ELEPHAS Projector Q9 Native 1080P HD Video Projector – Great value projector

Picked this up on offer, i wasn’t expecting anything too great. But this was a very pleasant surprise. Works best in a dim or dark room. For a projector in the £100-£200 range, you can’t go wrong.This was one of the only native 1080p projectors at this price point as well, which was fantastic. Highly recommend thisi do recommend external speakers though, just saying.

The projector is compact and technological. The images are clear and not dazzling. During the day, the images might be a bit worse than at night, but does not affect watching. The sound is good, clear and loud enough, my children also like to see. It also can connect with phones and computers, very convenient media product. All in all, good quality and low price.

That’s was an excellent projector for my needs. It was easy to use right out of the box. The picture was phenomenal even in low light. I was thinking i probably had to have it completely dark that was not the case. I purchased one of the lesser expensive screens to put it on, however the picture was so good i couldn’t just put it on the wall and save my money. Very happy with this purchase will definitely buy this brand again.

Good sized, excellent packing conditions to prevent crush. All necessary accessories included hdmi, av, power cables, small bag and remote controller .It easy to move and quick to set-up. Now, i have a cinema at home :d . It has a high resolution, high display quality.

Our family bonding is watching movie that’s why we want something that is bigger and looks like a cinema to enjoy watching and i bought this projector at first i’m hesitant to buy specially in high price but reading the description high specs and good features it encourage me to get this first this is very easy to used and operate just follow the instructions in the manual and you’ll be fine very easy. This projector support different kinds of connectivity for you to be able to watch in your choice most of the time in our house we used our phones to connect so this one is perfect as this has hdmi port and other types just check the description. This projector screen upto 300” which is perfect for us family to watch in our living room the quality of the vedio is great high quality and bright plus the resolution of colour is great and the sounds is loud because this is equipped of built-in speakers 5w twin subwoofer stereo sound i’m very sure you will enjoy watching your movie with the effect of the sounds. And also this is not only for entertainment this is ideal also for business presentations so for me this is a good buy my father can used for business presentation and for entertainment. Also i’m very pleased to have this high quality projector. So far all the function is working very well and we are happy and contented i highly recommend this you will be satisfied with the good quality.

I have used the projector for a few days to review. It works perfectly for me so far, easy to connect and connectivity to many types of devices. Anyway, it is very good, the size is moderate, does not take up much space. The projection pixels are very high and the display is very clear. You might see that the image is very good in the light off environment, i think whatever which brand of projectors works much better without strong light, still can see it very well during the day. Turning on a ceiling light may affect the brightness a little, but no problem for a distant light. With it, you hardly ever use a tv.

It makes it feel like a cinema at home, the picture quality is amazing and clear. The price is good and my family is very happy when they use this.

I really like this projector. The projector is 1920×1080 full hd resolution, super color technology and unique color reproduction provide a wide color gamut of 16. 77 million, whether you are watching movies at home, playing games, outdoor parties, or business ppt presentations. The projector supports hdmi / usb / vga / av / micro sd card / audio output 3. Dual hdmi and usb port design makes it easier to connect laptops, blu-ray disc players, game consoles and hdr.

Brilliant projector for the price. Very bright – you can watch a movie when in the day time. Fan sound is noticeable but not too much when watching a movie.

I love this project that’s it easy to use,and easy to connect. The project that value for money,because that the quality is fantastic,to make video is so clear and the sounds loud.

The appearance is simple and generous, with a very delicate feeling. Unfortunately, there is no projection cloth. Preparing to buy a projection cloth should work better. The darker the light, the clearer it will be. There’s not much noise either.

This projector has everything you need to connect a dvd player or amazon fire stick to watch movies outside. The brightness is better when used after sunset or dark. The sound level is surprisingly loud but we used the headphone jack and connect to speakers for that drive in effect. This is more than enough power to watch a movie in the backyard without worrying of damage to a projector. The picture can be somewhat hard to read small text but clear for movies and photo slideshows presentations. You have to use remote if you want to adjust the volume. The remote does respond within 8ft with direct line of sight. At this price point we allow the kids to hook up their xbox or friends switch.

