Elpine 2.5 Litre Automatic Non Stick Rice Cooker Glass Lid – I am very happy to have this ELPINE 2

I am thrilled with my purchase and found this product excellent. No mess, the rice was perfect and you can do small or large quantities. I would not hesitate in buying this product, i read a lot of reviews on others and this one at the time didn’t have any so i took the plunge and glad i did.

This was gift and they loved it could cook lots of rice and freeze some.

I used to have a very iffy outcome on any rice i served up. This does the job without fuss. I just tend to use tesco value rice, but it cooks it well. There was slight crusting at the bottom but after mixing it up before serving it was barely noticeable. The second time i used it i notice some spattering of hot steamy water from under the lid which sprayed onto the worktop. Not a major problem but that was unexpected.

A nice buy, does the job of cooking great rice every time. Be warned that it does bubble a bit and therefore a light cloth over the top is a good idea to stop splashing.

Ii is not very good because at times the switch doesn’t work i had to hold on to it for 15 mins for the rice to cook. There is a technical fault about this item. For now i am travelling maybe on my return i will discuss it further.

Very prompt delivery’ thank you’ have had many meals with this productcooks perfect rice every time, simple to use and very quick to cook perfect rice.

If what you’re looking is a practical, non stick and small-medium size rice cooker, this is just what you want.

My only issue with this product is my own fault. It cooks very fast though and the rice turned out great.

I love it it arrived yesterday and ive made rice for a curry and ive made a rice pudding love it 😀😀.

It works for small quantity of rice better.

I use more water than recomended, cos we eat soft rice. The one that lasted longest for me was purchased nov 2018, and this is sept 2019.

Well priced and does the job nicely. Large container is very handy, will easily feed 6-8 people well.

I can’t cook rice for toffee, which doesn’t make sense, unless it’s a toffee crisp of course. Anyway, the art of rice cooking is no longer beyond me. This thing is very simple, add rice, water and set it off – it keeps it warm long enough and apparently there are many things which can be cooked in a rice cooker as well. The quality is pretty good, although at the price i paid i don’t expect it to last forever. Overall, a handy thing to have. Here are the specifications for the Elpine 2.5 Litre Automatic Non Stick Rice Cooker Glass Lid:


Excellent product and delivery.

The lid can fit the rice cooker a bit better. However while cooking rice steam does not escape around the brim of the lid. On taking the cooker out of the box the lid would not fit well as the rice cooker brim was not an exact circle (eliptical by m. M)however probably being made of aluminium i was able to press the brim gently by m. M and the lid fell in to place. Thereafter we had no problems.

Brilliant arrived on time cooks rice really well and holds plenty.

Useful item but unfortunately it didn’t take much time before the rice started to stick to the pan. Love that i can put rice on and then get on with something else but the rice sticking is annoying. Had for a couple of years and used for sushi rice as well as long grain and basmati.

I am very happy to have this elpine 2. 5 litre automatic non stick rice cooker glass lid in my home.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Ii is not very good because at times the switch doesn’t work I had
  • excellent product
  • Practical and works very well