that connects up with your i pad or i phone device and linked using bluetooth. After connecting up with your device you need to download the drop app which is free in order to make the whole thing work. Once you have you have access to a range of lots of different recipes and even have ones for cocktailsonce you choose the recipe you want to use, everything else is pretty sample thereafter with a step to step guide which interacts with your scale to make sure you are using the correct weights of ingredients to make your desired recipe and the scale tells you if you have enough or need more and when you have got the desired right amount needed for what you are making. The scale doesn’t even seem to get confused or anything as it starts again after each ingredient has been met so it knows you are going to do a new ingredient which i think is so intuitive and saves knowing that you have hit exactly what you need saves so much time faffing about pouring some in, some out or adding more etc. I have only just started using this and i am still messing about with things and recipes which are getting updated all the time via the app so there is always something new to try but i am loving it. No need for a recipe book anymore, i dont have many and usually use my phone or i pad for recipes to look up and try to copy online so now it just means i can actually follow that recipe properly and it might actually turn out like it shows and tastesan investment piece for any kitchen and technology wise is the way forward and not just one for the tech savy and gadgetersbin your old scale and buy this wee beauty, you wont regret it.

I absolutely love this scale as i’ve always struggled on how to scale down recipes for 2 people – it does this and more at a touch of a button. Makes cooking just that bit faster and it is being constantly updated with new recipes so will only get better and better – my hope is it will be brought out on the apple watch too then it will be even more portable.

I received this as a christmas present, the giver thought it would be useful as i do a lot of cooking and baking but sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle to have to wash your hands several times during the process to turn the pages of the recipe book or wake up the tablet again. It definitely helps with this problem and the set up process was very easy. The downside is you can’t currently import your own recipes, which is what i would probably use it for most. There are community recipes etc, but i’d rather be able to put my own in. I do believe this feature is going to be introduced shortly, so i look forward to that.

I have been using this scale for the past six months and it’s not just for those who like gadgets, the drop scale is a very useful tool to have in the kitchen. The free ipad/iphone app is required to read the measurements on the scale but that’s not all. You can use the app to guide you step by step through recipes from soda bread to coffee cake. The drop community are adding more recipes each week. Soon the add recipes function will be out of beta so anyone can add recipes. The app can also be used to scale recipes so if you have a dinner party coming up you can scale that soup recipe for 10 people instead of 5. This is the last kitchen scale you will ever need.

The drop scales work perfectly, in conjunction with a smart device and an app. It is possible to use the scales simply to measure ingredients, but the recipes app is great, with a constantly expanding database of tried and tested recipes. The recipes harness the simplicity of the scale design, and take you through the recipe in a logical manner, weighing and moving on to the next ingredient without fuss. The design team are very supportive, any question is answered swiftly. There is also a great world-wide community of drop chefs (some like myself fledgling).

My first drop developed a problem in the first year in that it would run out of battery very quickly despite me not using it any more than average. The guys behind drop could not have been more helpful and exchanged it immediately and now i’m left with a product that could not be easier to use. Download the app, press the button and you’re connected. Easy to follow recipes, presented in a way that could not be more ‘idiot proof’. If i have any negatives it would be these: firstly, the drop is easily effected by movement, even footsteps on our kitchen floor can fluctuate the reading – so no irish dancing in the kitchen i guess. Secondly, the range of recipes could be greater, it’s good.

I was so excited about this product and it’s possibilities that i bought 11 of them for use in school within home economics classes. Since all pupils have ipads, i believed that this was an excellent way to enable their use in cookery classes and to let children see an additional functional use of the ipad. The children are excited the scale is very good at what it does, and using gadgetry is very engaging for the pupils. I love the fact that i can now put my own recipes on there which makes them even more school friendly. I haven’t put any recipes on yet, but i will do so shortly.

What do you get the hipster chef in your life?. They already have the ironic shaped cutters and the beard apron. How about a scale that talks to an app?. The ‘drop non-slip silicone connected kitchen scale’ is not just a set of scales, but also a gateway into the online drop experience. As a plain old scale, the ‘drop’ is already very nice – the sleek red rubber finish looks modern and hip. However, there is no display, without connecting it to an app it is just more kitchen clutter taking up your precious counter real estate. To criticise the ‘drop’ for requiring an app would be to ignore the main reason for its existence – the app is the drop, the drop is the app. Joining the online drop community is easy and it is a type of pinterest for cooking. You choose a recipe you like, you can then send ingredients to a shopping list.

I have had this for over a year now and enjoy using it. The biggest gripe i have is the lack of uk british recipes. Most are irish or us and although the app sort of translates ingredients sometimes it doesn’t. G it can do granulated sugar but not icing sugar (its marked as powdered) silly little things like this irritate me. I would like to see much more baking ideas that actually need a scale rather than cocktails etc. If they good partner with waitrose or the food network etc and use their recipes it would be much much better.

I bought these scales from lakeland last october and they are the best scales i have ever bought. I’m not a baker but since using these scales i have been able to practise new baking skills, i have the confidence now to try all the recipes i have avoided in the past. Clear precise instructions easy to use and the ability to change items and scale down recipes is brilliant for a novice.

Nice things first: top quality build. All the plastics and rubbers feel premium. It is heavy and feels sturdy. The only light embedded in the front works nicely through the rubber. On the bottom, you need a coin to unscrew the coin cell holder. It feels watertight, a splash of water definitely wont harm it. The only feedback the device gives is the mentioned single led. That light functions as the only button too – pushing it turns on the device. It only works with apple ios, no support for android.

I got it as a present for christmas and it’s been amazing. There are plenty of recipes for all tastes; i’m just getting started. Personally i love the salsa (which is deliciously refreshing), anzac biscuits (great for some comfort) and the veggie burger (the best i’ve tasted). Recipes are step by step and very easy to follow, and it helps you pick up some cooking and baking tips along the way. The scales are smart and stylish and will look good on any kitchen counter. They are also a convenient digital scales when you only want to weigh something quickly. I’m sure you’ll love drop too.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • With Drop Smart Kitchen Scale & Recipe App you can scale by ingredient, accurate weighting for perfect results. From 6 kg to under a gram.
  • Find the perfect recipe: access hundreds of free interactive recipes as you browse the app for idea and inspiration.
  • Super low energy. Battery gives up to a year of normal use.
  • Single bowl recipies. Less clean-up afterwards.
  • No cables. Connects via Bluetooth Low Energy.