DUNU Titan1 in Ear Earphone : Great build let down by fatiguing dry and almost clinical signature

Excellent sound for this price.

Pro’s: beautifully designed. Lots of metal (always great to see). Very comfortable with such a large choice of buds. Don’t fall out of the ears when running. Overall high quality – i would say very very durable and should last a long time (unsurprising with dunu). Lovely red and blue rings to distinguish right from left very quickly. Very useful and well designed accessories – all of mine are in use. Don’t see why people are saying they’re heavy – they are notcon’s: some may find the poor isolation and sound leakage a problem but if you listen to music quietly (or just don’t care if people hear your loud music) then you’ll be fine. This is mostly due to the large number of vents around the earpieces showing that leakage and isolation were sacrificed for that huge titanium coated driver to deliver its full sound quality (more detail into this in other reviews and headphone sites).

I would consider myself a audiophile, i absolutely need great quality sound or i cannot listen to music. The only thing with having a preference for immense quality sound is not having the funds to support my addiction. This is where dunu titan headphones come in, they have an audiophile quality sound for a cheaper price than most other sellers/products. They look really professional and not clunky, love the colour around the ear piece and the wire is made out of great material. I haven’t even had a problem with wire rub when i am walking/running>great buy and great price.

Delighted with these earphones they do take a while to burn in (mine took around 80 hours) but you do get what you pay for.

Wore these for the first time, going home from work a couple of weeks back and was trying hard to contain my surprise and excitement at what i was hearing. Not really too familiar with the lingo used to describe such things but, from what i’ve picked up, my immediate impressions were of a wide, detailed soundstage; the music really has great tight clarity and punch to it. Hearing a lot of things in the music that i’ve been missing out on so has been fun putting together playlists of stuff that i haven’t listened to in a while; really breathes new life into some classics (eg. These are my first pair of quality earphones so don’t have much to compare them to. Have been using a pair of dunu tridents for a couple of years while listening to music and audio books in bed (usually wake up with them still plugged in) so i knew dunus would have great build quality. I did a lot of research though (which seems to bear out my own impressions) and do own a pair of philips fidelio x1s. My source of music so far have been flac files via an lg g3 and pc. Both sound great, even when using a bluetooth connection from the phone (a sony sbh50) and these earphones still sound blooming fantastic. Always a bit of a stab in the dark spending a fair bit of money for something you haven’t tried out first but zero regrets here.

Pros: overall sound quality, accessories, design, comfort, pricecons: weight of the earphones, microphonics, isolation, sound leakagepackaging & accessories: 9. 5/10build quality: 9/10design & look: 10/10microphonics (higher ratings means lower cable noise): 8/10isolation: 7/10comfort: 9/10audio quality: 9/10value: 10/10my final rating: 10/10review price: £90packaging & accessoriesthe packaging doesn’t give me a great impression, however the contents were extremely impressive. In the package there’s a vast array of accessories included, which are as follows:-earphones with a cable tie-s, m, l silicone tips with red stem-s, m, l basic silicone tips-s, m, l sony-esk silicone tips-shirt clip-1/4′ adapter-hard carrying case-warranty cardthe contents are vast and really are perfect. The only thing i would have liked to see on-top would have been some foam tips and a soft carrying pouch. The contents for the price however are sensational and it’s nice to see a manufacturer catering for different sized ears with a nice selection of tips. The carrying case is quite interesting – as on one side it has a glossy look, where you could even use it as a mirror of sorts to check your earphone placement. On the other side of the case, it has a rubber material which prevents it from sliding – a nice touch to havethe case itself is also secured by a locking mechanism, meaning you can safely place your earphones in here and not worry about them falling out of their case. Overall i was extremely impressed by the amount of tips included and quite liked the hard carrying case that dunu included. Build qualitythe build quality is very good, albeit not perfect. There are three things that concern me on the titan 1s – the thin strain relief found by the earphone’s housing is quite thin.

