EARIN M-1 Aluminium truwireless Aluminum In-Ear Earphone : Impeccable build quality & unique stylish look

Best earbuds i have of the three sets i have used.

5 / 5)in summary, the best premium fully wireless stereo buds on the market beats:- motorola verveones and +- syllable d900sso my initial overall thoughts:- build quality and charging case 5/5- as a stereo headset 5/5- as a continuous mono headset 4/5 (could be simpler to use, but know i now, im very happy )- the app 4/5 (seems to loose connectivity, on occasion, but i don’t need it )- functionality 4/5 (missing a function button to pause music)- excellent range 5/5 (this really is excellent )- comfort 5/5 (i have not found a need for the additional in ear stabilizers yet )- pricing 5/5 (at £195. 99 they are bang on the money, especially with the continuous mono use )biggest tip on using them (once setup)- take one bud out…. Wait until you hear a beep in your ear (as this seems to indicate bud has finished booting up)so well done earin, overall 4. God knows why there are so many 1 star reviews on amazon. Certainly not the same product i have usedhere is how it happened……packaging very nice…. Good earin very clear instructions on getting started…. Good earin i had to put the silicon ends on each bud, not a problem, just not sure why they didn’t come like that ?the charging case is very nice indeed, buds fit perfectly, oh wait, there are some ear stabilisers in the box, but they need to be removed each time i want to charge then . That’s not going to work…. Bad earin ahhh frustrating, they have not come charged, i wanna try them out…. Bad earin ok… would be nice to know bud charge status in casefinally charged enough to try out, pairing with earin l was easy enough…. Good earin i immediately noticed that the bud doesn’t report back the battery level to my iphone (indicated 2 ways, the bar next to bt icon and in notifiations pull down for a %)….

I have not bought a better pair of earphones in my life than these. For £50 they are the steal of the century. Exceptional open sound, finish and packaging. I can’t believe it’s old technology, ie about 3 years. I have a collection of expensive equipment and these are sublime. Open and punchy sound with great timing. The comfort is so good i forget i am wearing them. I will be buying the m2 aswell. I have no problems with them at all, so i can’t understand the negative reviews.

Best earbuds i have ever owned sound is brilliant, easily as good as bose qc2 and shure big difference is these are truely wireless. I have had minimal issues with connection problems others have complained about. If the connection is weak just re-pair or run the earin app in the background.

Amazing headphones, good sound in a perfect size for the gym, running or general use. Battery life also really good for the size. I would rate as 5 stars if they werent so expensive.

The earin earbuds are ground breaking. They are small, light, comfortable and totally wireless. Sound from the headphone is first rate when you consider the size. And the whole build is apple like quality. The reason i give the product 4 stars is challenges getting all working as should be. It’s not clear from the earin instructions, which are minimalistic. I experienced several intermittent audio drops per minute from the right earbud – each sound drop lasting about a second. The phone/audio device bluetooth connects to the left earbud as master, with the right earbud operating as a slave (separately bluetooth fed and synchronised by the left earbud). I discovered three actions to fix the right ear audio drop issue on an iphone6s: (1) turn off iphone wifi while using, which seems to share an antenna with bluetooth. (2) take the left earin earbud from the changing container first, place in ear and then connect phone bluetooth.

Very good quality and sound is crystal clear and they are very comfortable in the eat great product.

I felt i needed to write a review of the earin m-1 earbuds in order to provide some clarity having tried to make sense of some of the previous reviews before purchase. I’ll split this down in to two parts function and sound quality. Sound qualitythe m-1 are an excellent sound quality, there is no two ways about it. At their price point they sound fantastic, particularly for such a small form the reproduction is balanced and clear with no audible distortion. Previous reviews have highlighted a lack of lf or bass. I can only put these complaints down to either poor fitting or a misguided idea that the distorted lf sound of the beats rage of headphones is ‘good’. Lf reproduction is clear, undistorted and nicely balanced with no noticeable deficit in bass reproduction. I own a range of headphones both over ear and in ear, wired and bluetooth and i would put the audio quality of these in the same bracket as my akg y50 on ear wired headphones. The sound stage is not as expansive (to be expected with the far smaller driver) and the lf a touch more constrained (again due to driver size) but these have become my ‘go to’ in ear. Functionthe m-1’s are all about audio quality and as a result there is functionality missing here that you would normally find in a pair of cheap chinese bluetooth earbuds that are all over amazon.

