Dualit 84135 Milk Frother – Top froth

This makes awesome cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates and milkshakes. It even mixes the powder in to perfection. It’s already worth it and i have had it for 2 weeks.

This milk frother lasted exactly one year and then it broke. We enjoyed it while it lasted and it made nice milk and froth, however every time you pour the milk some of it spills because the frother does not have a beak at the top. I looked after it very well and am unsure of why it broke after the first year.

After purchasing 2 other brands, such as a the nesspresso and then the stainless steel one on prime, they simply went faulty within a few short months. Also they were hard t clean. The dualit frother is excellent and worth the extra cost. It has a removable frother inside that leaves an easy to clean, and has a featureless heating compartment. And i don’t leave feedback often.

I used to use non dairy foamable oat milk or soya milk in a hand frothed a bit like a cafetière. I got lazy and wanted an electric one for my cappuccinos and chose this based on good reviews. I found if i fill it too full the foam looks good but isn’t thick it’s watery. So i fill just covering the whisk part. With soya professional i find the foam is perfect made this way. If i fill too full it barely foams at all. Just warm milk with a few bubbles. I’m still learning and overall it’s a good gadget. Only downside is if you want to reheat and foam again the milk the machine will not turn back on if it is still warm.

I couldn’t wait to try it this out ( myself and son bought ourselves a coffee filter machine a few weeks before but we needed to cheer our coffee up as something was lacking. It was so easy to use , one press of the button and we had whipped up some frothy milk under a minute for our cappuccino’s2 presses for hot milk. I must say it was perfect temperature and can’t wait to have a milky hot chocolate drink before bed tonight. Cleaning the inside was very easy. A quick rinse under the tap and wipe round to dry as it’s non stick inside. I would highly recommend this product.

True to retail form, amazon provide no means of communicating about a purchase other than through impossibly restrictive online message boxes, forcing me to opt for either outright return of defective goods, or some anodyne comment forum such as by ‘review’, which this is not. I originally wrote to dualit direct, the essence being:’. The power button on above brand new purchase has intermittently mal-functioned within the first few uses. (on the last 2 occasions) and i will persevere. My previous identical dualit frother which this one has just replaced broke down with precisely that problem after 18 months. (i have a third newish dualit frother used infrequently in another house – so far so good. )therefore this is just a prudent notification in case of future claim. Fingers crossed’to which dualit replied reminding me that my principal remedy as a matter of law is against the seller (amazon). I know that, but in true retail form amazon so restricts its contact options that i must either go the whole hog of return & replace or refund, or be reduced to an anodyne ‘review’ forumsuch as this. (the first product review i have ever written in my uneventful life. )was power button fault in first 3 uses, ok for last 3, so i will persevere, but record this potential intermittent problem in case of recurrence. (i’ve had 3 of this product & one failed similarly.

I was really hesitant about purchasing this mainly due to the price, -almost £50 fro just a milk frother ,however as soon as i used it i realised it certainly is worth it . Previously i had an aldi milk frother about £17 that i thought worked well and i made some nice quick hot cholocates. However after a whole it broke. I started to look around for a new either hot cholcocate maker or milk frother. After reading lots of reviews this came up top, but i was very sceptical. The jug is smaller than i thought, justa bit bigger than a travel kettle but heavier. The part you put the milk in is very small and o started to think o had made a mistake. Inside it’s made of a non slip metallic coating and outside is a nice stylish black enamel ( that is easy clean ). It has a clear lid- again the whole presentation is stylish.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Top froth
  • Best one out there by far, worth the extra cost
  • Froth and splutter