I was a little skeptical of dunu as i have only read forum posts and blogs about them but these blew me away considering the price. Spacious soundstage and great detail – i feel like i am rediscovering a lot of my music with these. They are built well and the accessories are nice too. Only downsides are that they aren’t great isolators, which is a tradeoff for them sounding so open, i guess. Additionally, they are made to be used hanging down from your ears and not looped up and over which is my preferred method. Considering the price and the quality of the sound they produce i can’t let these have anything less than 5*.

These dunu titan 1’s are as good as my shure s315’s, if not better. When i compared the headphones i found that the titans had a bit more bass to them and that vocals felt midway and not right up front as in my shures. You can hear all the micro details in the track and the clarity and stage presence is astounding. I’m not a audiophile but i am fussy with my earphones when i use them when listening with my flac, dsd, earphone dac magic xs, onkyo player on my samsung note 4 combination. For the price that i paid they rival earphones that cost several hundred pounds. I would highly recommend them and you will not look back in disappointment. I now use my titans more than my shure s315’s and bose qc3’s which should tell you something about the sound quality.

  • These dunu titan 1’s are as good as my shure S315’s
  • a truly enjoyable and exciting earphone experience.
  • Truly stunning sound.

Dunu Titan1 in Ear Earphone

body font-family: Verdana Geneva sans-serif; font-size:11px td font-family: Verdana Geneva sans-serif; font-size:11px Dunu DN-Titan 1 Dynamic IEM Earphones The DUNU TITAN1 in ear monitors (IEMs) utilise a top of the line dynamic transducer with nano class titanium diaphragm. Different from the typical dynamic transducer it is capable of perfect transient response while retaining a natural yet energetic sound – with clear and delicate layering thick and powerful bass response as well as amazing treble clarity. These outstanding attributes combine to recreate the impressive ‘live’ feeling of the music recording. Titanium Diaphragm The titanium diaphragm has great sonic clarity and transparency and is able to handle high power without distortion. It acheives this by evenly spreading the energy across its surface. DUNUs exceptionally fine crafting ensures that the earphones have the precision to achieve an excellent sound quality. By combining the characteristics of fast transient response similar to balanced armature earphones and the power of a dynamic transducer the titanium diaphragm transducer is able to outperform both. That’s TITAN1’s advantage. Metal Body TITAN1’s main body is crafted in metal ensuring both durability and aesthetic beauty. It also comes with eartips of various designs for maximum sound isolation and comfort in order to help the listener to submerge into a perfect musical experience. Features Nano class T-diaphragm driver produce perfect transient response while retains a natural yet energetic sound Premium quality metal body is precision engineered to reduce the resonance and ensure the aesthetics and durability The in-ear design ensures maximum noise isolation and comfort enjoy the music everywhere

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Well packaged, good build and great fitting. There is lot of detail across the whole of the range. The bass is tight and goes quite deep without bloom that doesn’t affects other frequency ranges. The mids i consider to be on the dry side and lacking in lushness. This probably comes from mid highs being slightly elevated. The treble is the least likeable part of theses phones and ultimately why i returned them. Although they are not particularly sibilant they still go high enough to be fatiguing after while. I found them grating at high volumes. Also these phones are not particularly sensitive so are a little harder to drive using volume capacity limited phones. Overall great detail, clarity and bass but too dry and clinical sounding for my liking.

Bought these on the strength of other reviews. And i can confirm what many other users think-they are truly superb. The way they open up the sound stage is sometimes breathtaking. I’m every sonic sense they are by far the best headphones i have ever used. There maybe better ones out there but for £89 i very much doubt it. The only arguably negative issue is the titan 1 s are quite inefficient -they do need quite a while to run in and need driving to get the best from them. I use a walkman with a headphone amplifier by fiio. 5*without hesitation -buy these and be amazed.

I think the titan 1es are a better headphone, after owning two pairs and now the titan 1 i think the titan 1es is a little bit louder and has more clarity in the high end while maintaining rich mids and non overbearing bass. Although the build quality on these titan 1 is fantastic in comparison, that’s what you pay for.

