Dualit Combi 2 – Best of British

We’ve had ours for over 5 years now. It’s used every single day on a variety of bread, crumpets, muffins etc. It’s never broken down (that’s tempting fate) but if it does, i can probably fix it myself – and you can get the spares. That said, the only things that could really go wrong are one of the elements or the timer. On top of that, it’s stylish and easy to clean and makes great toast – and the slots fit real sized bread not like lots of the cheap nasty ones that only toast the bottom half of the slice. It’s well screwed together and made in britain. They should make one with a union jack on the side. Pay the price and keep it for life. Beats the junk you have to throw out every couple of years because it broke and you can’t repair it.

Lacks many of the features of other toasters and slots could be slightly wider to take some slices. However, it toasts well, is very easy to use, feels that it will last forever and makes you feel good every time you see it in the kitchen.

After getting really frustrated with ‘decent’ brand £30-£40 toasters breaking down every couple of years i treated myself to the 2+1 dualit version in 2005 and have never had a problem. It’s still going strong and i know that if anything goes wrong there’s a strong probability that i can simply replace the relevant part to keep it lasting longer. From a cost and environmental point of view, that’s a strong selling point in it’s own right. In addition it looks great in the kitchen (which is a key entertaining space for us)i’ll definitely buy another dualit when mine finally does go (but i don’t expect that to be for a long time yet). When i do i’ll get this version with two sandwich cages as they’re great for bagels/waffles (and the occasional toasted sandwich), but can still be used for toast (though the toasting is a little more uneven).

Ok, it’s the top of the range toaster, but it’s built well, looks cool – is an iconic look for your kitchen. Something you’ll be proud to use. We’ve had ours for a year now, and it’s working just fine. You can even get spares for these quite easily, so if something goes wrong, you can get the spare parts rather than throwing the whole thing away like you do with cheaper appliances. A toaster for life?probably.

Well would you get a rolls royce for the price of a smart car?. This is the best toaster ever. It cooks toast, and did i forget, it cooks toast. And if your in the mood to be adventurous, it cooks toast. But it does it with all the charm of your granny and the pomp of a state ceremony. It even has a wind up timer to make you feel part of the occasion.

Believe me we have had a few and this is the bee’s knees. Looks good, is fast and with the timer you know exactly when it will be done. Expensive yes, but quality like this is worth it in the long run. I expect this to last for years.

The major differences are price – it’s expensive, a solid professional item, heavy weight built to last, repairable with simple tools, no clips and plastic, toasts evenly, nice wide slots, hot elements not just warm, slots selectible, simple to clean, chunky controls, excellent customer service, uk made uk service what more do you want. Then it looks good and is very well finished.

Despite the price this toaster really disappoints in that tall bread, eg hovis thick sliced wholemeal, pokes out of the top and doesn’t toast. And you can’t put it sideways in because the slot is about 1cm too short. Given the price this sort of failure to adapt to the changing shape of bread is unforgivable. Other than that it works perfectly – although i have to say i often have to get my glasses in order to read the markings on the timer dial – which is really annoying, but not a fault in the toaster.

The dualit combi 2×2 toaster (model 42174) has four heat controllable slots rather than a straight on/off for all them. The toaster comes with two sandwich cages which you can also buy separately. Specifically chose this toaster because it’s a design classic and went for this model because you can control the heat to the slots rather than having all four on at the same time. The heating elements, timer and switches are all user replaceable, so should (in theory) last a lifetime. There are plenty of cheaper toasters out there and probably ones that give a more even coverage of heat, but there is nothing that compares to this design classic in terms of quality and style. Another plus is that this toaster looks at home in any kitchen setting from country cottage to high-tech modern, so if you move house or change your kitchen it won’t look out of place. What i like about this toaster…• it’s an iconic design classic. • elements and other parts replaceable. • retro stainless steel body.

Received it yesterday – shiney and solid. I think there is a temptation to wax lyrical about dualit toasters in order to justify the outlay, however i can say you get what you pay for. Very happy and if you can afford it so will you be. Would have been five stars if not for the price.

Dualit toaster are wonderful. We have had one since 1992 and its finally given up the coast having crossed into 3 diffrent countries and bounced about on goodness what packing.

Have had the usual assortment of toasters over the years but this one performs exactly as advertised. It produces evenly toasted bread every time. With a little experience you will be able to produce toast done exactly as you like it. The clockwork timer simply switches off at the end leaving the toast to be kept warm by the cooling elements. The toast can be easily raised and checked during toasting without switching off – more useful than you might at first think, particularly when first getting used to using it. The only downside is the price but this is an iconic classic and i am glad i purchased it, given the quality of it’s operation.

Contacted seller for detail confirmation which was amicably dealt with. Had an older one many years ago and am really delighted to have this one in my kitchen. Would have no hesitation in recommending. Here are the specifications for the Dualit Combi 2:

  • Each toaster is hand-assembled from start to finish in the UK
  • Proheat elements have a durable protective film to keep clean and give the most evenly toasted bread
  • Extra wide slots (28 mm) accommodate large items
  • Mechanical timer allows you to control your browning preferences
  • Patented adjustable slots to accommodate optional sandwich cages

Very expensive but it’s british made and easily repaired if anything fails. Beautiful design and solid as a rock. For me produces toast as good as most.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Best
  • A design classic made in the UK
  • You get what you pay for!