Electric Food Dehydrator Tiered 5 Tray – Great Dehyrator for the price

Dehydrator makes excellent jerky and for it’s size has a large capacity. Worth a try if you fancy making an authentic product at a fraction of the shop price.

Compact, easy to work,but just needs a temperature guide alongside the times. Easy to use and easy to clean.

Have never used a dehydrator before, so chose a mid-price one with good reviews to experiment with. It will take me a while to work out what is the best way to deal with each fruit and vegetable i try, but my few experiements so far are encouraging, and the machine has got plenty of time and temperature settings to play with and find just the right setting for what you want to do. So far have tried celery, banana chips, apple slices and carrot chips. Need to buy a mandoline to help me slice more quickly and finely, and some silicone sheets to stop things like banana chips sticking to the trays. Judging by results so far, i think i will be using this a lot to make healthy snacks and preserve things like celery, so i can use just a handful in a stew without wasting the rest of a bunch. The instructions are very basic, but there is loads of information on the internet about various ways to dry things, and receipes to try, but mostly i think it will be make it up as i go along, as no two batches of foodstuffs are alike. I like the rectangular shape, easier to store away in a cupboard than the round or oval ones. I might want to invest in something with more trays going forward, as i suspect i will be hooked on dehydrating, but for now this is great to use to learn the art.

Arrived within the time stated well packagedexcellent machineusing for trial runs before deciding whether to buy a larger one.

Was slightly louder than expected but not hideously loud. Already dried coriander and basil and was done in only a few hours.

Bought on a whim, but this is so versatile just remember to buy the air-tight jars ( 4x classic airtight jars 750ml) as you will need them thethe ultimate dehydrator cookbook is a must but be warned it is drying is very addictive.

Not great for what i wanted. It stopped working after a while. Impressed with the way the return and the handling of the refund were done. I think for what i wanted i need to get a more robust ( and therefore more expensive) one. This one would be good for drying fruit and veg, but that’s about it.

Product delivered within the time scale, (one box damaged because we were out but it was superficial damage). Looks like the picture but i haven’t used the product as yet because i think i’ve ordered the wrong item. The leaflet suggests hours to dehydrate orange peel and does not list lemons 🍋 and i wonder if it’s going to be cost effective to use or practical for what i want.

It works but my biltong is nothing like mass production. Think i need to use better meat and seasoning and marinade for longer.

Used it for drying probondo prosthetics- worked really well.

Great, original i bought i didn’t try for over 6 weeks and wasn’t working, contacted supplier i was a bit unhopeful due to the amount of time passed, but they were amazing and i could send it back and a new one sent out.

Used a few times already, have been making dog treats in the oven on low heat to dry the sweet potato etc out, was taking 6 hours on low heat, new dehydrator takes 8 but is much easier to just fill and leave on. Timer and heat both adjust to suit. Everything so far has worked well.

Great for drying chillies, they stay bright red, will try lemon & orange slices for christmas and apricots next year. Does take a long time but end result is good.

Great product, great results.

It’s a very good dehydrator if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on one. It has the heat and time setting at the front which are easy to use and change before and during the dehydration. The trays are quite good try’s they can be put in to two different heights depending on the height of the food you are dehydrating. The only problem with the trays is that is sometimes hard to clean if a bit of fat or marinate gets stuck in one of the gaps corners. It comes with instructions and some ways do do food with heat temperature and times with it. You can do meat and beef jerky in this very well it but it takes time to get the right temperature and time to do it with. This is an overall, a good dehydrator.

I ordered this product having never done dehydrating before, and i have no idea how to use it. I was under the impression a manual would be included but no. The product is difficult to guess temperature for since there is no indication of what needs to be dehydrated at what temp.

I have tried using this and find it to be not very effective.

We’ve dehyrdrated tomatoes, apples, kiwi and raspberries. All took quite a lot longer than the booklet stated but worth the wait.

I always wanted to try a dehydrator but was afraid to spend a lot of money on something i wasn’t sure i would use. When i spotted this dehydrator it fit my budget and unlike the very expensive ones i could cut my loses if this form of preserving was not for me. Much to my surprise i haven’t stopped using it since it was delivered. I grow my own vegtable’s and find i end up giving so much away, also blanching and freezing takes up so much time and space in my freezer however this new way of preserving is amazing.I just have to slice my veg set the timer and the temperature and walk away, i find that not everything is completed at the same time but that would be obvious as the further away from the heat source the longer it would take to dehydrate. I use mason jars to store my tomatoes, beetroot and kalechips. I would highly recommend this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good product, great price
  • No manual
  • so good. We’ve dehyrdrated tomatoes

I always wanted one food dryer and this is perfect for the price.