Echo MegaLoop DAC PRO Induction Loop System Echo® MegaLoop DAC™ Induction Loop System – TV viewing is now enjoyable!

Customer service is great and they have many other products for health doorbells and the like. Their web site is really good. Purchased for my mother however she has an nhs phonak nathos + hearing aid. She needed to pop into the drop in appointment to get the teli coil programed switched on. You can change the tone and gain on this and have more than one type of input. Kit comes with all you need to set up. The wire is white in colour and blends in with skirting etc. I ran ours to the bungalow loft up the wall though the ceiling. If you want to not use the mini clips you can use a hot glue gun.

Works well with microphones (2 inputs) and line out, bit of time to set up the loop.

The product arrived quickly and was well packaged. The instructions for installing were very clearly done and i had no trouble following them. When i turned it on for the first time, what a joy. I discovered clear hearing again. The tone control is a very useful facility as i was able to adjust it to suit my particular range of hearing loss. My partner is ecstatic as she can now turn the tv down as she has perfect hearing. 95 shipping, and worth every penny.

Not 100% but a big improvement than without it.

A first class piece of kit which makes life better for me.

It was to replace the one she had from deaf action that had stopped working. She does not feel isolated now.

Excellent, delivered on time and easy to set up and effective.

I was losing interest watching tv as i was always asking the wife ‘what did they say’. Turning up the volume didn’t necessarily help as it gave a buzzing noise in my weaker ear. I have had hearing aids just over 12 months and only used an inductance loop aid for the first time 1 month ago and couldn’t believe the difference it made. I researched on line and this products reviews were wonderful for a tv so i immediately purchased it. It was easy to install and i ran the loop wire just under my coving concealing it in mini trunking as i had too many doorways and arches to overcome at floor level. This has made so much difference to my hearing as the sound is directly amplified into the hearing aids blocking out background noise. The tv’s volume has been turned down so everyone is happy. When you first turn the amplifier on, it is astounding and is just like someone has turn the volume up. The tone is very good and the clarity of the spoken word is brilliant. I can’t recommend it enough.

My friend was delighted when i fitted it in his house,and he says its changed his life.

My last one broke so this is a direct replacement.

My mum, who lives with us and has her own sitting room, was always afraid to turn the volume of the tv too high (even though we kept telling her it wouldn’t bother us). She has hearing aids in both ears. We bought this megaloop a couple of months ago and it has transformed her life.The box sits under her tv and she has never had to alter the volume. If anyone comes into her room to talk to her, she just switches the switch on one of her hearing aids and the megaloop turns off and she can hear us talk. The first time she listened to pointless she cried as she had never heard ‘the big one’ talk before – even though she had watched it for years. The volume of the tv is set to ‘0’, but if we watch a programme with her we can have the volume up and she can still use the megaloop. Easy to set up, my sister and i did it in about 15 minutes.

Simple to install makes life so much better.

First class product, i live in a bungalow and put the loop wire in the roof above lounge/kitchen and bathroom all worked perfectly better than my old loop system. Here are the specifications for the Echo MegaLoop DAC PRO Induction Loop System Echo® MegaLoop DAC™ Induction Loop System:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Now with Remote Control….. Integrated Digital Audio Converter.
  • Easiest loop system to connect to modern televisions. Hearing Aid must have `T` Position.
  • Outstanding Sound Quality with easy connection to modern TV systems!
  • Can be used with or without stand. Comes with 38m Cable

Amazing what this little box and some wire can do, fitted it up myself around the skirting boards and around doorframes. I never miss a word on the tv now.

This loop system is brilliant. After years of struggling to follow programs on the tv even with hearing aids or other products for the tv that you wear like headphones, i can finally just watch and hear and follow any program. With a separate volume control, the tv can be very quiet and i can still hear loudly and clearly. It has made it possible to enjoy the tv properly again. I thoroughly recommend this system (although you do have to fix the wire (loop) all around the room and best at ceiling height. Only criticism is that more clips are needed to be able to attach it neatly.

Installed in my lounge to help my wife hear the tv. Only problem i had was locating the correct audio output from my tv, but once i had the right one the box worked perfectly.

This works perfectly in my living room and with my hearing aid giving me good clear speech. The sound from my hearing aid is a bit high pitch but clear.

Got these to replace an old system and it works a treat, much more powerful than the old system and having it lets me listen to the telly while my husband listen to the hi-fi in the same room.

Easy to install with instant result. Connected to television and he can now hear clearer diction and do away with subtitles. We can now keep tv to reasonable level while he can still hear it through the loop.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mum will be able to listen to digital radio as well from the TV in the bedroom lying in bed.
  • TV viewing is now enjoyable!
  • I can hear the TV again!

Very simple to set up, and excellent performance. It replaced an earlier model which could not link to the tv and could only be used with the virgin box. This one has the option of an optical connection, which made all the difference.

Easy to set up once you have the wiring around the room. First time in years i have been able to watch t. Microphone i used to watch programmes on fire stick and listen to the radio.

If you are hard of hearing you can’t beat having a loop in your living room so you can hear the tv clearly with hearing aids on the t position. Works the same even when the tv volume is zero which is good if you don’t want to disturb others late at night.