Dualit 26211 2 Slice Lite Toaster : better than most

Having had the same product before it was the natural choice when i decided to buy a new one.

This is a most splendid piece of equipment. Tired of buying toasters which , though unsatisfactory from the start, and are virtually irrepairable through unobtainability of parts, i finally decided to buy a quality item. Dualit toasters have an excellent reputation and, for those components such as elements which have a finite life, have spares easily available. I thoroughly recommend dualit toasters.

Dualit are now the only make i trust now for kettles, toasters etc. And when my old toaster broke decided to replace it with a dualit. I love the retro design, and everything about it feels quality. The ability to be able to lift the bread out whilst toasting is a great idea, and saves having to keep pressing the cancel button and restart the toaster each time you want to check how your toast is done. Out of all the toasters i have owned, this one toasts the bread the most evenly and is easily the best.

Toasts all size breads and buns. Has all functions one would need on a toaster.

Its a toaster which looks smart and makes ok toast .

Mr unhappy is happy now i got my new toaster its the best by far will get agin when i need a new one.

I am very happy with this purchase. It toasts evenly and very well, it is easy to use, you can check progress without having to cancel and you can toast thicker slices, french bread, buns etc. It is the perfect size for smaller kitchens. I also really like the cherry red colour. I only hope it will last a long time.

Looks good and is not too bulky to have on work top. Especially like the way you can peek a look at the toast without stopping the toasting mid cycle. Setting 3-4 is best for perfect toast. Haven’t tried bagel setting yet, but am buying some tomorrow. Toast with every meal from now on.

  • A little disappointing.
  • Pleased
  • Perfect for compact kitchens

Dualit 26211 2 Slice Lite Toaster, Metallic Red

Product Description, Stylish and practical the Dualit Lite toaster combines classic Dualitstyling with a contemporary metallic finish, with greater control the new Peek & Pop ®function allows you to check the bread while toasting without cancelling the toasting cycle, giving greater browning control. this function was pionereed by Dualit with the manual ejector system, as featured in the classic toasters.
The lite toaster has multiple functions: The Bagel Button, Defrost and cancel functions give greater flexibility of use.The extra wide slots will accomodate larger items such as bagels, as well as the optional sandwich cage (sold seperately – model 00510) which transforms the Lite toaster into a versatile sandwich maker. The cage will also make lifting and toasting of small items such a crumpets,teacakes or muffins effortless.
The Lite toaster is easy to clean with high quality stainless steel cover and features a high lift mechanism to remove small items easily. Matching kettle available – model 72515
Dualit customer services 01293 652500

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

Dualit, Dualit toaster, toaster, 2 slot toaster, 2 slice toaster

Dualit, Dualit toaster, toaster, 2 slot toaster, 2 slice toaster

Dualit, Dualit toaster, toaster, 2 slot toaster, 2 slice toaster

  • Peek & Pop function check bread while toasting.
  • Soft Touch non-marking finish.
  • Defrost setting and cancel button.
  • Bagel button to warm one side and toast the other.
  • A higher wattage for faster toasting.
  • Easy cleaning with a high quality stainless steel cover.
  • A high lift mechanism to remove small items easily.
  • Extra wide 36 mm slots to accommodate larger items.
  • Concealed crumb tray.

Dualit 2 Slot Toaster

The 2 slice Lite toaster combines Dualit’s classic toaster styling with a contemporary and practical gloss finish that stays cool to the touch. Patented Perfect Toast Technology ensures the Lite Toaster produces consistently golden brown toast. The Peek & Pop function allows you to check the bread while toasting without cancelling the toasting cycle giving greater browning control. It incorporates a bagel and defrost function, extra-wide 36mm slots and automatic pop-up.

  • Product dimensions: 200mm (H) x 170mm (W) x 270mm (D)
  • Slot dimensions: 145mm (L) x 36mm (W) x 120mm (D)
  • Wattage: 1100 Watts
  • Defrost setting
  • Bagel setting


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Patented Perfect Toast Technology

Calculates the temperature of your toaster and surroundings to derive the precise toasting time for your next slice of consistently golden brown toast.

Patented Peek & Pop

Unique to Dualit, this feature allows you to check on your bread without stopping it toasting.

Extra Wide Slots

36 mm slots accommodate thicker slices and terrific toasties with the Sandwich Cage.

Dualit, Dualit toaster, toaster, 2 slot toaster, 2 slice toaster

Why choose Dualit?

Dualit Quality

Lots of companies talk about quality; for Dualit it is a fundamental part of the business. Our Quality Policy exists to provide employees and suppliers with a framework that ensures they deliver our promises to customers, whether product or service related. Its success is a consequence of several key factors – a continuous process of monitoring and improvement, senior management ‘champions’, supplier relationships that work as true partnerships, and employees who often ‘go the extra mile’ for the benefit of their customers.

Dualit Responsibility

Our Customers have high expectations concerning our Ethical Standards and we need to ensure we can live up to those expectations. For this reason Dualit have implemented an Ethical Sourcing Procedure which is based on international standards such as the conventions of the International Labour Organisation. We regularly visit our Suppliers and conduct Site Inspections & Audits to ensure their compliance to our standards.

Dualit Environmental

Dualit is aware of its environmental responsibilities and we have implemented Procedures to prevent pollution, minimise waste, reduce our emissions and manage risks and hazards. We are working to reduce the energy consumption of our products and we actively encourage recycling both of our own waste and that of our customers with the aim of reducing the amount going into landfill.

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Not as good as i expected dualit to be but on the other hand it was not as expensive as the other toasters they produce.

Really pleased love it perfect.

Excellent toaster, toasts evenly and quickly. Is also a very smart addition to our red and cream kitchen and marches with kettle.

Wonderful – does – looks good – and does exactly what i want it to do.

After trying numerous unsatisfactory toaster i tried the dualit. It is not perfect but it is the best one i have found. It takes a full slice but the bread does require turning over to toast evenly.

Easy to use and virtually foolproof – a very good toaster.

However, difficult to regulate to achieve the right result. Toast is either too light (under cooked) or burns, regardless of setting used. Have to manually check the toast for a good result.

The colour is perfect (i wish i could have a dualit microwave) they don’t do them sadly and it matches my kettle great price john lewis have them for ┬ú211.

  • A little disappointing.
  • Pleased
  • Perfect for compact kitchens

Dualit 26211 2 Slice Lite Toaster, Metallic Red

Used for a month now, and cannot fault this toaster. The functionality is innovative, and the results are evenly toasted bread everytime. All parts move smoothly and has a quality build. The bagel/ burger bun button is great (push it and the toaster warms one side and toasts the other – just what you want). The toaster cleverly senses how warm the air (and the toaster) is, so toast is consistent slice after slice (not a simple timer). Brilliantly, the toast lever isn’t locked down while toasting: instead it is decoupled from the spring release. So checking if toast is done is as simple as lifting the handle to take a peakthe toasting is even right across the bread, the elements are nice and modern too. The browning dial has a nice click-detent, and makes it easy to dial in the brown-level you desire. Cancel is right where it’s easy to find: just push the big dial. Large clear print on all buttons is easy to read.

Features and Spesification

  • Peek and pop function – check bread when toasting
  • Bagel button for toasting bagels/buns
  • Defrost button for toasting frozen bread
  • Extra wide 36 mm slots to accommodate larger items
  • High lift mechanism