Duronic Hot Plate HP2BK | Table-Top Cooking | 2500W | Steel Electric Single Hob – This is the one to get ! But Why ??? Below is the answer.

Just having my kitchen extended so i bought this to use whilst i’m waiting for new kitchen to be fitted, (approx 3 weeks) and i can honestly say it’s a life saver, i absolutely love it. I will be using this even after my kitchen is done to use in the garage, for cooking fish, steak, and other stuff that leave smells, plus i’m having an induction hob fitted in my new kitchen and some of my favourite pans and a coffee perculator won’t work on my induction job so i’ll be using this for them too. It looks nice too being stainless steel and the handles do stay cool so you can lift it/move it around even when it’s hot. The thermostat on it does cut off and on once it reaches the temperature it’s on but it doesn’t stop the cooking process as the plate stays hot and before you know it it’s come back on again, i thought that it had stopped working the first time it did it but then i realised it just comes back on again when the temperature drops. It doesn’t affect my cooking at all. I would definitely recommend this hob to anyone, so glad i thought of buying this.

This a really useful nice looking hotplate and it has been a real help whilst we are having are kitchen refitted. I turn the bigger hotplate on a few minutes before using to heat it up and then the smaller one on at a lower heat so that i can take eg potatoes off fast boil and simmer on the small hob. I think this is a really versatile item and really good value for money. The only downside is that if you splatter water from boiling it does mark the hotplate which you cannot clean off, but the body of it cleans up well.

I have an elderly friend who badly needed a simple single hotplate when her main hob failed. She had gone to aldi and bought one. Options, settings, indicators and programs. Does nobody make just something with one single knob to turn it on??. Is that too much to ask ?well. Amazon came to the rescue and that is why you are reading this review. The duronic hot plate fitted her wishes exactly. Arrived in double quick time ( well done amazon) and as god is my witness. 1500 watts so does the job quickly. Pans cannot slide off the surface. This unit was designed by someone who has been actually using it . Without burning your hands, due to the excellent handle design. I’ve done a fair few reviews on amazon over the last 10 years. This one was a real pleasure to write.

Just moved into (very small) unfurnished flat in which a mini oven with 2-plate hob on top. When i noticed that the controls only allow for hob to be on or off – ie no control re degree of heating – i ordered the duronic table top. Really glad i did because, although the mini oven is actually pretty good at most things, there is no easy way to simmer stuff. Short of stand there like a muppet switching it on and off. Made a chilli at the weekend and heated up pretty quickly on max, then turned to min & it simmered a treat. Really pleased with product & would recommend to anyone in a similar situation who still like to do a bit more than heat up ready meals.

This is a great buy – the hotplates warm up incredibly quick. There is an easy adjustable button on the front to select the heat – not just off/on, so you can adjust through the full range of temperature. There is a indicator light on the front to let you see that the plate is warming up to temp, this goes off when the temp has been reached. The side handles are a good idea for manoeuvring without touching any hot parts it also acts as a guide for the pots and pans so they don’t fall off the surface. I would buy this product again.

Brilliant little electric hot plate,bought two as first one we used in our camper van on hookup and worked perfectly on pitches,got hot really quickly and really easy to use with simple thermostat which did away with barbecue set and camping stove. Bought second one for home out on the patio again freed up the bbq to be able to fry and cook outside and so easy to clean down and store.

Our rayburn exploded 2 weeks ago, so i bought this to use alongside our microwave, halogen oven and air fryer, until we get the rayburn sorted. However, it’s flipping fantastic. Pumps out more heat than the rayburn hob does, and heats up really quickly.I’m going to keep using it alongside the rayburn in future, as it’s so much better for boiling etc and also you can fry an egg without waiting 45 mins for the cooker to warm up. Easily takes my biggest saucepan and another next to it, no problem. It turns itself off and on to regulate its heat, so just make sure you actually turn it off when you’ve finished, as just cos the red light is out it’s not off.

I bought this hot plate to use it in the garden when i am cooking smelly foods. It is much better then expected: it looks nice, it is easy to keep clean and is light weight. More importantly i found that the thermostat is very fine tuned so food does not get burned or stay uncooked.

I’ve had this product for a couple of months now. My only gripe is that it doesn’t heat consistently like a regular hob. What happens is the power comes on full and heats the plate for a period of time and then switches off and it does this in a cycle dependent on the setting on the dial. The higher the setting, the longer the power stays on for each time. Good value for the money though and i’m happy with it.

Here are the specifications for the Duronic Hot Plate HP2BK | Table-Top Cooking | 2500W | Steel Electric Single Hob:

  • PERFECT COOKING SOLUTION: The ultimate must-have kitchen accessory, the Duronic electric hot plate (or table-top hob) is perfect for those who are limited on kitchen space or without a conventional cooker due to renonvating or decorating. Rather than just living off of microwave meals, use a hot plate so that you can continue to cook some homemade dinners. It’s also a great temporary solution if your cooker breaks down as its compact and easy to store away when you’ve finished with it.
  • ALTERNATIVE USES: Beyond the kitchen this hob can also be used for professional use, for instance, in a classroom or when conducting a cooking or science demonstration. Because of it’s portable design it’s easy to set up in different places without hassle. If you have electricity supply on a campsite, the HP2BK can also be used as an alternative to a gas cooker as it’s safer to use as it has no naked flames.
  • VARIABLE HEAT SETTINGS: For each hob the power and temperature is controlled by a power dial on the front; simply turn the dial to switch it on and select the heat level you need. When the hot plate has achieved the heat you require the neon power light will go out to let you know it’s ready. Both rings are made of cast-iron; the larger ring (187mm) can heat up to 1500W and the smaller ring (152mm) up to 1000W.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: This hob is made from thermo-insulated stainless-steel which is durable, corrosion resistent and easy to clean. Unlike other portable hobs on the market, this hob has thermo-insulated handles which stay cool to touch at all times, which are useful for moving the hob to a different place to cool down after you’ve finished cooking. Additionally, the handles act as a protective barrier to prevent pans slipping. Because of it’s compact size it is also convenient to store.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Designed with the user in mind, we have made our hot plates with the finest quality materials and ensured that they have passed rigorous safety tests. This model has two cast-iron rings: 1x large ring: 18.7cm, 1x small ring: 15.2cm. It has two handles, four rubber feet for stability and two neon power light indicators. The main body is made of stainless-steel. Maximum combined power 2500W. Built-in over-heat protection. Fitted with a BS British Standard 3-pin plug.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Brilliant bit of kit for anyone, especially Rayburn owners!
  • This is the one to get ! But Why ??? Below is the answer.
  • My only gripe is that it doesn’t heat consistently like a regular hob