Emperial Instant Hot Water Dispenser : Easy to use.

Very fast and efficient but does drip slightly after use.

Like the product,not sure if keeping it as water distribution very poor trickles out i may return it as need one with a good outflow and oeder one that dispatches a certain amount , my last one you press a button and it stopped after a certain measure. May pack it up and return today.

Good for what it is, does various heats but don’t wander off, doesn’t stop till it’s empty.

Bought this product as a replacement for a kettle. It is more energy efficient because you just dispense as much water as you need so no wasted hot water. Adjustable temperature is great and simple to use. As there is no preset dispensable amount you do have to stay with it. Not a brand i’ve heard of before but looks very smart and only uses as much space as a kettle.

This has proved to be an ideal purchase for my wife who has rheumatism in both hands, no more taking a kettle to the water tap to fill just fill with a jug the machines water container. The water is very hot but perhaps not quite boiling point. Like a kettle you have to remember the water container does need regular topping up. Do reside in a hard water area and the machine has had to be descaled after only about a months use.

Water flow a bit slow on the top temperature but overall excellent.

Wish i had purchased this item along time ago.

  • Easy to use
  • Five Stars
  • To many minuses not positives

Emperial Instant Hot Water Dispenser with Temperature Control, 2.2L Tank Capacity, Fast Boil, Detachable Drip Tray, Easy Clean

The Emperial 2.2L Instant Hot Water Dispenser is capable of delivering boiling water in a matter of seconds, it works just like a traditional kettle, but much quicker and easier. Dispenses 400-500ml of water reaching temperatures of 100C at the simple press of a button, only ever boiling your required amount of water, press the button again to stop the flow of water without hassle. The 2.6kW concealed heating element paired with a large, easy-fill 2.2L water tank allows the hot water dispenser to produce up to 500ml of water in just one minute, extraordinary! It’s modern design that includes a stylish black gloss finish and stainless steel detailing made from no-rust materials – making the hot water dispenser look fantastic on any kitchen worktop. You will no longer need to worry about unwanted spillages or mess, the easy-clean removable dip tray takes care of any drips or overspills of water. Simply detach, empty and replace when necessary. Unlike a standard traditional kettle, the Emperial Hot Water Dispenser is equipped with a variable temperature control – which allows you to change the temperature with a simple turn of a dial. Perfect for tea, coffee and even hot drink infusions. We recommend 40C for delicate and speciality teas, 90C for French Press coffee and 100C for breakfast or everyday teas.

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This dispenser is fantastic i would recommend it to everyone, i love it and delivery was early.

I can no longer lift and pour from a kettle, this is an excellent replacement. The large back water container can be filled via a light weight plastic jug, as well as lifting off. The water comes out slowly so i don’t feel panicked into pressing stop. One switch does both start and stop. As easy to control as standard kettles. Variable temperature dial is handy. Very pleased with purchase as good if not better than other more expensive brands.

It’s convenient hot water on demand without having to wait for kettle to boiled, to make your tea. Nothing to report as to dislike this machine.

Easy to use but not a boiling hot cup of tea or coffee. Tea is nice but coffee not so good unfortunately as water not boiling.

Instant hot water in about 30 second. One downside is, you have to stop filling before cup overflows.

Nothing to dislike, excellent.

Saves lifting hot kettle of water around.

I like the design but the water flow is so slow and not very hot even one100 degree dial.

  • Easy to use
  • Five Stars
  • To many minuses not positives

Emperial Instant Hot Water Dispenser with Temperature Control, 2.2L Tank Capacity, Fast Boil, Detachable Drip Tray, Easy Clean

Features and Spesification

  • BOIL WATER INSTANTLY: Reaches temperatures of up to 100C in a matter of seconds, produces boiling water at the simple press of a button. Includes variable temperature control that allows you to choose your desired water temperature.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Equipped with a large, easy-fill 2.2L capacity water tank which allows you to make up to 10 cups of tea or coffee before needing to refill. An impressive 400-500ml of water can be dispensed in just a minute – making it quicker than most traditional kettles.
  • MODERN DESIGN: The stylish black gloss finish and stainless steel detailing makes the Emperial Water Dispenser look good in any style of kitchen. The detachable dip tray catches any unwanted spills or mess allowing for easy cleaning.
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: Measuring W30.6 x D27.2 x H16.7cm