Epson EH-TW570 HD Ready 3D Home Cinema and Gaming Projector 720p 3000 Lumens 3LCD 5000 Hours Lamp Life – Bright, 3D perfect, eco, split screen

So a few years back when i was in school, they were using similar sized benq projectors. The teachers always went on and on about how expensive and good they were, i just wasn’t impressed. Ever since then i’ve had a tainted view of projectors, i would never buy them because i thought the return for the money was no good. So my dad for his birthday asks for a projector, i have my reservations but go on ahead and start doing a bit of research. I come across a few options, including the optoma equivalent, similar price, i can’t recall the model number. Anyway, i decided on this one for what appeared to be the best value for money over anything else. Upon arrival we set it up and i can honestly say if this is what you get for £400 then i honestly wonder what else the devices that are twice the cost and above can offer. I was tempted by the optoma but the deciding factor was it didn’t have horizontal keystone, which i must say having used it, is very useful and almost essential. We set this up during the day, the brightness was great and the image clarity even at a large size was also phenomenal.

This was a wedding present and i understand very much appreciated by the recipients.

Good lightoutput even in daylight, excellent 3d rendering (3d glasses type hf are a bit expensive, even compatible ones are still £ 40 +. In normal mode, it can be quite noisy, but in eco mode the noise level is very acceptable, one forgets it watching a film. It is relatively short throw, at 2. 50 meter distance a throw of a 90 inch screen ( 197 cm x 111 cm) in 16:9 format. It projects easily a 3 meter wide screen, enough light at 3000 lumens. It allows for slightly off center postioning: a slider corrects the angle, and has quick corner settings. Easy manual and/or automatic h/v keystone alignment together with the zoom slider, makes perfect fitting on a screen possible. For once this model also has an audio output (mini jack), which is often lacking on the epson smaller sized projectors. It also has an internal mono speaker of a few watts (2), just enough to listen to the film if no a/v ampli is available. A nice, quite unique feature is the split screen facility, it allows two inputs to be projected simultaneously, which is usefull when in presentation mode (but this does not, of course, work in 3d).

This projector has a fantastic image but mine came with a dead pixel. The dead pixel was a plain as day on a dark screen. Also – as this projector is lcd and not dlp – blacks are not very black. Dlp is much for darker blacks. The 2d to 3d conversion works but its not too great. Its not a smooth image and i didnt really like it. But for watching movies on a big screen its fab. But due to the dead pixel problem i returned mine and have bought an optoma dlp which is breathtaking.

A very good product, worth the price.

I only had my benq projector a couple of years (less than 1800hrs play) and it started to switch off for no reason and the audio went extremely low (i had to run it with the volume set at max). Maybe i could get it fixed but i was impatient to see my movies in huge size again so i bought this epson. I gotta say that while this machine was cheaper than my benq it’s more than acceptable for me in terms of picture and sound. It also gives a larger frame than my previous machine from the same distance away so im happy with it. I don’t know why people buy 55 inch tvs etc when you can have something like this and get the cinema experience in your home (without idiots talking and poking at their phones). Put some popcorn in your microwave and you even have that movie house smell haha.

This is my first real projector and i am simply stunned at the quality. Even my wife who is never impressed by any gadget of any kind is loving our new cinematic experience. The projector was simple to set up and easy to understand. I use projectors in my work place all the time so i guess that helped. So far we have used the projector with a laptop, a google chrome stick, amazon fire stick and an android tv box and all work perfectly. The only issue i’ve had is trying to play video files from my nas. I think this projector is quite fussy on what it will play, which is a shame. Yes, the sound is a little tinny so we use the cheapo soundbar we have attached to our pc. I just had to use and audio adapter to connect the rca phono input on the projector to the soundbars’ 3. Sound is much improved then. To be fair though, the sound is more than acceptable and was loud enough for us. The image is clear and bright even with ambient light bleeding in from our kitchen and windows. At night the picture is perfect, even with the odd lamp turned on. We used this a lot over christmas and watched a film together as a family on new years eve.

Great projector, the sharpness of the picture is incredible and we’re not using a projector screen. The fan is quieter on cinema mode. Downsides are the fitted speaker is a poor. We bought a soundbar and mounted it to the wall. Also the lens movement is quite noisy too. But all in all we’d highly recommend.

