Dualit 4-Slot Vario Toaster 40352 – – My new toaster

Very happy with our basic model. It’s looking very sharp in the kitchen and working very well. Not all the bells and whistles of the latest model – but toasts bread just as good.

I purchased this toaster for my daughter as a christmas present as i have had one for the last 6 years and no other toaster compares. I would never consider buying any other make.

I decided to go for the polished stainless steel option and it’s a real statement. These classic dualits aren’t pop-up toasters, they use a timer and have a manual lever to raise the toast – very simple to use. Wide slots can accommodate a hand-cut bread. The vario model has a two/four slot switch. This toaster gives great results as you’d expect at this price. If you’re in the market for an expensive toaster then this is really the one to have. All parts are easily replaced and readily available – dualit also to a repair service for uk customers.

Slightly disappointed, it seems to want to burn parts of the toast and leave other parts untoasted.

Anything you put in that is narrower than the wide slots will naturally flop to one side, so it will be unevenly toasted.

We had a 2-slot dualit toaster that lasted for ages before breaking and blowing the fuses in the house, so we plumped for this one and cannot fault it.

It’s easy to use and i’m happy for my primary aged children to use it, the leaver makes it easy for them to get their toast out and to check the progress, good for a 7 and 9 year old to use.

With hindsight i am puzzled by why so many “best toaster” reviews select this, and i think it might be because they are dazzled by the “solid as a tank and you can repair it” reputation. We sent ours back after two days because 1) a standard sliced loaf slice will not fit (too high so the top does not toast) 2) a slice from a loaf made in our bread maker did not fit (too wide so had to be stood on end and stuck out so top did not toast) and 3) a standard medium slice flops to one side or the other because there is no support in the extra wide slots, and usually was therefore burnt/overdone on one side and underdone/not done at all on the other. A poor design, classic or not.

The best toaster on the market.

Used daily for 11 years and only just discovered this is a bun toaster which explains why toast is uneven. This model toasts one side and warms the other. Ideal for buns, panini and bagels but not your regular sliced loaf. Main criticism in the 1 star reviews is this unevenness but actually, like me, you bought the wrong toaster. The model you wanted is the heritage which features the browning dial in place of the 4 slice selector. Unfortunately, this still isn’t clear on the amazon listing. I’m used to turning the toast around half way so won’t be buying the other until this goes kaput. Only criticism is the amount of timers i’ve gone through. Buy a generic and reuse the old control knob.

For the first time a toaster that really delivers great toast. It may be expensive but you have to think about how many other toasters you have bought that have not lived up to this.

Fantastic worth every penny it’s so easy toast great every time.

After years of cheap toasters that end up burning one side and leaving the other white i decided to invest in a dualit, why didnt i do it years ago i love it and i will never have to buy another toaster as all the parts are replaceable. Here are the specifications for the Dualit 4-Slot Vario Toaster 40352 –:

  • Hand built in the UK since the 1950’s, the Classic Toaster has earned its place as a kitchen essential.
  • Featuring fully replaceable or repairable parts, timeless styling and the unique, patented Proheat element.
  • The Dualit Classic Toaster is evironmentally responsible, fully repairable or replaceable parts for a toaster that will last a lifetime.
  • Exclusive to Dualit, ProHeat elements have a protective armour plated layer covering the filament making them virtually unbreakable.
  • Each toaster is hand-assembled from start to finish. Who made your toaster? Find the assembler’s name on the base plate.
  • Incorporates our trademark mechanical timer and ejector lever, Output per hour – 130 slices

This is a lovely product to have in anyone’s kitchen.

Great toaster, don’t buy cheap buy this.

Previous dualit toaster lasted many years and four children. Bought this toaster in june 2011. Have had to send it back for timer and selection switch need repair. This is disappointing given the price, cost of repair (£40. 00p) and previous experience of a very reliable toaster from same brand.

looks good, makes good toast, easy to use and easy to clean. I bought it in part becaus of the promise of easy to replace parts in case of problems, but so far so good. It is pricey but at least you know you have got a good machine for your money which doesn’t have the flimsy, plasticky feel of most toasters these days.

A timeless design classic with simple, yet effective function.

I bought this because of the colour matching the kitchen, replacing an existing older duality toaster. It doesn’t quite fit the larger sliced breads (warburtons) which is a pain and the dial isn;t as well made as the old one. It takes longer to do the toast and it’s difficult to judge where to set the dial to get the perfect toast (easier with the old one).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Choose correct model

  • It’s a good looking stylish British design and with a flaw

  • Excellent buy

Just as good as my last one.

Very happy with the toaster.

The way you can quickly push the toast up without cutting off the heating to see how brown it is is very useful indeed.

I bought this toaster over 10 years ago. Ever since my wife has been telling me that it’s rubbish and doesn’t toast evenly. The timer packed up recently (not too bad after so long) and i went online to find a replacement. It was only then that i discovered that i’d bought a bun toaster and not a bread toaster. According the dualit’s website: ‘dualit’s commercial bun toasters are specifically designed to toast one side of the bun whilst warming the other, by heating the elements on each side of the slot to different temperatures. ‘i guess i should have listened to my wife. The frustrating thing is that amazon don’t mention anywhere that this isn’t for toasting bread. If you look at the reviews so many people are disappointed because it toasts unevenly. You need to buy the dualit 47180 4 slice newgen toaster – this one’s designed for the job you have in mind.

