Epson EB-S31 Portable Projector – Five Stars

Used it in the bright light of southern france to give prehistoric cave art lectures where i was unable to darken the room – excellent piece of equipment that gave life to the pictures.

Fantastic projector, does exactly what i wanted. Picture is very clear, even in a relatively well lit room, and it has internal speakers.

Excellent – we used it in a place with lots of light and had to be creative in terms of where to project the image but no matter where we aimed it the image was perfect. We use it only for ppt’s in workshops and other business related work. Easy to carry and very easy to set up.

Quick delivery, well priced, does the job but tricky to adjust to size of wall.

It is brilliant and is just perfect for the purpose that we purchased it.

Have only tested it out and seems to be working as expected.

Couldn’t fault it or the service in any way, although it was a lot more than i hoped i would pay. I got the same product three years ago for about £200 cheaper.

If you are on windows 10 finding the software that allows you to project via the usb socket on your os 1. The download on the epson site(ver 1. 70) is out of date and you have to dig out epson usb display version 1. After that works first timethe easymp slide conversion software doesn’t work with powerpoint 2016 – it comes up with a message that you must use a 2002 or later version of powerpoint – epson online chat say not their problem, but google it and theres loads of stories of same and epson people saying they will not be updating their software. 5 days wasted getting it working on windows 10 and i’m pretty pc literateso far it now works well and i’m impressed with remote.

I got it for watching films at home. I connect to my laptop with hdmi and to a speaker with aux. Keep in mind that that the screen size is 800×600 so if you are watching in widescreen, it will be smaller.

This has been perfect for work and easy to use.

Excellent product recommended no issues all went well. Please not it comes with a protective case so don’t do what i did and buy one separate.

It does what it says on the tin. Here are the specifications for the Epson EB-S31 Portable Projector:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Projector brightness: 3200 ANSI lumens, Projection technology: 3LCD, Projector native resolution: SVGA (800×600)
  • Service life of lamp: 5000 h, Bulb power: 200 W, Service life of lamp (economic mode): 10000 h. Focus: Manual, Focal length range (f-f): 16.7 – 16.7 mm, Aperture range (F-F): 1.44 – 1.44. Video processing: 10 bi
  • Video colour modes: Blackboard, Cinema, Dynamic, Presentation, sRGB. Noise level: 37 dB, Noise level (economic mode): 28 dB
  • Projection Distance Wide/Tele: 1.77 m – 2.4 m ( 60 inch screen)

Very good projector – does everything i need it to do. It works well in bright light – so perfect for my needs.

Works perfectly good quality too. Could have done with instructions in larger print as they are so tiny i had to use a magnifying glass to read them.

Very good value, great picture, easy to use, the speaker is rubbish but that was to be expected as they always are on projectors. I believe the quality of build is well worth the little bit extra you pay, the brightness of the bulb in both colour and white makes it useable in a well lit room.

Very happy with this projector for use in our business, easy to set up and good quality projection.

Text not that clearly displayed but colour’s good.

Very easy to set up and operate and a good clear immage with colours looking fine and bright. It is light enough to carry round in the provided bag.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love it!
  • Impressed but setup and support is terrible
  • Great quality and value.

Excellenti use this for presentations in daylight filled rooms and the screen brightness is absolutely brilliant. I run it in eco mode and it’s nice and quiet, slightly noiser in regular mode but i don’t know why anyone would use that mode when eco is so bright. Easy to adjust the picture with sliders and buttons – you can position the projector off to one side and then adjust the picture so it looks as if the projector is directly in front of the screen – ideal for situations where you might not have a table to place in the centre of a room. Has a good, solid, well made feel to it. Previously tried a home theatre projector from goodee for £159 and the fan was so noisy i had to return it.

Great projector for powerpoint presentations. Plug it in and go, nice and simple. It has a good sharp image and i can use it in a room that doesn’t need to be dark. It’s quiet on eco mode so definitely recommended.

We got a 60 pound elephas model first but the quality was so bad we decided to up our budget and go for a known brand. It has made a world of difference. We can now watch during the day with only a very light curtain drawn across our large french windows. This makes it possible to watch whenever we want as opposed to waiting for it become dark outside at which point the kids get too sleepy to wait up. It also auto-corrects the image so you don’t get trapezoid shapes and you have much more freedom to place the projector anywhere in the room. The quality is perfectly adequate for quite a wide range of video resolutions. A great budget option if you don’t want to pay 400-500 pounds.