Epson EB-X03 XGA 2700 Lumens Portable 3LCD Projector : excellent condition. This wonderful piece of kit works so

Very good projector for my needs, arrived on day promised and does as it says on the tin.

Perfect for use in our large conference room with has windows along its full length. It was set up and working in minutes. Worth the budget amount we set ourselves, so let’s hope it lasts several years since we make very limit he use of it.

This projector does exactly what i needed and at a good price.

It has to live a little out of the way in our home-cinema set up, so the ability to ‘key-stone’ both the horizontal and the vertical (via the unit and/or the remote) was the killer punch. But it is so much more than that. Quick to set up, stunning display in the dark, great clear images in daylight too.Without adding a screen, we are currently just projecting onto a wall, and it is a lightly textured wall paper too – and not even white, but “antique ivory” (??), yet whites and blacks render well. There is detail in shadows and text is clear. The start-up time is very short – a matter of a couple of seconds and it is reading the output from the sony blu-ray (http://www. Uk/sony-bdps5200-smart-blu-ray-player/dp/b00i67jvk4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=utf8&qid=1421151694&sr=8-1&keywords=sony+5200).

Excelent projector, very bright and easily transportable.

Item arrived quickly once the courier found the address. Well packed and cannot wait to get using it.

The bullet pointed summary need to include that is comes with a case. Reading review can help sometimes.

Very pleased arrived earlier than expected.

  • Excellent
  • Good value projector
  • excellent condition. This wonderful piece of kit works so

Epson EB-X03 XGA 2700 Lumens Portable 3LCD Projector

Product Description,
Epson EB-X03 Projector, This LCD projector offers colours that are up to 3 times brighter than standard 1-chip DLP projectors. Together with its XGA resolution, 1.2x optical zoom and 2,700 lumens, home users and small businesses can ensure their projections offer crisp, clear images in a variety of light levels. The EB-X03 also features an eco-tab setting, auto lamp dimming function and an A/V mute timer.
High Quality, Bright and Vibrant Images, This LCD projector effortlessly displays bright images with vivid colours for a crisp, clear picture: ideal for presentations and moving images, and is aided by the 10,000:1 contrast ratio. With an HDMI input, high definition video and audio content are easily played with the same high quality you would expect from Epson.

Colour Light Output (CLO), Epson had a bright idea — measure the Colour Light Output (CLO) instead of just the white. High CLO means colours are up to 3 times brighter than 1-chip DLP projectors, meaning you don’t need to worry about your presentation displaying dark, dull images.
Colour Brightness is a scientifically set global standard that measures a digital projector’s CLO. It was concluded that there are such significant differences in colour brightness performance among projector models that colour should be measured separately to provide fair and accurate information.
Colour is an important part of image quality, which is why a projector’s colour brightness, given in lumens, is important to know. If it’s not as high as the white brightness, images are duller and colours may appear washed out. Measure the brightness of the red, green and blue light and the resulting value is your CLO.
Look for 2 lumens specifications, 1 for CLO and a separate White Brightness specification. To select a projector with vibrant colour, crisp detail and realistic skin tones, look for Colour Brightness and White Brightness measurements which are equally high.

User-friendly, Thanks to its manual keystone slider and automatic vertical keystone correction, this projector is quick and simple to set-up. No matter the angle of the projector, you can easily align the projection to ensure a straight and correct image. The Colour Universal Design makes operating the projector easier, thanks to LED colours and menu icons on the projector’s control panel.

Wireless Projector, The optional wireless connectivity allows you to show content easily from a range of devices without being connected to the projector via a cable.

Why Choose a 3LCD Projector?, Epson projectors use a 3LCD projection engine to deliver bright, clear images that are rich in detail and colour. Many other projectors use 1-chip DLP projector systems, which create thousands of pulses of coloured light per second. They do this by shining lamp light through red, green, blue and white parts of a rotating colour wheel. These light pulses are then reflected by a DMD device, which is on a hinge and has a tiny mirror for each pixel of the image.
The series of rapid colour bursts is then projected onto the screen. The viewer’s brain can’t pick out the individual flickers — it mixes the basic colours that appear in succession in each pixel to come up with the final colour the viewer sees.
Epson’s 3LCD system works differently, using a combination of dichroic mirrors to separate the white light from the projector lamp into red, green and blue light. Each of the 3 light colours is then passed through its own LCD panel and recombined using a prism before being projected onto the screen.
With 1-chip DLP technology, colour break-up or the ‘rainbow effect’ can sometimes be seen. This occurs when the eye perceives the individual colours, and is a result of the colours being projected sequentially by the colour wheel. Epson’s 3LCD technology avoids this by including all 3 basic colours in each pixel of the projection, delivering superior Colour Light Output that’s easier on the eyes.

Epson — Exceed Your Vision, Epson is an innovation leader, aiming to exceed your vision when it comes to projection, printing, scanning, fax and copying. For 40 years, Epson has understood the changing needs of customers and is committed to creating ground-breaking technology which offers you — the customer — long-lasting, high-quality prints.
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Excellent for use with powerpoint. Horizontal keystone very handy.

