Dualit Dome Kettle 72700 – Chrome and Finish – Good quality and long lasting. Had my other smaller one years

Great quality and a good size too.

Clear plastic components got brittle and broke were inside the kettle sitting in the bottom.

Great product,good price,delivered very quickly.

Looks& works great & with matching toaster are very smart together.

Good kettle, slight problem on visual level indicator, it gets steamed up and difficult to see how much water is in it.

Brilliant an absolute bargain.

Works well fast boil looks smart the only drawback is its a bit noisy.

If you want a dualit kettle this is the one to buy. I have had 3 of the jug dualits from amazon and the lid broke on all of them after 6-9 months. Luckily if you buy from amazon they always accept returns if legitimate. The last jug kettle they refunded the money and i spent it on this one.

Boils fine, matches the toaster which is all that matters.

Our old dualit dome kettle that we purchased many years ago has been a good and faithful servant in our house up to yesterday when it finally decided that he had come to the end of his life. The element had failed and it is impossible to simply replace that. So, in our haste to replace our old boy with a new dualit dome. . And rapidly getting fed up with boiling water in a pan to make our morning cuppa . I quickly got onto amazon to order a replacement. It arrive this morning in 1 day which is superb service. However when we unwrapped the new one and followed the instructions to do a couple of boil ups before actually using it, we both thought. This new one seems a bit light weight compared to our old fella. And surely the main reason for choosing dualit products over their competitors is the robustness and sheer weight and feel of them. It was only then we realised that in our haste, we had replaced our old dualit 2 litre with a much more lightweight and slightly less impressive 1. Didn’t realise at all that dualit made this iconic kettle in 2 sizes .

Excellent design and construction, looks very smart in the kitchen. Second dualit kettle i have bought last one lasted for years.

No strange taste from the kettle like other makes. Here are the specifications for the Dualit Dome Kettle 72700 – Chrome and Finish:

  • 3 kW rapid boil concealed element
  • Two large viewing windows. Boil-dry safety feature
  • Cordless operation with 360 degree swivel base, can be placed on the base at any rotary angle. Removable, washable limescale filter
  • Heatproof handle, knob and finger guard
  • For any technical support please reach out to Dualit on 01293 652500

Neat stylish cute, boils quickly this is to back up a hot tap we have and the capacity is only 1. 7 absolutely max so as a sole boiled water source a bit limited.

A stylish easy to use kettle which i bought with the matching toaster (which doesn’t match exactly). I am very pleased with them both. My only complaint is with amazon who, despite saying that all my order was in stock, took about a week to despatch it.

Brillaint kettle, fantastic quality. Shines up beautifully and looks really good in the kitchen. Easy to clean and in hard water areas, easy to get rid of the build up of limescale.

Bought this as a present for daughter`s flat to match new kitchen and dualit toaster.

Best buy kettlepurchased as gift for my parents they love the retro design and said it boils quickly and pours well and the water gage is clear to see.

Really lovely and stylish kettle. I took off one star as i think the on switch is a bit cheap compared to the rest of the kettle as it’s plastic. It’s a shame really that the switch is not real metal chrome like the rest of the product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A masterpiece of kettle design

  • Why don’t kettles last like they used to?

  • A small warning to other potential purchasers

I purchased this kettle after my old one broke. I already had the dualit 4 slot toaster and so purchased the kettle to match. It looks fantastic, quick to boil, lightweight even when full and is quiet compared to my last kettle. I know it is a bit more expensive than other kettles but it is well worth the money – it looks expensive. I’ve had the kettle a few months and so far so good, no problems. I would definitely recommend this kettle.

A great looking and efficient kettle, pricey but on the whole worth the investment. The lid is remarkably easy to remove.

My rolls royce in the kitchen.

Excellent and fast service, thanks.

Dualit are expensive products but it’s quality so you get what you pay for. Got this as part of a kettle and toaster deal , which made it cheaper.

Great colour and design and really pleased it’s so quiet compared with previous extremely noisy kettle. Easy to fill too – our tap fits inside the spout.

Fine but not the same as in the pictures. We bought this as a direct replacement, so noticed the differences immediately. It has a chrome handle instead of black and also a chrome ‘on’ switch. It works fine, so not an issue, but amazon should update their images.

This is my third dualit kettle the last two lasted a few years and were always reliable but both automatic off switches went wrong and stopped working in the end , this one arrived without any guarantee paperwork , it is very fast to the boil and the look compliments the dualite stainless toaster, it also cleans very easily, the water level guage on both sides is a good idea. There is no comparison with this kettle in my opinion.

Excellent quick service goods as described.

Good price and quick delivery.

Classic – but the design doesn’t pour well.

I spent over a decade studying kettles in the famous kettle workshops that lie in the shadows of the swiss alps. As the cold air rattled our large wooden doors, we huddled closer round the fires, munching on toblerone and coming up with new ideas on how to improve kettles. It pains me to say, but in all of the thousands of designs and ideas we drew, we never came close to a kettle of this calibre. This kettle bestows all the traits of the kettlers of the swiss alps: a shape inspired by the lunch bells, a handle reminiscent of a climbers path of ascension up a mountain, a stubby snout that not only pours boiling water but oozes class at the same time. I could go on, but pointing out the other subtleties of the design would be wasted on anyone who is less than a level 3 kettle designer.

Same as my other items i have bought from amazon, cheaper than the shops. Love the look of this kettle.

We were going to buy the dualit jug kettle but there was a problem with availability so went for this one instead. It looks good and works well. Time will tell whether it will stand the hammering this household will give itso far so good.

Dualit is the best kettle i have ever had the last one i had for 12 years i also have a dualit toaster no complaints very very good 5 star rating.

The lid came off after two weeks. Screw and washer found inside kettle. Didn’t realize that kettle cannot be filled via spout which is awkward in a small sink.

Beautiful to look at and brilliant to use.

This is the 2nd of these kettles that we’ve had. They don’t last as long as i would like (last one took 5 years to die) but none of them do these days. Hence on 4 stars because i expect this one to last only 5 years too. It’s frustrating that the kettles we had years ago used to last at least a decade, and now they last between 2 and 5 years tops. Dualit: why can’t you make kettles as well as you used to?but it’s a nice looking kettle, and the best of the bunch in my opinion.

Very small filter behind spout needs regular cleaning. On/off switch cheap, considering brand name. Steel dome needs regular wiping to remove water marks. Not very fast for a covered plate model.

My old kettle began to leak and frankly it was looking pretty tired. Having used a dualit at a holiday rental i was lured by it’s good looks and blind to the silly pricei’ve had it for about 6 weeks and there is no problem with staining or water marks (as i noticed on my hols with the upright version) as it doesn’t seem to dribble. It’s a tad noisy when boiling and it looks darn pretty on my work surface and as it’s something i used several times a day i’m glad i bought it and would recommend.

This simply works, it is quick, reasonably quiet and stylish. I get quicker coups of tea, bonus.

Expensive but a delight to look at and handle.