  • Not Perfect, But Good
  • Some minor flaws due to age of design but overall an outstanding set of Earbuds
  • Awesome tiny wire free earphones!!!

earin M-1 Aluminium truwireless Aluminum In-Ear Earphone for All Bluetooth Devices

Colour Name:aluminium
Product Description, Qiu stabilization system will allow you to run and to do all types of exercise and sports without fear of losing the headphones-Two selected pairs of premium foam tips to provide a high quality sound.- Listening time: 2.5 -3 hours – Rechargeable Li-ion Battery: 600 mAh Battery-Charging time in the cap: 60 mins – Wireless: Compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 – Minimalist Scandinavian design – Capsule 3 complete charge for a full charge – Compatible with: All Bluetooth enabled devices

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I am a bit of a geek but love the freedom it gives me. I am on conference calls all day and it makes my life much easier. Its charging dock is beautifully designed. Lovely when you travel when you have bags in every hand, and great when you are on a conference call shuffling papers. I have no fault with it so far.

I’ve had my kickstarter earins for about a year, how are they doing?well, let me put it like this – whenever i see anyone walk past in the street with wired headphones in, i feel a little bit sorry for them. I’m fully aware of some of the bad press they got – poor customer service, dropouts etc. I can’t comment on customer service – i never needed to use it. But dropouts?well, they may have upgraded since my kickstarted version, but i found with a little finesse, you can get them to work with almost no dropouts. I just flew back from berlin to london. On the whole flight (and an aeroplane is very electrically noisy) – no dropouts at all. But you know what, if i’d had wired phones, i’d inevitably have caught the wire and pulled them out a couple of times. Sounds quality with the comply ts 400 buds is good.

They are really small, more discrete than any other earphones i’ve ever used. They fit well in your ears, thanks to the scrunchy grippy foam. No buttons or controls to worry about, just take them out of the charging case and they connect automatically. I spent a bit of time eqing the sound on my phone so that they suited my taste of music, but i’d imagine they’d sound good to most people without too much fiddling. Great bass end, not overpowering but plenty. No connectivity issues like others have mentioned. I sometimes keep the phone in my back pocket while out walking and the music isnt interrupted at all. I don’t use them for exercise so i don’t know if they work well for that but i imagine they would. The charge time is good, if you just want to top them up to listen to a track you don’t have to wait long.

There are definitely bugs that cause one bud to work and not the other. I’ve found these steps make both buds connect every time, assuming they are charged:once i’ve already paired both buds to the phone, i get the best results by:1) making sure the bluetooth is already turned on my phone. 3) take the buds out at exactly the same time. 4) let the phone find and connect automatically. If this fails then put the buds back in the cylinder, turn the bluetooth off, then repeat steps 1-3. Trying to manually click bud l in the bluetooth menu on android makes it consistently connect to the left bud and not the right. 5) when done, put in the cylinder and close, no need to disconnect using the phone beforehand. These steps fixed the problem for me. I also fully let the buds run out of battery and the recharged again too.

I recently purchased these headphone with some hesitation however all i can say is that they are greatvery comfortable and stylish, all my colleagues were complimenting me on how great they are and on top of that the quality is top notch. I would recommend these headphones for everyone.

Despite some of the negative reviews i decided to buy these excellent earbuds. I was really surprised how good they sound. Pairing is easy though sometimes you have to put the left earbud back to case or unpair from your phone. I used these with iphone and ipad and i can switch connection easily between the devices. 5hours and you can easily recharge with the stylish charging capsule. And yes, sometimes the sound drops from right earbud for a sec. But this isn’t constatly, very rarely in most of the times and doesn’t bother me at all. Especially when you get great sounding earbuds with sleek design.

When i first took these out of the box the left earbud paired straight away but the right one not, the phone was about 6 inches away from the earbuds and i didnt know what to do next so i looked at utube to see if anyone else had the same problem. Without touching or moving the phone or the buds it suddenly paired after 30 mins. The buds themselves are good but the biggest problem so far has been trying to get them to stay in my ears. I can get them to stay in for a while with the wings on but without them and after trying all the different sized foam and rubber buds they would not stay in for more than a few minutes. Very inconvenient when dropped amongst leaves as it took ages to find them. I was only walking with these in and not doing anything sporty or fast ,that said the sound is well balanced and if you can get the fit right it makes a massive difference to the sound quality.