I got a projector in my house already ,i think both great quality, but this new one pictures better than before one, the product absolutely amazing. I just project film on wall, the picture clearly, fantastic sounds , fantastic price. I known 5500 lumens that’s 1080p hd with film. The product is easy to play with child, because the big screen on wall that play game very very be excited. Here are the specifications for the ELEPHAS Projector Q9 Native 1080P HD Video Projector:

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  • 【1920×1080 NATIVE RESOLUTION】 ELEPHAS LED projector with native 1920×1080 full HD resolution for a picture that is incredibly lifelike. Super color technology and exclusive color reproduction feature offers a wide color gamut of 16.77 million for superb image production in almost any environment. Whether you are watching a movie at home, playing games, outdoor party, or for business PPT presentations.
  • 【2x BRIGHTER THAN OTHER】The video projector packed with 5500 Lumens brightness and 6000 : 1 high contrast ratio. The infinite dynamic contrast makes every scene spring to life with detail and realism. Which bring you an 80% brighter and 50% sharper image than other comparable projectors on the market. It delivers larger-than-life Full HD entertainment at home. An energy-saving feature reduces power consumption–no lamp replacement and virtually zero maintenance.
  • 【300″ GIANT SCREEN AND SUBWOOFER SOUND SYSTEM】HD projector screen up to 300″ to provide more breathtaking IMAX visuals with a fabulous visual feast. It Built-in speakers has 5W twin subwoofer stereo sound, pumps out crisp treble, detailed mids, and resonating X-bass for enjoying music and movie! With latest cooling system and high-quality material, the fan noises only half as comparable projectors.
  • 【VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY】This projector supports HDMI/ USB/ VGA/ AV/ Micro SD Card/ Audio Out 3.5mm. Dual HDMI & USB ports design makes it more convenient to connect your laptop, Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console and HDR. HDR video offers a vastly expanded brightness range to deliver far more realistic, high-contrast images and brilliant colors. It’s ideal for business presentations and home entertainment.
  • 【LIFETIME FREE WARRANTY】 ELEPHAS guarantees lifetime free warranty and timely professional Technical support. This projector possesses CE FCC RoHS PSE certificates. Any questions, please write an email to [email protected] We guarantee for your product, please do not hesitate to place an order.

I found a lot of time studying reviews on various projectors in this price range. This is the one i finally decided on i have not been disappointed. The picture qualityis outstanding. Another plus being my wife except it has looking good where it’s sited on the bookcase.

This is a great projecto, nice and compact with great quality. Very easy to use and set up to what ever you have to play movies. Many display options to choose from. This thing did exactly what it needed to do and was reasonably priced.

This projector is great and offers multiple ways to connect to it to display content. While this projector is primarily intended for displaying presentations, documents or other material from a computer, phone or tablet it works great for media as well but is a clear winner when it comes to displaying presentations or documents. There are 2 hdmi ports for video and audio and 2 usb port to use to connect to the amazon fire, chromecast and usb sticker to play documents or movies, so it can be make kind of wireless to use the projecor. For the image quality and brightness is abusolutely brilliant, obviously its 5500 lumens, you can tell when you start to play it, it work well either on the wall or better quality on the projector screen, the image is excellent, color is lovely full warm color, it just makes me enjoy to use it. It comes with 2 of the 5w of speaker within itself, it wasnt that good as what i demand for, but i have a full set of the home cinema to improve my own sound quality to makes it great experience. This projector is perfect in terms of portability/size and being able to offer a good number of connectivity options while still being able to output a bright and vivid picture. Overall, it value what it sell for.

I purchased this projector as i’m starting to look into projection mapping for halloween, some of the big selling points was the brightness and multiple input methods. I set the projector up straight out of the box plugged in a usb stick and i was away. The only small negative is that you do not get all of the file name displayed, this can be managed by saving the files in a logical manner.

Just received this last week and admittedly was a slight error in what i was looking for, as i was after a portable projector, however i have also been looking for a cheap projector for the house. The projector arrived in good packaging and is easy to set up out of the box , i have tested my laptops connecting, playing films from my phone, my nintendo switch and all good so far. Been playing with usb and as yet not success yet but i think it is the format of the files i have , mainly mkv’s. The unit does have quiet a bit of fan noise but it is not a huge distraction. The unit produces a good volume of sound. And to be honest for the money i think this is a great buy and gets you started. Once i have a chance to use more may adjust this review.

Really great projector, and we were able to attach it in place of the last one very easily. The design is very user-friendly, and the main reason we got this projector is for the led light source, which is much more cost-effective and longer-lasting. The projector also has a native 1080p resolution which is what we were looking for. The remote only has a few controls but is very intuitive to operate.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The best resolution for its price: good for both family entertainment and business presentations
  • Impressively good
  • Excellently priced

I have used a few different projectors before but this one is probably one of the best projectors that i have used. In terms of image quality, this is really top notch. The images are so clear and bright. Very colourful with clean looking colours. This projector is real simple to set up. I have it connected to my laptop where all of my movies collection is stored via the hdmi cable. What i look most is connecting this to my ps4 and playing it on the big screen. Overall this a great projector and the fan is not too noisy at all.

