Dualit 3-in-1 Espressivo Coffee Machine – I love my coffee machine

Great machine which produces much better espresso, or americano, than my previous krups. One big advantage is that there is room to get a reasonable mug under the brewhead, so you can produce an americano by letting it run until you have enough in the mug. The only downside so far is that it is very susceptible to leaks around the brewhead if you are not scrupulous with cleaning coffee off the rim before fitting to the machine. I have found this is also helped by a very little lubrication with olive oil around the edge of the brewhead, using your finger. This shouldn’t be necessary, but everything else is very positive, and its british.

This is a very handsome machine, well made and solid; unlike my 3 previous espresso machines it has a professional look about it. The 2 on-off buttons and the main knob are all solid and are positive in action – nothing flimsy or plasticy about them at all, as i have found on previous machines; also, they are on the front – not round the side where you might forget to turn them off. The water tank is just the right size and easy to fill in situe or to remove for filling/cleaning. The top surface has a pattern of pimples on it which i cannot se the point of. My previous machine (a gaggia cubica) had a smooth top which was far preferable. It is probably against the rules but i keep the machine switched on all day – something i could not risk with my previous machines. I keep the filter holder in the brewhead (loosely – not in the locked position) and my espresso cup on the warm top surface. This has the advantage that i do not have to wait for the machine to heat up each time and the filter holder and cup are already hot so that i do not have to prime the system for every shot, as recommended. The espresso shot it produces is as good as any i have had. I never use a steam wand so i can’t comment on that.

Only just arrived so have not used yet but looks really nice well build think its not over complicated to use shall write more once its been used.

This is my second dualit – love the dual functionality of it – have learnt not to use such finely ground expresso and i religiously use the filters. Last one lasted 5 years but took a lot of abuse – didn’t use filters for 2 years, persevered with expresso ground coffee and didn’t de-scale – lesson learnt .

I use it every day, several times a day. It makes delicious espressos with minimal fuss. I’m only writing this review now because after all the use i’ve got out of it, only now am i having to buy a replacement part which cost three pounds off the dualit website and took five minutes to install.

For the price is hard to beat. First one lasted 4 years (approx 5-6 espresso’s / lattes daily). I did not descale it once in this time. Second one am now descaling. Good coffee (if you let it warm up to temp).

I bought this as a present as i have one and love it and am sure it will be just as well received at christmas in its new home.

I’ve had several espresso machines ranging from an old krups, a gaggia, two magimix l’espressios and several de longis. This was bought in an attempt to move up the quality ladder to get a machine that was robust enough for me. So far i’m hugely impressed. This machine has a significantly different operation and build to all the others. For starters, it is all metal, including the grey base which is anodised alloy. The top plate is solid aluminium plate. It’s general operation is different too. For instance, the milk frother doesn’t jet water which gradually turns to steam, it has a pulse feature which delivers a set amount to the pump ensuring quick steam and little water spay. The frother’s nozzle is soft rubber and simply pulls off ro be washed up a tap. The big black knob operates a proper, heavy duty selector where you can chose the coffee maker or the frother.

Good quality, good price and i am reliably informed relatively easy to use. Looks stylish sitting in the kitchen. Service provided excellent too.

Makes a fantastic latte, espresso etc and the steamer is fab to. Noisy as are most machines but adds to the experience.

After some months use it dawned that there is a right and wrong way up for the filter paper circle. Smoother side up = fast pour and happiness. Smoother side down= blocked filter and slow,slow drip by drip pour. Remember this and you are laughing.

Good machine but needs descaling often. My first one was sent for repair because of leakage. I never got it repaired properly after two attempts by the insurance companys’ repairer and bought another one but it stopped working too. It is hard to get someone to fix them. For that reason i would not buy again.