Best toast i have had since my last stay in a hotel where they had a dualit toaster. Far superior to the made in china toasters that are branded with uk names. And all the parts are replaceable and are readily available to buy.

Early days but the evenness of the browning is impressive and the build quality is obvious. But it it worth all that money?. Time will tell, but it is undoubtedly an iconic item in the kitchen and always draws favourable comment. My only reason for not awarding 5 stars is the price.

Have not had it long enough yet to give it five stars but up to present i am pleased with it.

This was a replacement for a dulit toaster i had for over 20 years , the difference if any is the wider slots for thicker bread, a newer shinny machine.

Great, time will tell on the durability and value for money.

What more can i say except the dualit toaster with the covered elements is fabulous, stylish, the handle pops the toast up and down manually and it’s easy to clean. I bought the toaster in lime green which is pretty but very bright- not like the soft green as advertised. It actually stayed in the box for several days until my daughter came and said she loved it.

You can buy toasters that do everything for you or you can buy a dualit, it’s back to the old days. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic toaster. A lever to pop your toast up or down, a switch for 2 slices or 4 slices and a clockwork timer for 3 minutes or less of toast cooking, what else do you need, apart from startling good looks. The timer thingy gets a bit of getting used to, to find your correct level of toastiness for your toast, i reckon about 2. 5 mins, which is just dark enough for me. I also like the pull out tray for the crumbs, very easy to clean. Also, there aren’t many toasters where you can buy spare parts for, most are throw away. I don’t think i’ll need a different toaster ever. I also bought the sandwich cage which means i can do cheese toasties in it too, and the cheese doesn’t fall out all over the inside of the toaster, simplisity at its best. (british engineering done well)and i noticed in our local waitrose cafe, they’ve got one as well.

It is beautiful to look at and i like the fact that we can replace parts as they wear out, rather than keep having to buy new toasters. Ours has a selector for 2 or 4 slices which is useful, as we don’t always use the 4. Would have given 5* but slightly uneven toasting on one slot.

I went for amazon warehouse deals and got this item damaged. See pic, called amazon cust they were kind to give further discount so i got this for £78 essentially. So, it’s not too bad for the value due to the discount i received. Coming to dualit toaster – i spent two months to get a good toaster. Unfortunately, didn’t like any other makes as they were too cluncky, harder to clean and unable to mend. This is a good toaster which has got british design, wide slots, easy to clean and all parts can be replaced. There is a caveat though, the toaster is a professional toaster hence there is a supervision required all times to operate. You must turn off or unplug the toaster as these toasters have fault with the timer which can trigger them to autostart. Dualit accepts no responsibility if this causes a fire risk as they have covered themselves with a clause on their user manual and website. Ask googlehowever, i couldn’t find anything close to this toaster.

With dualit products you get exactly what you pay for. Great quality, premier toaster, at a premier price. Looks stunning with the kettle to match.

Looks stylish the only down site is that if you only do three slices the one next to the empty slot over toasts.

I had the two slot version for 22 years and it was still going strong but needed the bigger version. Quality toaster and the most stylish out there.

Fabulous toasters, i already have one and so happy with it i bought this as a present.

Hasn’t realised quite how rubbish our previous (£10) toaster was until we got this. Not reason enough to spend quite this much of course, but the dualit is much better looking to boot of course.

Great looking toaster and slightly quicker. Normal slice of bread such as warburtons won’t fit in the slot sideways and no good for artisan breads.

Makes perfect toast and looks great.

The usual excellent build quality to update my 2 slice toaster that is now about 15 years old and still going strong. Don’t bother with any other make get one of these. Flip the toast up and turn it without having to let the elements cool down.

Had this for a week now and it’s a beast of a toaster. Gets very hot, very quickly, and gives fairly even toast which is nice and soft inside. Timer is a bit trial and error at first but i love the pop up lever to have a little look to see if your toast is done. Doesn’t auto pop up like most which i was a little worried about, but having gotten used it, it’s much better. Looks great and i get the impression it’ll last a very long time as it’s built very well.

I like everything about this toaster, i’ve had one before. It lasted a good number of years too. In between i bought a cheap make and it doesn’t pay to do that, hence i’ve gone back to dualit.

In my opinion this is the rolls royce of toasters. Well made and in england to.

Brilliant device easy to keep clean.

Exactly the quality you’d expect from dualit – quality item, works really well, very happy with purchase.

Great toaster but not as well made as the original one i bought 25 years ago.

The best toaster ever, buy once and it will last forever.

Excellent value, amazon warehouse deal. The toaster is lovely looking in my kitchen. The variable timer knob allows me to toast bread to my liking, and the lever allows me to periodically check it if required.

My husband has always wanted a dualit 4 slice toaster so i bought him one for his birthday and definitely ‘best’ present he has ever received. We both love it and the defrost is great especially as we normally keep bread in the freezer, and then straight onto the toasting bit and perfect toast every time.