Prompt delivery; excellent condition. This wonderful piece of kit works so well with my macbook pro that its almost as if operates itself.

I purchased the projector based on the positive comments and reviews. It is my first such projector and i can report that it fully lives up to the reviews. It is very easy to set up and use (particularly via an hmdi lead) and i used it to present a lecture where it performed very well.

Very happy with this projector.

Great product at competitive price.

Does everything it says it will.

Works well and simple to use. Bought after recommendation from a lecture-giving friend.

Hooks up to my laptop for very good powerpoint or film presentations.

  • Excellent
  • Good value projector
  • excellent condition. This wonderful piece of kit works so

Epson EB-X03 XGA 2700 Lumens Portable 3LCD Projector

This was purchased for me by my step son, and what a gift. It has already paid for its self 5 times over. The quality is brilliant and so easy to set up. Take out the box plug in and away you go. But as a photographer i have to say the image and colour quality is spot on.

Swift delivery, easy set up and works like a charm. Very pleased with this purchase and am able to recommend it.

Yes, a good bit of kit, excellent value for money, good clarity of picure and easy to operate.

Just received this today but testing this for the first time the image is clear and bright without needing a projector screen. I tried the usb for my external hard drive but it didnt work, i’m not sure if there is a way to play movies using the usb port.

Note this was bought from currys pc worldi bought this projector (epsom eb-x03) to facilitate training courses to groups of 8-30 people in office hours (thus daylight). The projector is marketed as being brighter than most with the 3lcd system and several of the reviews suggest that it was used in bright conditions. When i used the projector for the first time it was in a training room with high level windows. The projector perform really well in the morning, however when the sun came round in the afternoon the power point image was only just readable. When i attempted to show a film clip this was completely unwatchable. In its natural position the projector throws its image a little lower than horizontal. There are two adjustable feet on the back that raise the back of the unit which drop the image even further. There is also a release catch that allow a single ‘foot’ to drop down adjusting the horizontal alignment of of the front of the unit thus raising the image from horizontal. As such to lower the image, say from a ceiling mount, there a two feet keeping the projector nice a stable. However, from a table/stand mount the single foot makes the unit a little unstable, in my opinion.

Excellent product, easy set up, good quality build and first class image.

Easy to set up and use and very clear.

If you need a digital projector this item will do the job well.

Small quite hardly needed any settings up from new. I tried 3 cheap led projectors from amazon before buying this they all needed to be returned. This is a class product for the money.

The projector was just as expected – the new technology of the 3lcd’s worked fine – the picture was bright but not bleached out, colours were accurate and the ability to change presentation modes easily along with a shutter to temporarily cover the lens when not required was an added bonus.

This is an excellent projector for the money, cannot believe the quality of picture & the functions- very easy to adjust without messina about with the menus.

Very happy, this is an ideal projector for delivering my courses,.

Everything works fine except for a minor problem. I can’t get the front adjustable foot to release. I’d be most grateful if someone knows how to fix this & advises me accordingly.

Good quality and bright output with easy controls and comprehensive connections to suit any source.

I,d been looking for a portable projector for a while and this one seems perfect for the job. Comes with its own bag and leads. Quick switch on and off (always handy for a portable projector). Vga and hdmi inputs (worked straight away with my macbookpro). Oh, and it’s bright and easy to focus. Works in our church hall with a 15′ throw without having to dim any lights.

When i consider how much we paid for our previous club projector and how very poor it was this was a real surprise. I have a hang up about people who come into our club and want to have a power point/video option for their talk and we give them a projector, which sometimes connects and sometimes does not, was always problematical and had to be lined up directly in front of the screen etc. Blocking peoples views, with worst scenarios, where we simply could not project – embarrassing and i am sure we have all been there. No more, not with this projector. Place it anywhere near the screen, low down, to the side, it makes no difference you can still have a perfectly rectangular image on the screen with the slide of a switch – amazing. Switch on the projector, plug in your lap top, ipad or whatever and basically away you go, including sound if you use a hdmi cable to connect and i suggest you do. The projector will hunt down the source and connect to it. The picture is very bright and even with curtains open on a sunny day you can clearly see images in great colour definition. Hdmi – apart from the obviously convenient connectivity of hdmi (compared with usual plug in and screw type connection) it is also worth purchasing a long one.

Good mid-range digital projector suitable for presentations and home use. The bright 2,700 lumen lamp makes it possible to use in partly lighted room. The usb computer-free input was particularly useful, as was the automatic vertical keystone correction.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bright output – 2,700 Lumens in both White and Colour Light Output (CLO)
  • Sharp detail – XGA and 10000:1 contrast ratio
  • Easy set-up – automatic vertical keystone correction
  • Economic – Eco tab setting and automatic lamp dimming function
  • Wireless options – connect via a range of smart devices