Dualit 84443 3-in-1 Coffee Machine : Excellent Coffee machine.

This is a great coffee machine at a brilliant price point. I had looked at several machines before opting for this one and it was a good decision to make. You can make espressos, lattes, americanos and a variety of teas with a variety of pod styles or ground coffee. The machine is versatile and suitable for everyday use, unlike previous machines i have hadi would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a quick coffee maker with a barista feel.

It looks amazing in my kitchen and so professional looking. A must you read the instructions properly as i didn’t as was so eager to use it and had a few mishaps. Also the filters are a must as it makes a hugh difference. Video on youtube helped too.

Fritter works really wel and adjustable for different types of froth. Not noisy and experiences no problems.

I bought this machine approximately 18 months ago,it does make very good coffee,i have used the ground coffee/pods-expensive as only dualit pods work in the machine& mostly i use the coffe pads which i think are the best. The coffee papers i buy large filters & cut to shape much cheaper than buying dualit papers,descaling is a bit of difficulty, as it can make the machine over heat constantly rinsing the descale through. I do get constant water in the drip tray too,most important feature it makes good up of coffee & it quick.

With the aid of a metal jug and a thermometer for the milk plus a bit of practice this makes the best home brewed coffee i have tasted, good value. Dualit provide good back up service.

Exactly what we wanted as doesn’t require the use of dreadful capsules.

Bought as replacement old one served me for ten years good service.

Very versatile coffee maker at a great price.

  • Great. Exactly what we wanted as doesn’t require the
  • Really excellent. Fritter works really wel and adjustable for different
  • You’ll not be disappointed.

Dualit 84443 3-in-1 Coffee Machine, Canvas White

Product Description, Dualit’s Espresso auto coffee and tea machine extracts the precise measure for the espresso, dual serve espresso, lungo or cup of tea at the touch of a button. A dedicated tea function provides optimum brewing conditions for a deliciously flavoursome, hot cup of tea. Patented Pure Pour delivers a smooth and consistent flow of espresso with a dense crema, variable temperature settings allows you to make a coffee the way you like it and an adjustable steam wand creates suitably texturised milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

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    Dualit 4-in-1 Coffee Machine

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    Dualit’s Espress-Auto Coffee and Tea Machine extracts the precise measure for the perfect espresso, dual serve espresso, lungo or cup of tea at the touch of a button. A dedicated tea function provides optimum brewing conditions for a deliciously flavoursome, hot cup of tea. Patented Pure Pour delivers a smooth and consistent flow of espresso with a dense cream, variable temperature settings allows you to make a coffee the way you like it and an adjustable steam wand creates perfectly textured milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

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    Unique, dedicated tea function with temperature boost for a hotter cup of tea. With a manual temperature reduction option ideal for Dualit’s Fine Green Tea or Infusions range.

    4 Options 1 Machine

    With Dualit, you have the freedom to choose from ground coffee, convenient, patented NX Coffee Capsules, mess-free ESE Pods and Fine Tea Capsules.

    Automatic and Memory Recall Dosing

    Intuitive coffee and tea machine with precise extraction and automatic dose control for espresso, dual espresso, lungo and tea cup sizes. A programmable dosing memory will recall the size of your favourite cup.

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    – Ultrafast thermo-bloc heating system (water heating on demand).

    – Automatic purge: instantly cools from steaming to optimum brew temperature.

    – Automatic cooling purge to optimum brew temperature from tea to coffee.

    – Temperature variation.

    – Auto off after 30 minutes.

    – Cup warming plate.

    – Dedicated steam control.

    – Pop-up ‘drip tray full’ indicator.

    – Non-slip drip tray mat.

    – Extra height for cups.

    – Easy to use and clean steam wand.

    – Stainless steel frothing jug included.

    – Stainless steel and aluminium body.

