Elgento E19020 Rice Cooker : Great rice cooker – title currently incorrect

But it’ll work only for 6 cups.

Functional and small enough just like what i expected.

Used it as soon as it arrived, perfect rice every time. Should have bought one long ago.

What is not to like about this.

Nice little rice cooker great.

A well made item, it does its job perfectly, no problems.

Rice cooker and steamer do their job, non-stick pot works a charm and i use it to cook all sorts of things. I usually have a guest over from time to time and it can definitely handle more than enough rice for the 2 of us. Size isn’t too big either, so i can have it on my small kitchen top without worrying too much about space. Really glad i purchased this.

Very pleased with this item. The ratios for rice to water are bit confusing but just did my own thing and it turned out great. Amazed that people dont think it holds enough for a family. We are a hungry family of three but couldn’t eat half of what it cooked. The non stick is fantastic to clean.

  • Recommended!

  • Excellent little rice cooker!

  • Works for me!

Elgento E19020 Rice Cooker with Non-Stick Aluminium Easy Clean Inner Pot, Keep Warm Function, Cool Touch Handles, 1.3 Litre Cooked Rice Capacity, Pot Capacity 2.5 Litre, 450 W, White

Size:2.5 Litre, 8 Cups
Product Description, With a large eight cup capacity you can now create a whole host of rice dishes for all the family. With 450 W of power and enhanced keep warm facility, you can ensure your rice will be thoroughly cooked and kept warm until ready to be served. Safety is kept at the heart of its design with the cool touch handles and the non-stick aluminium inner pot enables hassle-free cleaning after use. Including a measuring cup, serving spoon and steam basket, you can ensure you have all the equipment you need to create rice dishes.

Box Contains, 1 x Rice cooker, measuring cups, serving spoon and steamer

From the manufacturer

Elgento E19020 Rice Cooker, Keep-Warm Function

Operating at 450 W and with a large 1.3L rice capacity, this sturdy cooker lets you cook fluffy rice for all the family.

Rice Dishes at the Flick of a Switch

Prepare a range of rice dishes quickly and easily. A multi-purpose steamer that sits on top of the cooker lets you cook a variety of ingredients, including meat, fish and vegetables, while the keep-warm function lets you keep your food warm for up to 4 hours, so that you can serve your food whenever you are ready.

Quick and Efficient

This cooker’s tempered glass lid allows you to monitor your contents and control the steam for more precise cooking. The cooker also features cool touch handles for safety when it is in use, as well as an included measuring cup and serving spoon, which add convenience when cooking and serving your rice.

Easy to Clean

This cooker is equipped a non-stick aluminium cooking bowl, which makes it quick and simple to clean and maintain. Its compact design also makes it easy to store away or fit on any counter-top, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.

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Perfect size, easy to clean and store.

Spent weeks deciding which one to buy.

Really great price, it works very well and is super easy to clean. The non-stick coating really means you can pretty much just wipe clean.

Good rice maker worth the money will serve 3-4 people much quicker than our old one and very compact so it takes up less space in the kitchen.

When i am cooking rice, water keep flying out.

I always use it to steam some steamed bread, and it is equipped with a full range of tools, very easy to use.

Its my first purchase of a rice cooker. I held off as long as possible but now i wonder why. I just put the washed rice and water in, turn it on and forget about it until its time to eat. So simple and such a blessing when you are trying to haggle baths and homework and a baby.

Have used it twice and for the first time in my life i can give people a bowl of rice , not mush.

  • Recommended!

  • Excellent little rice cooker!

  • Works for me!

Elgento E19020 Rice Cooker with Non-Stick Aluminium Easy Clean Inner Pot, Keep Warm Function, Cool Touch Handles, 1.3 Litre Cooked Rice Capacity, Pot Capacity 2.5 Litre, 450 W, White

Just what i needed, works fantastic, i have perfect rice every time even brown rice. Cleans perfectly every time, very pleased.

Cooks the rice perfectly with no mess. I did oil the inside before use and i also use more water than stated in the instructions.

Very good quality and easy to use.

Does what it says on the tin.

First time i used it i was amazed at how fluffy the rice was inclining no clogging up into a soggy mess but could we have instructions on cooking different types of rice.

Only minus is that i’m using exactly the amount of water i’m supposed, to, according to cooker’s own measurements, and yet the cooker always acts as if it’s too much. The water erupts out of the pressure hole every time and makes the surroundings wet. But other than that it’s great, rice is delicious and the device is easy to clean.

Solid rice cooker with steamer. Compact enough to fit on a small counter top. Can feed 2 to 3 people per meal.

Happy to have purchased this product. I have the small and the bigger version of it.

Just need to be careful with the heat.

Great cooker and quick delivery.

This product makes great rice effortlessly, it’s compact and easy to clean. The non stick pot is good quality but the heating element gave up after 18 months. That works out to a cost of about £1. 20 a month, not bad but i’d rather pay more for something that would last longer. Not good for the environment.

Use less water than you normally would. Design seems to retain more fluid than the bigger tatung / tatung style rice cookers.

Great rice maker – could be more clear in terms of serving sizes & cup/water ratio. Please note the title currently says 0. 6l (which would be very small).

I cook my quiona, brown and white rice with it.

Great product cooks rice perfectly and easily and then keeps rice warm once finished. Only thing it doesn’t have instructions for cooking other things such as pasta. But still works great and very easy to clean.

This is a handy, good for value rice cooker. I was worried reading some reviews about steam bubbling over the rim but didn’t have this issue at all. The cooking guidelines in the instructions booklet aren’t clear. But general rule is 1 cup of rice means fill water up to 1 on the inner pot scale, 2cups of rice equals fill up to 2 etc. The rice cooks perfectly and in less than 20mins. 6l one cooks max 3cups which is enough to feed 3-4 people in my opinion.

Much cheaper than the supermarket, and very suit me. 在英国时间全靠它了。.

Features and Spesification

  • Create fluffy rice for an ideal dish for all the family with a large eight cup capacity
  • Includes a keep warm facility ready to serve whenever you are
  • Non-stick aluminium easy clean inner pot for easy cleaning
  • Glass lid with cool touch handles for optimum safety
  • Includes: Rice cooker, measuring cups, serving spoon and steamer
  • Comes with 1 year guarantee, get extended 2 years warranty upon registration