Dualit 83800 Jug Blender – Five Stars

Excellent product, and does all i want. The unit is very well build. I have used cheaper units before and they did not last, but dualit is built to last.

I changed from a hamilton 300w to this, and you can really feel the difference in the size of the engine (i guess size does matter). I blends everything i need it to blend, and is easy to clean as well.

Bought it because i like the model and because its dualit , hopefully it will last. But i am disappointed with the control panel , it looks cheap. The machine is really loud , maybe it should be so , haven’t had one for ages and i couldn’t unscrew the bottom of the jug even with the apparatus given to ease the blades off for washing. Value for money , not really.

Lightweight jug and blends everything.

I recommend this blender, because it does icecubes and frozen fruit like nothing i ever seen before. And the jar contains up to 2 litre.

Dualit are always fantastic quality and this did not disappoint. The motor is quiet and powerful. Blends in seconds and looks fabulous on the worktop. So glad i chose the more expensive optionso. Nearly 3 years on this blender is still as good as new. Still looks shiny and works fabulously. I’m sure i would have been on at least blender number two if i’d gone for a cheaper option as i make loads of soups and smoothies.

I was impressed with a friends dualit and that is why i selected it in addition to its reputation for reliability. I have been very pleased with it and it has been much used over the winter.

Good quality build and easy to use. A good compromise between cheaper models don’t last and the more expensive ones with the extra frills that would not be commonly used. This came with a redemtion offer of a ‘stay fresh’ beaker that is supposedly worth £19. This is what made up my mind to buy this model. The beaker is rubbish and the plastic lid does not fit onto it. If you are buying this blender because of the offer then don’t bother.

This blender looks great, works exactly as required, is quiet (some other reviews here suggest it’s loud or noisy but i was surprised at how quiet it is considering the power of it’s motor) and thoughtfully designed. Dualit is preferable to magimix in my book because they’re generally better quality, don’t include useless accessories (i’ve got a magimix food processor so feel i’ve been able to compare manufacturers) and most importantly – do what you want them to do. Haven’t tried crushing ice yet but confident it will do so with aplomb. Finally, i read complaints about the ‘cheap’ plastic material used for the jug – well, i also have a glass jug blender attachment for my kenwood chef and much prefer the plastic – lighter, stronger and easier to hold/manipulate.

They have kindly replaced my over a year old blender with a new one after finding the blender having an internal engine problem.

The joy of diy iced hazelnut lattes. It is defiantly up to the job of crushing ice. I had a smaller, cheaper one which crushed ice but unfortunately pushed it straight through the side of the goblet. No risk of that happening with this tough machine. Some reviewers have said that they feel that it lacks a glass goblet. For me the stuff aircraft windows are made from is tough enough and a full glass goblet at that size would be far too heavy. Whilst the ability to remove the blades/bottom is very handy for removal of thick items(frozen fruit yoghurt) and for cleaning, you need to be careful that the base is reinserted tightly enough – for me this means using the tool as opposed to hand-tightening re the instructions.

Excellent blender, perfect for making smoothies, milkshakes and mohitos. It crushes ice effortlessly and has to be the quietest blender i have ever used. Would recommend it to everyone.

Excellent quality item and works extremely well. I would have preferred it if ithad a narrower base in the jug; it needs a fair amount of content to work, but when operating, it is super. Here are the specifications for the Dualit 83800 Jug Blender:

  • 2 litre capacity
  • VortecS technology
  • Tritan plastic heavy duty jar
  • Soft start motor
  • Removable stainless steel blades

The powerful motor means it blends, chops and does everything easily. It’s simple to use and clean, and it looks pretty good too. I used a magimix before but it just doesn’t compare. I like the sucker feet, which give it that safe, steady feel on the worktop.

Does what it says, looks great and makes the smoothest smoothies ever but i’d recommend a pair i’d ear defenders when it’s on the highest setting.

All of my kitchen equipment is from dualit,i’m a great fan of this company,and it’s products,at the end of the day you really get what you pay for,this blender is ultra fast,makes great slushes for the kids,i would recommend this product to anyone wanting a sturdy fast blender.

It arrived very quickly and seems to do a good job. The jug is substantial but light. The motor has a useful pulse feature for coping with ice cubes or chunks of frozen fruit. It certainly seems to be able to cope with whole hard vegetables such as carrots. The control panel has a rather poor quality stick on label to mark the controls which i suspect will come loose with time and cleaning, but this is pretty cosmetic.

I have been looking for jug blender that would blend my indian ‘raw mango chutney’. After burning number of blenders, this one had proved itself. Its very easy to use, basically plug in pop the jug on with no locking device etc. The rubber lid is added safety component as there is no need to hold the lid as well as the rubber legs which stay very much static and not having to hold the blender while its working. I put it to use the very next day, making 2. Few days later i made 6k of fresh fruit smoothie for the local masjid (mosque) for opening the ramadan fast. It has taken me literally days on the net to look at the right blender as well as read all the various reviews, which are very useful and hence for picking this one. The determined reason for daulit and not an indian blender was the warranty and after sales service, indian is not supported in uk. Lots of plus point but very high price to pay – if this last me 10+ years, its worth it.

I was very satisfied with the dualite liquidisers it performed all the tasks i required well i would recommend it to anyone who needed a reliable piece of kitchen equipment.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Quietest blender I have ever owned
  • Excellent blender, perfect for making smoothies
  • Dualit Blender

Excellent all round blender from crushing ice to making dips its very good, sturdy and easy to clean. I love the suction foot pads which give it stability. I have a dualit kettle and toaster also.

Bought as a present because i have the much earlier model which i love. This one according to my daughter who had it as a present because she kept borrowing mine, is far better.

Divine, as usual dualit produces the best – we use this everyday.

I wanted a good blender and i bought a dualit toaster dualit 30082 mint green 3 slice toaster earlier in the year and was blown away with the quality and results that it produced so it seemed to make sense to try their blender. Taking the unit out of the box it comes in a lovely chrome effect finish, i was surprised that the jug was plastic, however upon further research i find its a special kind of plastic that is super tough and can be washed in the dishwasher top or bottom tray, it is very thick, looks like glass, the only way you actually realise its not glass is when you lift it, its so light, i actually approve of this, they say it does not shatter or crack like normal perspex over time too. The lid has a nice tight rubber fitting so no spills and there is a see-through lid with removeable see-through measuring cup as with most blenders. Inside is a 6-blade chopping blade and this is a good fit, they supply a tough plastic wrench tool to remove the base, so its not going to come of by accident like other blenders i have read about. In use there is a power button when you press that the elongated top to bottom stop key slowly lights up in red (more a neon orangey red) and then the other keys in white, all are leds. There are touch keys for ice, pulse, auto pulse and 1 thru 4 speeds. When running the blender it has a soft start and it does actually do this unlike others that promise it but never seem to have it or its not very soft, this one is and i like it. The auto pulse is great for smoothies, it does 10 pulses with a gap to let the items settle for best results. The ice function turns cubed ice into snow cone / slush ice in just a few seconds, someone tested this function a lot i feel as often these functions just don’t work no matter what the manufacturer says, this one does work. This is very powerful but what amazes me is just how quiet it is, really, it is ridiculously quiet for a 1000w blender.

Very good quality, as expected from this brand.