Exceptionally good and trounce the atrociously inept rha-t10i in just about every parameter for £60 less.

Dunu titan 1 quick review by mark2410brief: dunu make an open backed iemprice: £90 or i found for $115 (i presume that’s us$)specification: driver: 13mm titanium diaphragm dynamic driver, impedance:16Ω, sensitivity: 90+- 2db, reproduction frequency: 20hz-30khz, cable length: 1. 5mm stereo mini, weight: 18gaccessories: all of the accessories. 9 pairs of tips, shirt clip, attached cable wrap thing, a 6. 5mm adapter and a hard little case. Case is particularly functional. Build quality: it’s a dunu, they are always excellent and this is no exception. Isolation: erm, more than buds but it’s probably the least isolating iem i’ve encountered. Comfort/fit: it’s got a funny shape but worked perfectly in my ears, worn up or down it was effortless and comfy. Aesthetics: reasonably pretty i think. I always like when makes do a little red and blue splash so you can tell the ears apart too. Pretty and practical in one. Sound: as big sounding as any iem as ever done. So much air and so much space, the symphonic sense of scale these can deliver is superb.

Bought mine may 2015 and they have just started cutting out now. I use these nearly every day. Used for daily bus commute to work and stuff in my bag until i need them again. So nearly 2 years life span with normal/heavy usage.

Very comfortable and easy to insert and remove. Sound clear spacious and bright with probably an elevated upper mid low treble emphasis that results in great clarity and an enhanced sense of space but voices slightly lacking in weight and body. Sometimes the music seems to hang outside in free space.

After tons of research and previous disappointments with ear buds i finally went for these- verdict; near perfect in every way- sound quality, build quality, the fact they stay in my funny little ear holes and are so comfy. For utter perfection maybe a little more bass for me on some tracks, but that may be down to the original recording being not great anyway. People speak of sound ‘ leakage’ – and yes this is true which means other people will know what you are listening to, so don’t play any of those tracks you are rather embarrassed to admit you like when others are in earshot. But frankly these are so good i don’t give a damn who knows about my secretly dodgy tastes on occasion- just buy them.

  • These dunu titan 1’s are as good as my shure S315’s
  • a truly enjoyable and exciting earphone experience.
  • Truly stunning sound.

Dunu Titan1 in Ear Earphone

I expected little bit more for that price.

Dunu titan 1 are the very best earphones that i have found so far. Update after three months use. Second update after 5 months. I was totally new to the dunu brand in november 15 and liked the reviews for these earphones. I was trying to find the best solution for using my iphone 6s at night listening to music in bed. The reviews generally said these are medium bass but high treble with female vocals accentuated. That’s fine as i like the female voice but don’t let that put you off as the male voice is good too, see below. I have tried about 18 different earphones (not headphones) of recent ranging from about £60 to £600. Tried sennieser ie800, shure 535 and audio technica ath-ckr10 with similar but dual 13mm drivers. (later dunu 2000, titan3, titan 5)after checking the fit of all the supplied earbuds on my new dunu’s, i chose the standard silicone ones (they have done their homework well for mr average).

Just listened to abbey road with these, quality is amazing and to say the tv was on leakage in is not a problem, i usually use audio-technica over ear sets and was looking for something to commute -just reasonable quality. But the quality and comfort is superb. Can’t wait to get stuck into some classical music.

Fiio took them over and are selling them for £50 which is more reflective of their sound and i don’t mean that in a bad way. They are the exact same earphone, i’ve had both to compare. At £90-100 they are over priced. They are a great sounding iem, huge soundstage and good detail in the mids. Highs though can be very aggressive and tiring and pretty fatiguing. Bass is more mid bass, and lacks weight or depth.

Features and Spesification

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  • Type:Dynamic (13mm)
  • Sound Pressure Level: 90dB+/-2dB
  • Impedance:16?
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 30kHz
  • Plug: 3.5mm stereo plug