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    I have been using this daily for over a week and after reading the instructions i initially couldn’t get this machine to produce any decent (non-watery and flavoursome) ground coffee (you will see this is a huge flaw, but also i will show you how to improve it in this review. . My review and verdict:heating – ignore the instructions, 40 seconds is not long enough for the thermoblock of this machine to heat up the water sufficiently. Leave it on for a good 10-15 mins. What i do to get around this is to put boiling water into it instead. Then put the portafilter handle (with the basket you want to use, do not put any coffee in yet) into the porta holder and flick the knob to the left to pass water into the cup you want to use for the espresso. Once the holder, basket and cup are sufficiently hot, your machine is then ready for use with whichever coffee type you want. Nx pods – if you buy this machine for the nx pods, bad news, it’s really terrible. Nespresso pods aren’t designed for this machine even though they look similar to the nx pods. They will not work satisfactorily unless you like watery coffee without any actual flavour or taste. But then again, the nx pods are terrible too for the same reasons :).

    Excellent build quality, lovely coffee, but do read the instructions first.

    Excellent coffee (not used pods yet just real coffee). Once you get used to the machine and find your preferred type/strength of coffee this is excellent. Would recommend in fact parent are now buying one and ditching their coffee machine and i’m going to get another for our holiday home. Froths milk very well although we did buy a thermometer to get right temp. You can make drink after drink with this after the first 40 seconds warm up.

    Very good, very stylish, easy to use and british what more could you ask for , also makes excellent coffee.

    Another great product only downside is fitting glass mugs under dispenser. Looks stylish in the kitchen.

    I have had similar machines years ago but bought this one for the 3 in 1 features. It makes great espressos and is quick to heat up and easy to clean. ‘real’ coffee is a bit of a faf, but the results are more than worth it. I have tried the machine with ese pods, for quickness, and they make a great cup with less hassle. I can get a small mug under the dispenser for a larger coffee. I have heard of filter clogging issues, so use filter papers with ground coffee and so far have had no problems. At the end of the day i strip it down and clean it, only takes a few minutes. When i make an ‘instant’ at work, the monday after a weekend of ‘real’ coffee, it tastes horrible.

    Machine looks nice and makes a good coffee. The steam wand is a bit short and doesn’t produce as much power as i was expecting.

    Nothing to ever compare it with and it’s great so far. Can’t put a really big cup under it but otherwise it’s great.

    • Great. Exactly what we wanted as doesn’t require the
    • Really excellent. Fritter works really wel and adjustable for different
    • You’ll not be disappointed.

    Dualit 84443 3-in-1 Coffee Machine, Canvas White

    Makes great espresso and milk frother is easy to use.

    This looks amazing and my daughter chose it but she hasn’t had it yet as its from santa.

    Everything is great except the milk frother which rearlly screws up the smooth milk heating process, so i have removed the piece of rubber and uses the nozzle directly which seems to work perfectly. The coffee doesn’t get pressed through properly, which means when you remove the handle to replace, there’s always water left over, so emptying it into a disposable coffee ground bin is messy as it collects water.

    My last one was bought in 2012 and started leading in 2019 – good going. The new one has an additional head for nespresso pods, which is really neat. If i’m making coffee for lots of people this is much easier. For just me or a small group i prefer to to it full barista style with ground coffee.

    Not as good as i thought ,it wastes a lot of water it fills the tray up, every time you make a drink also the tray moves with the vibration you have to keep an eye on it and push it back in otherwise you get water running out. I don’t know if that’s the norm or a fault, l will have to live with it. If the seller reads this he could have the answer.

    Fantastic, and came the next day, a sunday.

    I had a gagia baby machine which broke after 14 months. This was a cheaper replacement and has lasted far longer than i’d ever have expected. I think 6 years is pretty good. I regularly descale it and it’s been sent away for servicing once only. I love a good cup of coffee so first and foremost – it makes excellent espresso. So i’m very happy with the dualit machine. Milk foams etc less good – but can make latte – capuchino is harder in my humble opinion. I have put some very pricey coffees in this machine and they have all tasted as good as can be expected i. Not as good as with a commercial grinder or machine – but not enough difference to merit splashing out a few grand on a different machine.