The best projector i’ve ever used. It has lovely, clear graphics and displays nicely onto my screen. The image doesn’t distort and is very vivid. Possibly the best i’ve seen on the market. One of the problems i’ve often encountered with other projectors is how dim the lighting is but that’s certainly not the case with this one as i can see it clearly even in broad daylight. As for functionality, this projector is very easy to use and comes with a helpful and clear instruction manualoverall, i’d say this projector is definitely priced very well at a bargain price. For what you’re getting, it’s a super deal. Excellent projector, would highly recommend to everyone.

Great product, picture and sound are excellent.

 the packaging is very design. When i first saw him, i don’t think it is like a projector. This projector has a unique design style. I have been thinking about taking your home theater to the next level, but the budget is only about 200 pounds, so i considered this projector. I am new to the projector and home theater, but i must say that i am very satisfied with the quality and price of this projector. I bought this movie with the realistic expectations of the projector (don’t expect the quality of 4k digital cinema). I am sure some projectors offer a clearer quality. In terms of the price range of this projector, it does provide a great way to watch movies, sports and more on the big screen. The 5,500 lumens claim to be bright enough to project large images with good color and good definition, even if the still images or slides are particularly useful for keynotes, the results are satisfactory, clear and vivid. Depending on how they work (think of the use of flashlights during the day and night), all projectors work best in dark rooms.

I give picture quality, sound and brightness 5 star. Probably the most bang for the buck projector on amazon.

 been looking for a good projector for my kids when watching movies at home. Just haven’t used one before so my friend advised me that the projector with higher lumens are better as the video quality will be more brighter. Tried it on i have to say it is really good. The display is so clear,。very easy to use as well. There are lots of ports behind which you can use to connect different devices. It comes with a remote control which i found easy to use. The sound quality gives a very good sound, but decided to connect to my big speaker for more cinematic sound. This projector can be viewed up to 300′ wide screen. It will be nice to use as well outdoor in the garden when theres a football match and invite my friends to watch.

I like this projector its easy to use and connect. The quality of the video is so clear and the sounds is loud. Its easier to connect on ipad or iphone no need to install apps but if using android needs to install apps. Im trying to connect it to my s7 but seems so complicated but its working great on my iphone and ipad. I took a video of the quality of the video but i know its not so clear in my video since im using flash to video the projector and the movie i played. It works in netflex but only for the thriller not in the movie or series. But in youtube its works perfectly fine. So far i love this projector.

The product is great 10/10 easy to handle the quality is amazing the speakers have a spectacular sound i love it.

This projector is great for the price. It was packed quite securely in its own case inside the box. The product is really nicely made, you can feel the good quality once it connected with my phone. The picture is bright and very usable even during the day. The focus, colours and contrast look good. Dark room viewing is brilliant. Overall a very robust projector with a great projection ratio. The projector has great sound quality and has extra features in menu you can adjust. It’s not very heavy so it’s easy to carry and travel.

I really liked this product, i used for the summer camp program at my work so my students could play on my nintendo switch. It was very easy to set up and to pack up. It is very compact and came with all the wires (hdmi, av, vga and power), and the remote works great. Picture quality is good (not the 100% best but on par with my 1080p 60′ tv that’s 4 years old), best in low light setting but does not have to be pitch black i’ve had no problems so far so very worth the purchase, especially for the price.

Ok, this is a brilliant projector, could not wait for it to arrive, when you receive your parcel you are more than half way to watch a perfect movie, with a perfect colour screen, volume is very good, also if you like you can attach to speakers which does not do any damage, with this projector you can also use a fire stick which you can choose whatever you wish on a perfect picture and sound, highly recommend.

Been looking for a good projector for my kids when watching movies at home. Just haven’t used one before so my friend advised me that the projector with higher lumens are better as the video quality will be more brighter. Have seen so many online, one has 4200 lumens and then i saw this elephas with 5500 lumens and i said, hang on, this has the better price as it has higher lumens but the price is just the same as the one with 4200 lumens. Also, some branded ones are too expensive so i decided to have a go on this one. Tried it on i have to say it is really good. The display is so clear, i didn’t even notice a single pixel compare to my friend’s projector as he is using one with 4000 lumens. My curtains are open as i tried it on during the day but the screen display is still so sharp and even more sharper in the dark. I connected my ipad but had to purchase an mhl adapter separately. Mhl adapter to hdmi cable is required if using mobile phones, ipad and tablet.

 when you receive the goods, you can’t wait to open it. It’s packed very thoughtfully, the bag, foam and carton are triple-protected. All the cables inside are fully equipped. The sound of the opening is amazing. The sound of the cooling fan is no noise, and the color is projected onto the wall. Clear and bright, the family likes adults and children, saves the trouble and money to go to the cinema, friends come to the house and feel great, recommend it to her, she also decided to buy a home to enrich her home theater.

