Dualit 26213 2-Slice Toaster – Five Stars

It’s neat, takes thick bread & is very adjustable. Only had one a short time but happy so far.

The first one i’ve had that toasts both sides equally.

A deco looking toaster that toasts well, easy to use model.

An attractive piece of equipment, beautifully made.

I have always been a fan of dualit as it reminded me of frosty mornings in the local cafe with an industrial version ticking away as it produced the breakfast toast. I eventually bought one only to be dismayed by the build quality – it had to be rested in the loft after just a few years – so this new one is another cautious attempt at rekindling a warm memory.

Good product and easy to operate.

Bought as a present, recipient very pleased. I have had my dualit for fifteen years, works like a dream, just once had to replace timer. Expensive to buy but cheaper in the long run.

Very pleased with my toaster and find the lift up lever a great asset.

I am happy with the performance of this toaster.

. Great good looking toaster.

I have had (the black version) for many years now, and i can testify to this toaster lasting for ages. I have actually got to the point where i’d quite like a new one, just for a change, but i don’t really want to replace something that works fine. So – this damn toaster just won’t die on me. I haven’t actually tried to kill it, but it has been on fire (literally – proper flames and all) twice. (not cause it is going wrong, but because people keep stuffing it with food they shouldn’t). The last time my daughter was trying to toast half baked croissants in the toaster, and this resulted in charcoal pieces that were burning happily, which she put out with a cup of tea. If you want quality – that lasts beyond all expectation – buy this. If you want variety in your toasters – keep far, far away.

Should have got this years ago.

Bought as a replacement for our original one which had had a lot of use. Couldn’t find a better replacement so bought this one again. Works very well, toasts evenly, nice and quick. Here are the specifications for the Dualit 26213 2-Slice Toaster:

  • Unique to Dualit this feature allows you to check on your bread without stopping it toasting
  • Eight temperature settings on an easy-to-select dial gives you customisation over your toast
  • Keeping your toasting clean is quick and easy with a removable crumb tray
  • Features a bagel setting and extra-wide slots, which are ideal for thicker loaves of bread
  • Defrost and cancel functions plus high-lift mechanism

A good attractive looking toaster. Our last dualit toaster seemed more solid though.

Good quality product,very easy to operate.

Does everything a toaster should. It’s helpful to have a lever to raise the food out of the toasting rack when cooked, but it would be better if the food was lifted higher. As it is, it only lifts it up slightly which isn’t too helpful for buns.

Well engineered and made, toasts well, bread buns etc. Recommend, best owned after many different brands.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • beautifully made.
  • Five Stars
  • Only had one a short time but happy so far