ELEPHAS Mini Portable Projector WiFi DLP HD Pico 3D Video Pocket Projector Supports 1080P HDMI USB Built-in YouTube Koala Apps Rechargeable Battery : Good price with good quality

Amazing product if you won’t find better for less than 500+. Ok so picture quality excellent. Make nearly no noise when operating. When i have it plugged in more than 8hrs of play time with nearly no heating up of the device. Colour calibrated very well has an auto keystone and a digital adjustment option in the settings. Manual focus dial works great with a good fiddle. Tripod stand when fully extended works great won’t last forever so may be worth getting a stand. The apps don’t work great but everything else does hdmi is perfect and there is no sound lag. Mir cast and chrome cast aren’t great on this device yet at least the hardware is brilliant. Use a projector screen for way better results.

The elephas mini is a great piece of kit for the size. It fits neatly in any small space, so perfect for placing on a shelf. It is fairly easy to set up and use. The remote is really useful and can navigate areas not shown on the screen, although you need to point it directly at the machine or it doesn’t work. The picture is really good quality, although taking the lights down or completely off is best, especially on. I tried it on a projector sheet (hanging), white wall/ceiling and a on freestanding projector screen, and all were similar in quality. But if you plan to move this around, i recommend getting a freestanding screen. I plugged my fire stick directly into it and it works a treat. You can stream from your phone but i found this a little difficult, but that’s an internet issue rather than a problem with the kit. I love the fact it’s rechargeable but 2 hours is not quite enough to watch a full movie, so keep it plugged in where possible.

I was searching for projector which would be light weight and easy to carry and found this one. I will say i found exactly which i was looking. This projector is easy to connect with wifi and good battery backup and connect wifi seamlessly. As this has very light weight so you can move around easily inside room. Screen size is adjustable based on your need and quality of screen is good. I would stongly recommend my friends this one who is looking for projector as this help you to watch photos and videos or movies during your family holidays and friends get together. This has icast which connets your iphone easyliy to show all of your trip pictures with everybody and share your happiness. I would stringly recommend this product.

The sound is ok for the projector itself but we liked full sound so we have connected it to our surround sound and it’s much better. Wifi option is awesome esp for my kids who want to share things with friends on the big screen. We successfully got about a 92 inch projection in our home and could go larger if we had the space. Works well enough during the day if we close curtains. Night time has amazing picture, as it should being a projector.

This is a totally remarkable piece of equipment. I wanted it for powerpoint presentations to 30 or 40 people in village hall surroundings. It’s as near perfect for that purpose as makes no difference. It does exactly what it promises to do. . Of course, more expensive projectors would do even more, but that isn’t the point.

Our office needed to buy a new projector and had some grant funds to purchase some items. Upon looking at hundreds of projectors and reviews, i saw how great the reviews were for this projector while still maintaining a great market value. I would be skeptical of it’s potency and clarify if it weren’t for the great reviews. The projector came in and it was easy to set up, connected to wi-fi, had youtube already as part of the projector, and was very user friendly. I highly recommend this projector for any presentation and office need. It may not be suitable for extra-large screens as you may need a larger projector but it is perfect for what we need.

I buy this projector for my brother but now i’m keeping it for myself and reason being because of the size it’s mini and when it says pocket sized it’s literally that small that you could fit it in your pocket comes with tripod and neat case and has all the features that most projectors have with wifi hd dlp can watch 3d videos has built in youtube koala apps rechargeable battery which is handy if your on the move and can use a powerbank to recharge. Love this mini projector and wish i got this the first time.

First i have a mix feeling with this projection generic brand ( ledsource), but overall. Good outcome very bright and compact. Even with our exterior ligth on. The picture still very vibrant. This is my first projector i have and i’m so happy. When i contact customer service to get additional information. They did responded right away. The built in speaker is kinda chinsey but expected that going into it.

  • Great mini projector
  • Best projector 2019 value Price and quality
  • Amazing projector

ELEPHAS Mini Portable Projector WiFi DLP HD Pico 3D Video Pocket Projector Supports 1080P HDMI USB Built-in YouTube Koala Apps Rechargeable Battery, Ideal for Home Cinema and Outdoor Entertainment



Smart and lightweight DLP projector with wireless screen mirroring capability.

Mini beetle-shaped appearance design makes the carrying convenient and comfortable. It’s the latest model that achieves the 3D mode by adopting the advanced DLP technology, which makes a real and excellent visual experience possible for you.


Wi-Fi Configuration

The Wi-Fi module is inserted into the projector so that it supports to connect the Wi-Fi configuration. In a way, it greatly resolves the issue regarding the complicated connection and provides the convenience way to connect the projector.

  • Built-in two Apps- YouTube Apps and Koala Apps
  • Support 2T extra memory and 2G bits memory
  • 40° keystone correction- Auto and Manual
  • Installation Options- Front, Rear, Front Ceiling, Rear Ceiling




Easy Connection

The projector can connect to iPhone/iPad via screen mirroring and work with Android via wireless display.

Portable Carrying

606 3D projector with the mini-size (100*108*40mm) and light-weight (280g), it can extremely provides the convenience way in carrying.

Bright Image

+80% brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio offers the color-rich images and delivers outstanding video quality for movies.