In summary, an elegant look unlike its amazon old wagon like picture. It has a much higher dpi than previous versions that i could prepare and read websites on pc with good accuracy especially if the projector is placed central to the wall, otherwise using the 15 keystones would bring a slightly blurred text on upper and lower margins but ’hey i am projecting onto the wall’. Good lens with several options to select between vivid to cool, setting a timer etc. I use hdmi to connect it to my laptop as unlike vga it doesn’t require an extra audio cable. The frame rate around 59 – 60 and you can slightly adjust if using pc but liquidity of videos is fantastic = tvs. High-quality audio of good volume mimicking that of a single big blue 4 directional speaker and >2x louder than that of an average laptop. I bought this because its quality is near to those expensive brands and thus would expect its price to go higher in few months. I like it in my bedroom as would turn it vertical and you have options to flip the screen at 90 angles; however, it is of around 1-meter x 75 cm frame if projecting vertically towards the ceiling and wouldn’t get larger unless if you keep changing your pc resolution settings until you find what would make it larger. I am waiting for a chrome cast to try the phones and haven’t got screen yet so will update later. Future recommendations: add horizontal, rotational screen adjustments as the current 15 keystones is only vertical thus would be tricky if projecting obliquely but possibly can be adjusted by pc settings.

I bought this projector because i want to watch movies at home. The screen resolution is very high and the sound quality is very good.

I think for the price you are getting a pretty good deal. The quality of the picture is great, the speakers are better than i thought they would be and when you are watching something, you can barely hear the fan. It’s the first projector i have owned so nothing else to compare it too but it certainly seems to do a good job. I’ve used it only once so far so hopefully it will continue to work well.

This projector is exceptional, picture quality is close to cinema’s standard and the two speakers fitted in the projector can give you a complete home cinema experience. Really happy with my purchase and i will definitely recommend it for anyone want a cinema experience at home.

 i have 2 projectors in my home already and i thought they were good until i bought this one. I am colour blind so i tweaked some of the colour options via remote and what a fantastic result. Dont know how i thought the other two were good. Not now this is above and beyond those. They will be rendered obsolete and i think i am going to have to buy another of these. Fantastic projector and fantastic price.

This projector arrived as expected. It has very good brightness even during the daytime. The fan noise is low and the picture quality is really good. Quite easy to set up but i followed the instructions. Overall is good value for money.

I am a person who likes to take pictures, specifically interested in all the aspects of the natural world and even the small details. I always love to try something new and different to succeed in my career. It’s my dream to travel around the world and snap the beautiful pictures of this world with my tiny camera and inspired in youtube with the name lei’s adventures official channel. Hope one day,i also can become a you-tuber that can share my pictures from all over the world. When i met my friend last time, he used a projector to play the movie. The experience is very realistic and natural. I interested to purchase one for my hobby, so it will help me to visualize my pictures. After a lot of searches at amazon, i decided to go with this projector because of good reviews and a detailed description of the product as well as,it perfectly fitted within my budget. This project is easy to set up by just following the operation manual. To test the projector,i tried with some of my recent pictures, and the image was crisp and clear.

This projector is of good quality and easy to use. It has dual hdmi and usb ports. I can connected with my tablet watching the movies or use my usb storage to see my files. The picture is very clear and the sound quality good too. It’s really a good home theater entertainmentwe are loving it so much.

First of all, when it arrived, it was well packaged, very sturdy and secure. Easy to use and connects to laptop, picture quality is just fabulous. I bought it for family movie time which this projector suits perfectly. Bought the projector screen separately which isn’t too expensive. The projector it self is little bit pricy but quality is there. Everything is perfect but there is just a tiny downside which is would like it to have is bluetooth connection, so would be easier to connect to mobile phones instead of using the wires, but this isn’t affecting using it.

I just share the experience for all people: i bought this projector to watch movies. My favorite is that i can connect my iphone to this projector directly with a usb cable, and i don’t need to buy an extra adapter. Open the network share and press trust on the iphone, to connect it immediately. The image quality is better than i expected, and the video can be viewed without stress in a dark environment. Buying this projector at this price is really worth it.