This is a great machine, take time to make sure you know what you are doing but once that is done it is coffee all the way. Here are the specifications for the Dualit 3-in-1 Espressivo Coffee Machine:

  • 3 in 1 functionality – suitable for ESE pods, NX capsules and ground coffee
  • 1.5L removeable water reservoir
  • easy to use and clean milk frother
  • extra height clearance for mugs
  • Heavy duty polished stainless steel and aluminium chassis

I bought this machine in november 2014 to replace an ailing de’longhi icona. Being around the entry level for this sort of machine, i was disappointed by the lack of decent reviews, but decided to go for it anyway, based on my good experience of the brand. First coffee out of the machine justified my decision immediately. This machine produces an espresso shot far superior to the icona range, with a much better crema. Although both machines report the same pressure, this machine gives the impression that it is more capable and produces the shot with much more ease. Having said that, the steam wand is not as good as on the de’longhi – i don’t count that as too much of an issue since i bought the machine to make coffee with steamed milk being a bonus. The only way it is inferior is in the amount of time it takes to warm the milk. Froth is still good and a side effect of it being slower is that it makes it easier to create a stiff froth for cappuccino. The wand is shorter, so i’ve ended up buying a second, smaller jug for when i am steaming less milk. I like how easy it is to switch between producing steam and hot water from the wand (a toggle switch on the front of the machine).

I’ve owned this a few weeks now. It took me a little while to get the right mix of grind and volume of water but now i’m really happy and get a consistently good taste. I invested in a metal weighted tamper in place of the plastic measure/tamper it comes with and i’m not regretting the decision.

I received this as a birthday present to replace my £50 morphy richards coffee machine that died (to be fair it lasted 4 years). First the bad – it is fairly noisy and you’d struggle if making more that 2 cups. The good – once you get into the routine of warming the cup, steaming the milk etc the coffee is superb and it’s easy to keep clean. Going through way too much coffee at the moment.

Just bought & compared to other well known makes. Plus points were; good reputation for solid reliable products; metal feel – others very ‘placky’, price seemed fair & comparable, looked good. Experience was; ok, it’s a little involved, but that’s the case with any of these types of machines – accept it’s not a convenience purchase, but once you get the routine then you get great coffee comparable to starbucks & costa etc. Other points: should have bought the jug, temp gauge & extra filters (you only get 20 in a starter pack) at the same time.

We have had this for 14 months – 1 month over the return date and are disappointed to inform buyers that the milk frother no longer works. It has been a great little machine and we’ve been dedicated to cleaning it regularly as the manual states – we flush the coffee filter and the milk frother after every coffee and clean the entire machine on a regular basis. As long as you buy good quality beans you get a fantastic coffee every time but £155 for one year of use is just not acceptable.

A brilliant first home espresso machine. Does exactly what you need it to do.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Under-praised and performing well!
  • Was fantastic until it broke after 14 months
  • I love my coffee machine

Dualit are just so hard to beat. Well worth the extra money as the quality is exceptional. The coffee tastes good too and the milk frother is very professional.

Well made good quality coffee maker does the job well you can use bag pod or ground does each well easy to froth milk each time does leak around handle if you don’t clean it.

I have owned this for coming up to 2 years now and i am very happy with it:good:- you save thousands on high street coffee. Think about it, an average of 220 working days/year in the uk and say you have two latte’s daily. – as already mentioned makes a good espresso. – streamed milk is great skimmed or semi milk. – fairly easy to clean, but i do so every day. Wash the basket, handle, drip tray, steamer bits and dry in rack. The type of beans used do matter. Espresso ground works best, but note some ground beans have these lightish bits in the ground. This comes from netting hung over the coffee plants when grown to protect them from insects.

I bought this machine in 2010 to try to curb spending at pret en route to work. It took a few attempts to master but when following the instructions regarding pre-heating it makes a perfect cup of coffee with beautifully frothed milk every time. A few key things to ensure longevity are;use filtered water every time, the machine will scale up without this, just like your kettle but with lots of narrow tubes and pipes getting blockedpre-heat the machine according to the instructions. Wipe the milk frother and blast the wand through with water after every use. Periodically flush the machine with de-scaler, nothing expensive or toxic, food grade citric acid does the job perfectly. Empty the drip tray everytime you fill the tank, this will prevent the overfill/spillage that many reviewers talk about. Following these steps has produced 2 perfect cups of coffee everyday for 8 years with no mechanical breakdown. That’s nearly 6,000 cups of coffee.A friend of mine did none of the steps above and it took me a morning to strip clean and re-build his machine, however with a couple of replacement o-rings and a load of descaling it was perfect again.

Looks great in my kitchen and it makes good coffee. A bit too noisy and the dripping tray is slippery causing cups to slide sideways. There is not enough room for bigger cups.