Very good and easy to use and very good delivery time.

Amazing quality and brigtnessit took me 3 projectors to find the right onepros –the quality of the screen is superb- super bright. It lights up the room at night- quiet and very quiet when you put it in eco mode. Cons- poor speaker output, so you’ll need an external surround speaker.

This is a good projector for the price (bought it around £270) it has a very good quality and is bright enough to see even with some light. About the 3d is easier to use movies in sbs (side by side) than ou (over and under) format. On the sbs format, you can use any resolution or refresh rate. On the other hand, if you use ou you need to set you computer at 1920×1080 with 24hz. On both cases i had to set the 3d setting manually on the projector. I have not tested it using blu-ray 3d.

For me it’s the best thing since sliced bread and it’s the best that i can get.

The built in speaker easily fill the room. Here are the specifications for the Epson EH-TW570 HD Ready 3D Home Cinema and Gaming Projector 720p 3000 Lumens 3LCD 5000 Hours Lamp Life:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Epson 3LCD technology for bright, accurate colours
  • 1280 x 800 resolution (720p HD Ready)
  • Superb image with 3,000 lumens Colour Light Output and 15,000:1 contrast ratio
  • HDMI with MHL support for smartphones, plus 2W built-in speaker
  • Turbo mode for reduced lag time in gaming

I’l preface this by saying i managed to purchase it on an amazon 24 deal for £280, significantly lower than current sale price. We are lucky enough to have a large, neutral wall in our living room which is perfect for projecting on to. The projector sits approx 10-12 ft away from the wall and projects to a size of 12-14 ft diagonal. Picture quality is excellent, we run ours either through a fire stick plugged directly into the back of the projector, or a ps4. The inbuilt speaker is better than expected, but nothing to write home about (but is probably to be expected), we run our sound to a sound bar. Some reviews have said the depth of the blacks is poor. I guess this is true to an extent, but i honestly have no issues with the quality of the projection. One of the most useful things is the horizontal and vertical keystone feature (as well as quick corner) meaning the projector does not have to sit directly inline with the surface you are projecting to.

Can’t be beaten for the price.

Larger screen to watch films and sporting events.

———————-i am not going to rate it because its my first projector————-1)its so bright i can watch the screen even in the day when there no sun 99% as in the night. (and because there is not all lot of sun in the uk its perfect. )2)its a very good company in my opinion better than a tv,3)in the first month i was very exited using it,4)with netflix it goes full screen even in 100 inch and its still good image quality,5)with the movie titanic i could really see the hd quality on blue ray even in 100 inch,6)it feels like i am in the future. 7)3d made me feel i was really there side the caracters and it felt real. (i didnt see something coming near me like in the cinema. Perhaps that’s how all home entertainment are)but i am not going to rate it because its my first projector.

Great projector nice and bright and crisp image even in a bright room.

Great projector for home cinema, easy to set up and great picture.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I’m happy
  • This is a good projector for the price (bought it around £270) it
  • Very nice

I was recommended this projector for doing presentations in daylight. Overall i am happy with my purchase but the remote controller to move the slides has never worked which means i have to stay close to my laptop.

Great for the price hd qualty is good, very good 3d.

Excellently bright projector with good – some would say excessive – colour when using hdmi feed from a laptop viewing movies. In fact in some situations using the eco mode is better in terms of brightness, lamp life and an even greater lack of fan noise. The 720p image is a trifle soft but ‘sharpness’ and colour saturation can be corrected if using an appropriate media player. I loved the important keystone adjustments.

May be a starter level product, but we are very satisfied with the features and image quality.

Awesome 720p(hd) projector which will satisfy most homes. Bought a used unit after reading expert reviews i. And common reviews in amazon us (almost similar to epson 749hd & 750hd) & uk(eh-tw549, 550, 570), cnetexpert plus other online reviews. If this is your first home entertainment/ cinema projector or you are just a regular non- ‘home theater enthusiast’ person , you can ignore experts complaints on ‘black level’. For the average person eyes, the image black level is good enough. The next level 1080p (full hd) model gives the same black level. If you insists on a very good black level, just spend double the cost. While it is only 720p, i don’t see pixels from 10ft on a 100′ diag screen wall. Getting a 1080p projector surely will have a sharper image but even 720p has very good image quality.

Great projector for our business.