Optional Streaming

The projector can be charged by power bank. It means that you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

Soft Aural Sensation

Built-in the Hi-Fi quality stereo, it is able to provide the clear and softy hearing experiment for you, and the upgraded cooling system can brings heat dissipation

Adjustable Screen Size

The screen size from 20 in to 100 in with the throw distance range from 0.5m to 2.6m. We suggest that the range from 1.0m to 2.1m may take you into a stunning experience.

asfadfe adfaf 3D Glassess
ELEPHAS 3D Mini Projector ELEPHAS Projector Screen 3D DLP Link Glasses
3D Mode
Display Technology DLP PVC DLP
Projection Distance 0.5m – 2.6m 100 inches Active Shutter Glasses
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 16 : 9
Dimension 10*10.8*4 cm
Net Weight 280g
Vertical Keystone Auto ±40°

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This elephas mini projector is of very high quality. It supports airplay, 3d and 1080p. It’s a wireless projector removing the hassle of wires and connectors. It’s very mobile and easy to travel around with. It is easy to set up and the picture quality is outstanding. It also comes with a very nice carry case. This projector is perfect for presentations and outdoor movies and social events. It’s definit worth my money.

Without a doubt, this projector has exceeded all expectations-the sound quality, the picture quality from the device. Am very pleased with this product, and sure recommend the product and thanks to the seller.

This little yaufey projector packs a pretty decent punch. I had it working for about 2 hours watching youtube on a grey wall with 3 100w lights on in the room. It was a little dim with 3 lights on, but i could still clearly see the picture. For what i’m planning on using it for, this is perfect. Connections are easy and obvious. Works just like a cell phone.

I have been impressed by the quality of the picture despite having quite high light levels in the room during use. It’s really easy to set up and it is compact. We have mostly used it connected up to either the laptop or the dvd player and have been happy with the quality and clarify of the playback.

The elephas projector is amazing. When i first received the projector i was surprised at how small yet well built it is. It looks professional and i feel works equally well if not better than epson professional projectors i’ve used in the past. I wanted a professional and personal use projector. It is best for watching films on however, with the right tech, powerpoints work well too. I have found windows to be a little difficult to connect as it relies on miracast, my mac, iphone however, has worked brilliantlythe picture quality is outstanding, obviously it works better on the dark which you can see in the pictures however, is ok in lighter room too. Sound quality is really good for such a small device however if you are using in a louder setting it may be difficult to hear. This doesn’t detract for me as i’m likely to use as a ‘tv’ if my kids are watching something. User interface is really straight forward and clear with really clear instructions. Auto adjust works really well.

I’ve wanted a mini projector for ages but the pictures don’t give much perspective. When it arrived i couldn’t believe how small it is. I can carry it around and not even realise it’s there considering it only weighs 280g. The projector connected quickly and easily via screen mirroring and remained connected whilst i watched a movie. I set it up to display at approx 80 inches and the picture quality was fantastic. Other available connection options include hdmi and usb which is great if you want to connect to a tv box, dvd player or even a usb stick. I’ve also tried connecting my power bank which can charge the projector on the move. If those features weren’t enough it also offers 3d viewing which i haven’t tested so far but intend to purchase 3d glasses.

Absolutely delighted with my order. Arrived quickly and packed safely. It’s very amazing how technology evolves for such a small piece of technology it gives really good result video projection. Easily installed and from first view the video is very good quality. Setting up was easy and the instructions were clear. The projector can be easily connected by a wifi to pc, laptop and even to iphone or mobile without the use of the hdmi cables. It has wide screen and very vivid colours from 6meters distance. Plus, you can carry it anytime, anywhere in your pocket.

  • Great mini projector
  • Best projector 2019 value Price and quality
  • Amazing projector

ELEPHAS Mini Portable Projector WiFi DLP HD Pico 3D Video Pocket Projector Supports 1080P HDMI USB Built-in YouTube Koala Apps Rechargeable Battery, Ideal for Home Cinema and Outdoor Entertainment

Features and Spesification

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  • 3D Ready: The RD606 Series supports multiple 3D modes. All you need is a pair of active DLP Link 3D glasses (Not included) to seamlessly synchronize it with the image for an awesome 3D experience
  • Auto Keystone: The Auto Keystone function enables the projected image adjusted automatically, and optimizes the angle quickly and easily – up to 40 degree
  • Built-In Wi-Fi: Connecting it to the Internet and you can enjoy online videos via built-in YouTube and Koala apps when you have Wi-Fi built in (Netflix does not support the multi-screen. )
  • Wireless Screen Sharing: With a wireless mirroring function, you are able to share videos, photos and apps through compatible Android or IOS devices via Airplay or Miracast
  • Lightweight and Portable: The beetle-shaped projector delivers high portability for a very convenient cinematic experience with its compact design. You can put it in your pocket or handbag with you anywhere
  • Embedded Battery: The built-in battery lasts two hours without stops. It can also be charged by a power bank, which makes a mobile theater that you can take anywhere possible
  • Advanced DLP Technology: The smart projector achieves the 1000: 1 contrast ratio and up to 1080P resolution, as it adopts the newest advanced DLP technology
  • Strong Connectivity: This pico projector provides you with a variety of connected methods. It supports 3.5mm Audio/ HDMI/ USB/ Micro USB connectivity
  • Warranty Guarantee: ELEPHAS provides 18 months warranty and lifetime professional customer service & technical support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (E-mail: [email protected])