    Dualit 84443 3 in 1 coffee machine. Purchased may 2014 and still going strong.

    2nd one we’ve had tried the heston £500 machine but much preferred the dualit machine it’s simplicity itself.

    I have had a dualit toaster for at least 15 years. Very well made, used daily and only twice since new had to change an element. Fantasticso, i thought i would buy a dualit coffee maker expecting the same quality. It is well made and does make extremely tasty coffee ( i grind illy beans) but there are some issues with it. They don’t mention when you buy it that it’s highly recommended to always use a paper filter in the ground coffee cup. Only when you read the instructions in the box do they mention the filters. If you don’t use them then overtime fine particles of coffee will clog up the holders and you will need to replace them. These cups are a double floor stainless filter that can’t be cleaned successfullyyes i started using the filters but they only supplied 20 with the machine. why for heavens sake not supply a pack of 250 which dualit make themselves?.By the time my box of filters arrived i had been using the machine for a week or so without.

    A very good machine easy to use.

    Amazing product for a perfect cup of coffee i thoroughly recommend it.

    This machine works quite well with ese coffee pods and nx capsules (which are not the same as nespresso). Performance with ground coffee is, however, a let down. First, you have to use filter papers or risk clogged and un-cleanable filter cups. Secondly, no matter how rough or finely ground your coffee and however light or heavy you tamp the coffee into the filter cup, odds on you’ll get a very poor flow rate, a burnt taste, a poor crema and a need for hot milk (which this machine does do well) to warm the cup back up to the right temperature. I am not the only one to experience this. A quick web search should turn up at least one professional review identifying a similar problem with a later model of dualit machine. While i’d be the first to say that the build seems ostensibly more robust than any other machine i’ve seen for similar money, that counts for little when it can’t make a decent cup of coffee. A shame, because dualit has very good staff on its customer support lines. Updateafter 2 months of fighting this machine for a good cup of ground coffee, it has now come good. All i’ve done differently is left the machine to warm up 3 times longer than the instructions in the manual indicated i should.

    Only issue some might have is with the milk frother. A friend likes a very milky frothy latte style coffee but getting the jug out having frothed up the milk meant spillage. However, for my 2 shot, some hot milk hardly any froth coffee – it’s absolutely great.

    My old gaggia cubika finally gave up after nearly eight years of excellent service, and i struggled with what i would buy as a replacement. The dualit machines have good write-ups, and i took the decision to replace with the dualit 84440. The 3-1 functionality is great, and the machine produces an excellent expresso. Am hoping that it will serve me as long as the trusty gaggia – and on first impressions – it looks well made and robust.

    This replaced a gaggia that had done the job for many years. Dualit is easy to use and produces hot coffee – if you pass hot water through the ‘basket’ first. Paper filters are an extra chore, but speed and consistency of delivery are excellent so far. It delivers a significant amount of coffee froth (crema) every time and the milk frother works well. I haven’t tried coffee pods yet; using whittard santos & java beans and a separate dualit grinder for excellent coffee.

    Excellent product, easy to use and in constant use .

    This is proving to be a really good coffee machine, helping me make very nice capuccino’s. Make sure that the coffee isn’t ground too fine, because the flow through the coffee holders will be too slow and the unit will trip out on overheat. Also, keep on top of cleanliness to avoid leaks from the coffee holder gasket. Milk frother is very good, once you get the ‘barista’ knack. Very rapid warm up is a bonus. The top plate for warming cups does get a bit warm, keep your hands offi’d buy another.

    Features and Spesification

    • 4-in-1 functionality suitable for NX capsules, ESE pods, fine tea and ground coffee
    • Easy to use and clean milk frother
    • Ultra-fast thermobloc (water heating on demand) rather than boiler
    • Extra height clearance for mugs
    • 1.5 L removable water reservoir