Dualit 6 Slice Toaster 60144 – Polished : Tasty toast

We bought this for a family christmas present. Well received after struggling with a different make. We purchased knowing it would be a delighfully received.

I have used the six slice toaster for over three years in a commercial kitchen. It has been used seven days a week, and the place is only closed two days a year. We have had no faults with the toaster using two slices in it but having all six on and after three years the element fine. The rotory time controls make it so easy to toast a wide range of breads and sandwichs. Ive read reviews complaining about how they think that it could be a fire hazzard. But three years on and ive not burn the place downi realy can not recommend this toaster any more.

The only critisism is that it should have a bell to tell you your toast is done. Other than that it’s a total winner.

One of the best toasters around make no mistake but that’s not really saying much. The slots aren’t quite deep enough for most bread including mother’s pride/warburtons toastie white. Ideally they would also be slightly wider but that’s debatable. Heat can come thru from adjacent slots toasting the bread more darkly on one side. This is inexcusable on a toaster for this price frankly. Have dualit not heard of mylar?. It does work much better when warm but it’s not often i need 12 slices of toast. Anyway, after about 5 years ours has stopped working so taking it apart to replace the timer i notice the heat shield at the end has not been riveted and is free to move. Not a big deal but quality control?.Also it doesn’t have the thermal cut out fuse which is disturbing having read some comments.

Never thought i’d spend £200 something as basic as a toaster. Looks and build quality are very good, lets hope ‘john’ did a good job. Everything about this toaster shouts quality. The timer has a nice resistance / wind, with a built in reset fuse. Cant comment on use as this is just first impressions so need to bed it in a little. I will say open the window on first use to burn of the factory coating on the elements as it set my fire alarm off and it smells a bit. Overall though if you want a quality product i have no doubt this is worth every penny.

The last dualit we had for 20 years. This has exactly the same problem in that it doesnt brown both sides evenlythought they would have sorted it by now, but, heh, we are sort of used to its little quirks after 20 yearssame great quality, just wish they would get it to work reliably all the time.

Great for a busy kitchen serving hungry mums. Need to keep an eye as doesn’t pop so keeps toasting with the latent heat after time’s up but so long as you stay focused it’s great.

It has been performing as expected.

  • Great, but
  • Tasty toast
  • Christmas present

Dualit 6 Slice Toaster 60144 – Polished

Product Description, The Dualit Toaster combines simplicity and sophistication ideally. Each of these Dualit toasters is assembled by hand and the assembler’s individual mark can be found on the base plate.
The toaster features extra wide 28 mm slots to accommodate a sandwich cage. The award winning ProHeat elements increases toasting efficiency and element longevity. It also features a removable crumb tray and an adjustable rear foot. Manually operated, the Dualit toaster features switches to control the degree of browning so you can enjoy your toast exactly the way you like it. The ejector system ensures your toast does not pop up but stays warm until the ejector lever is pushed up.

From the manufacturer

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Dualit 6 Slot Classic Toaster

The 6 slot Classic Toaster can produce a staggering 240 rounds of toast every hour, and is ideal for busy catering environments. It is undeniably Dualit in styling, with Dualit’s trademark mechanical timer and ejector lever. Unlike the 2 and 4 slot NewGen versions, it does not incorporate defrost or bagel settings. The selector control allows you to heat two, four or all six slots.

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After more than 70 years of toasting expertise, Dualit’s Classic Toaster range instils everything they’ve learnt so far. Regular ‘Crunch Tests’ ensure that every Dualit toaster produces ideal toast – crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy inside.

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ProHeat elements

ProHeat elements have a protective armour plated layer covering the filament making them virtually unbreakable.

Hand built in the UK

Each toaster is hand-assembled from start to finish. Who made your toaster? Find the assembler’s name on the base plate.

Repair and replace

Fully repairable or replaceable parts for a toaster that will last a lifetime.

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Built for commercial use

Selector control for choosing two, four or all six slots

Award-winning ProHeat elements, guaranteed for two years

Handmade in the UK

Mechanical timer

Manually operated eject lever to keep items warm until needed

High lift mechanism to remove small items easily

Replaceable parts (you don’t throw a Dualit toaster away, we repair it for you!)

Adjustable rear foot to compensate for uneven surfaces

Removable crumb tray

Extra-wide 28mm slots and adjustable inner wire guard to accommodate a sandwich cage

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  • Great, but
  • Tasty toast
  • Christmas present

Dualit 6 Slice Toaster 60144 – Polished

Features and Spesification

  • Capacity 2, 4 or 6 slices
  • Award-winning ProHeat elements, guaranteed for 2 years
  • Fully repairable or replaceable parts for a toaster that will last a lifetime
  • High lift mechanism to remove small items easily. Manually operated eject lever to keep items warm until needed; removable crumb tray
  • The selector control allows you to heat two, four or all six slots. Output per hour 240 slices. Note-The ProHeat elements are covered in a sheet of mica for even toasting and to protect the wires during use. DO NOT REMOVE – this will damage the toaster. Due to the unique design of the Dualit element it may not be apparent that the elements are ‘glowing red.’ This is perfectly normal and does not mean your toaster is faulty