In terms of material and appearance, the projection effect is very good, the projection effect is very good, the picture is very clear, the brightness is just right, the day is relatively clear, not to mention the night – including audio is very convenient, and has the sense of watching a movie ceremony. Simple and convenient operation, not as difficult as imagined.

The projector was bought and experienced for a few days. Im very satisfied with this projector, strongly recommend it. Compared to a 55-inch 400 pound tv, the 300-inch home theater experience is greatthis is an led project that meets our expectations, and the text is clear on the screen. It’s very clear, very bright.

In general, the projector is commendable. Last night, i used this projector to watch my favorite korean drama. I connected my computer with the hdmi cable. After the power cord was connected to my socket, i pressed the power button and it was a blurry picture. Then i manually adjusted the distance of the projection, and the picture became much clearer in an instant. And the sound is relatively crisp, although it is not an enjoyable quality, at least it can be heard. In addition, the appearance of the projector is very delicate, i like this style, in general, value for my money.

I am new to projectors but i have to say that i’m really happy with the quality of this projector. The in build speaker are genuinely powerful with good bass, so the voice is clear. For the price range of the elephas, it really does offer after great way to watch movies.

This is a very good projector, and very affordable. I think of myself as being very diligent about research before i purchase anything online. I look at reviews (quantity and quality). Pricing, all competing products etc etc etc. I came across elephasand ordered a mini projector that was on sale. I was so pleased with that product that i when i wanted a full size projector i ultimately ended up with the new v600 they offer. The quality of the picture in this projector is amazing. Full 1080p and allowing up to a 300” picture if you have an area large enough for such a huge picture. There are plenty of pictures you can look at to see the quality of this projector. The speakers on this projector are pretty good surprisingly enough.

Brilliant picture quality as it has built with 5500 lumens with longer bulb life span. Price is reasonably worthy as it’s well described as how it was described. Comes with a nice box and packaging is well done with safety ways of how to keep it safe while on delivery. I loved everything about it features and it works great and honestly it amazed me so much so happy with my purchase. The brightness is great enough for home cinema movie and it can be use as well for busines presentation with the use of usb , tf card , hdmi and so on as it has lots of options to do for watching. And of course its speaker also has a good quality that doesn’t breaks my eardrums lol and definitely works so well as it has a good and compact internal speaker like i’m in a real cinema. Operate can be manual or remote controlled. A bit lightweight and it’s easirler for. Definitely would recommend it to buy as it. Mets beyond my expectations , it didn’t failed me and i’m pretty sure that it would stand a long time of use as it’s durable and made of good and. One more thing is that the screen size expand up to 300 inches which is massive and more enjoyable for me to have movies , i’m using this also for playing video games lol. The price is almost 200 quids but so happy with it and no doubt nor regrets , it has also a year warranty so i’m 100 percent having a guarantee that less me worries about in the future trouble with projector just in case.

Great value projector with the screen size of up to 300 inches. 5500 lumens brightness and 6000 : 1 high contrast ratio, high features but lower price (the other projector with 5500 lm normally £300 above). The picture quality is amazing, easy to setup and use. Very satisfied with the purchase.

This is one of the best video projectors. First of all the package arrived very quickly and the quality of the image is great,is kinda light and so very easy to carry around also is really easy to use,even for a beginner as me. I would say this is a great home theatre solution.

I’ve purchased so many projectors before for my company. Most of them last about 3 years. Thus, i need a sturdy and powerful projector. I want to make sure it is worthy. This elephas projector is able to project 5500 lumen and i have to say it is bright and visible for outdoor at night. Automatic adjustment for various angles. Minimal setup is required which took me about 20 minutes fairly easy. The remote is quite helpful, i’m able to change volume and various controls.

So, the projector’s brightness and ability to go up to 300′ is fantastic, the speakers are excellent for the price i paid (£159. 99) and the picture seems to look like the stated 1080p native resolution. The largest problems, however, are the fact that there are horizontal lines across the whole of the projected image, as well as the noise level of the fan which is constant. It is extremely loud and the speakers have to be turned up extremely loud in order to drown out the fan noise. It is a shame as i could very easily change out the fan for a silent one i’m sure, but by the time that’s done, it’s cost just as much as paying more for a quieter and more solid projector. Would recommend only to people that truly can’t afford anything more expensive and has the projector mounted somewhere above the stratosphere.

 very good quality projector. I’ve used one before, but it’s in poor definition. It’s not as comfortable as watching it on tv. This one is different, high definition picture quality, feel like buying a big tv. It’s a little more expensive than the one before, but i really think i got it right.