Duronic Soup Maker BL91 Steamer Blender 1000W Automated Glass Jug Soup and Smoothie Maker : This is so easy to use that we have had soup every day

Excellent machine, which is rather loud when in use. The jug is very heavy to hold but the results are good. Would have appreciated a recipe book to be included.

The glass jug enables one to view the cooking process which is very even across the jug. The soup turned out so silky smooth it was like liquid heaven. The timer and temperature display enables you to know exactly where the soup is in progress. Although the quality is so high, i probably won’t ever need to.

Fantastic machine and the different functions make it very versatile. I prefer my soup blended not chunky and the consistency is the equivalent if not better of one of the leading soup producers. I like to experiment with flavours and thus far have always been delighted with the results. Ingredients boil to 100 degrees when switched on for around 20 minutes there is then a short burst of blending activity before settling down followed by a further two bursts of blending and at 30 minutes perfect piping hot soup which stays hot in the blender for a good 30 minutes after. Love the fact you can view the whole process. It is noisy when blending but the results justify this. Also very heavy but this is because it a glass jug not plastic. Easy to clean, just fill with water and use the pulse button then wipe dry and ready to go again.

This is so easy to use that we have had soup every day since buying it. Probably my favourite kitchen gadget.

I very much like this duronic soup maker, much better than my last one which was a different make.

It is the best machine i have ever had. And duronic customer service is great. I will definitely give another review in about 6 months to see how it copes with time. I just got it and i have been using it everyday to make soup mostly, the smoothies are exquisite.

Brilliant piece of kit for the kitchen had a wee bit of trouble initially getting it working but once i checked over that things were setup correctly which i hadn’t initially it then became a dream machine and my first effort in making a very tasty cream of mushroom and onion soup was relatively simple.

Makes soup from scratch in around 25 minutes. Blends really smoothly, in fact better than anything else i have previously tried. Would have gladly given this 5 stars if the manufacturer had included just a few basic recipes to try. It is after all not the cheapest of soup makers. But apart from that a great addition to the kitchen.

  • Top notch soup maker
  • Wish I had bought one of these years ago

Duronic Soup Maker BL91 Steamer Blender 1000W Automated Glass Jug Soup and Smoothie Maker

The Duronic BL91 Automatic Soup Making Blender
Create delicious piping hot soup from the comfort of your own home in as little as 20-30 minutes with this powerful soup making machine. This model comes with a built in 800-900W heating element and 1000W blending power so you get the excellent results every time.
Specification (approximate): Capacity: 1.75 Litre jug – makes 3-5 servings Colour: Dark Metallic Grey – Looks beautiful Heater power: 800-900W – efficient power to make your soup really quickly Motor power: 1000W – blending power to easily chop your ingredients down Voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz – 3 pin UK plug and 2 pin EU plug included in the box.
Solid glass jug – Please allow glass jugs to cool down before it’s washed.
Solid Stainless steel blades
Non-stick jug platform
Steam vents in the lid
Lid opening and cap to add extra ingredients during blending/heating
Rubber feet to stop it slipping
Pre-programmed function for ease of use
Cleaning accessories included

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The soup maker makes the best puree soup as there are no bits in the soup and handy for fussy eaters.

Loved this soup maker, excellent quality, and unbelievable creamy soups in 20 min. Glass jar is very sturdy and keeps soup pipping hot (if you dont open lid) for quite a while. Learning to use other functions now. I would have appreciated if there had been some recipes included with the manual to understand better all functions.

Easy to figure out even without instructions.

 i am over the moon with this soup maker, so far i have only used this to make soup and smoothies. As i was so impressed with this i decided to make a video to show how easy it really is. The machine comes in 2 parts, the base and the powered glass kettle jug, you also get a steamer basketand a cleaning brush. In the video you can see i make a sweet potato and butternut squash soup. You have lot’s of different modes available on the machine, for this recipe i used the smooth soup. Simply place all of the ingriedients into the glass kettle, in my recipe i decided to roast the vegetables firstalthough this isn’t needed as it will make soup from raw. After a few minutes the temperture has risen significantly and the soup is starting to boil and by 5 minutesthe stock was at a rolling boilthe display tells you how long it’s been cooking and the current temperture. At around 10 minutes in the blender kicks in, it suprised me how powerfull the motor on this is. About 3 secondsand the soup was already smooth. For another 8 minutes the soup continued to boil and for the last 2 minutes the blender came on and off, bythe time it was done the soup was smooth and fully cooked.

The only reason it’s getting four stars is because it is huge and heavy but it’s very strong because of it.

Very pleased with the machine. I am a bit of a novice, but i am learning. The beauty is you can actually watch your mistakes in action. You should supply a recipe book with it and not as an optional extra.

  • Top notch soup maker
  • Wish I had bought one of these years ago

Duronic Soup Maker BL91 Steamer Blender 1000W Automated Glass Jug Soup and Smoothie Maker

Features and Spesification

  • Make delicious soup in your own kitchen just the way you like it with the help of our Duronic BL91 Soup Maker. Simply add all the ingredients ( chopped ) from your favourite recipe into the blending jug with water, start up the soup maker by selecting your desired automated programme, put your feet up and relax! The BL91 will use up to 900W heating power to quickly create your soup. In approximately 20-30 minutes you will have fresh, homemade soup that is piping hot and ready for consumption.
  • Create all your favourite soups such as tomato soup, potato and leek soup, chicken soup, vegetable soup, minestrone soup, carrot soup, fish soup, lentil soup, butternut squash soup and your best smoothie recipes. With your own 1000W soup making blender, you can try something new every time and you are guaranteed a fresh, perfectly blended, comfortingly warm soup with every use.
  • The glass jug has a 1.75 litre capacity which will make 1.4L of hot soup enough for 3-5 servings. The clear glass jug allows you to keep an eye on your soup so you can make sure it turns out exactly how you want it. With pre-programmed functions built in; you can make your soup in the most efficient time in the least amount of steps necessary.
  • Specifications: Easy to operate with clear and simple pre-programmed buttons; smooth soup, chunky soup, steam/boil, pulse, On/Off, Blend, Juice, Sauce and Ice. 4 sided stainless steel blade for quick and easy blending of ingredients, ergonomic handle for easy portability, easy-pouring spout allows for no mess when serving.
  • Cleaning: Always allow the glass jug to cool down before washing. A cleaning brush and a scourer are included with your purchase to make cleaning a breeze. A steamer basket is also included is you wish to steam vegetables or boil an egg. Dimensions: 47cm height, 20cm depth and 23cm width. This unit comes with 2 X leads; 1 lead for the UK and 1 lead for EU.