I’ve had these since the kickstarter campaign, still use them over 2 years later and am generally very happy with them. I’ve never had a pairing issue, never had any quality issues with pieces falling apart etc. And i haven’t even needed to change the earfoams that often as they can be cleaned with a baby wipe and just be careful not to tear them. What i will say is that the performance is dependent on your phone/device. My oneplus 3 has terrible bluetooth in general and these are unusable with it. But many other bluetooth devices are too. Many android phones have poor bluetooth performance unfortunately. With an iphone, i’d say they’re 98% perfect. I might get a millisecond dropout every few days and that’s likely to be in areas with a lot of wireless traffic. The sound, to me, is really decent, especially for what they are.

  • Not Perfect, But Good
  • Some minor flaws due to age of design but overall an outstanding set of Earbuds
  • Awesome tiny wire free earphones!!!

earin M-1 Aluminium truwireless Aluminum In-Ear Earphone for All Bluetooth Devices

I was an original kickstarter backer of this product, and first up i want to say, they’re the absolute best on the market so far. If you want to buy true wireless bluetooth earphones, i recommend these 100%. So why only 3 stars?well, they made a few mistakes in the design, which cause problems with everyday use. The ‘firmware’ (the tiny piece of software inside the earbuds that tells it how to connect and what to do) cannot be updated. So the mistakes are there until they release a new version. And that leads to problems like this: if you’re charging both buds in the capsule and the capsule battery itself runs out, the buds switch on – they think you’ve taken them out of the charger, so even if you don’t want them switched on, they will switch on. I found this out when the capsule ran out just as i went to bed – so the earphones were on all night, and when i got up the batteries were flat. I didn’t know any of this til i took them and the capsule out to work with me – so i had no earphones until i could get to work and charge the capsulethey admitted that this was a mistake but, because the buds’ firmware can’t be updated, they can’t be changed to “switch off whenever inside capsule”. So now i have to always check the charge of the capsule. There’s nothing you can do about this apart from make sure it’s always charged.

These headphones are brilliant. After reading the reviews, i was a little skeptical and didn’t know what to expect. However, i quickly found that these headphones are great. Great for all sorts of activities, i used them whilst running and feared that they’d pop out my ear and i’d lose them but no, didn’t happen at all. All in all, great sound quality and feels really premium too. Just the packaging in itself is worth the money.

I’ve carefully watched earin, technically the m-1 true wireless earbuds (according to the box) made by earin, since their kickstarter. I love the idea of true wireless earbuds, but could not afford the risk of their kickstarter, nor the price. When they came on to amazon i was in a better position financially, and could take the risk of buying a proper commercial product with the option of return. I bought these with a view to using them out walking with my phone, and have had now had a proper chance to test them (with a nexus 6p). Setting them up was a bit confusing. Once unpackaged, and with silicone tips fitted (not tried foam yet, as i’ve always used silicone with earbuds), i found that the earbuds were not charged. I charged them, but after the charging light went out i eventually discovered that one of the earbuds had not charged, so i reseated them in the charging capsule and charged the problem earbud. Once properly charged all was fine. Today i used them for an hour long walk. I was concerned about the reported drop outs, and i did get drop outs, but they weren’t as much of a showstopper as i’d expected, and weren’t very frequent.

Ace product – best bit of tech i’ve ever bought – seriously. I saw these on kickstarter years ago and was tempted to buy them then because i wear headphones all the time but the price was to high when they were 1st realised. Now i’ve waited for a long time to get my hands on a pair, and glad i finally have. They are awesome, the build quality is impeccable and at a worthly price now. Stylish and in my opinion, the best in ear headphones on the market.

Best convenience headphones i have ever had. Backed these through the initial crowdfunding campaign and have loved them so much i bought a second pair for the wife. Reliable, portable and incredible sounding. Soon going to be a favorite for iphone 7 users.

I had them with my nexus 5, they worked but sporadically lost connection. Then i recently updated to the iphone 7 and realised it was the phone.I now rarely get a disconnection and they sound amazing. They feel incredibly premium and just do what they are meant to do well. Be a good set of completely wireless headphones. The freedom is something you only know of when you own a pair. Plus they are so light and they have never come out of my ears, even running and shaking your head.

Bluetooth connectivity not that great.

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