Ergotron 45-384-026 LX HD Sit Stand Desk Mount Arm – Excellent stand

This product, this company has got it rightall the tools and all the pieces tropical plastic packed all clearly printed direct to the plastic everything as it should be. Included allen keysexcept a philips screwdriver. It also includes extra fingers to make a 200 x 100 mount as used on wacom cintiq 27′ tablethowever i purchased a 200 x 100 steel mount for around £6. 50 as i was advised sometimes the fingers move slightly. Excellent instructions – picturesexcellent price versus quality. Pleasure to work with, even the box is a quality item. Support was excellent when enquiring about models nothing was too much trouble for them.

Works brilliant with my wacom 27qhd.

Great fittings and instructions.

I bought this to mount a wacom cintiq 27qhd as the ‘ergotron lx desk mount lcd monitor arm, tall pole’ can’t accomodate the weight but this one can take a few extra kilo’s. It’s solid equipment packaged really well, what you’d expect for this price. Most of the necessary tools are included but you will need a phillips screw driver and a 3/8 inch rachet. Instruction were pretty straight forward with the tricky bit being fixing the arm to the screen first then placing it on the main support (might want 2 people here also i recommend taking off the back panel for the cintiq before doing this). Important to mention is this kit includes a vesa mount so there is no need to purchase the one ergotron sell separately. Well for the cintiq 27qhd anyway. Once all mounted you have to adjust the lift tension so the arm supports the screen when it is raised. The mount has built in cable management, which is a nice touch. I was extremely impressed with the tilt, lift, rotate and pan range of motion. This stand allows me to work standing up and when i want to sit down i can grab the screen and move it into place effortlessly.

Great piece of kit, a little fiddly to assemble, but works beautifully.

I use this with a wacom cintiq 27qhd, so for normal monitors, i guess it would be great too, but this is specifically for the cintiq. I was planning on getting the proper ergo stand for my cintiq, but the price of that kept going up and up, so i settled on this after a friend recommended it for the same reason. It hold the weight of that with no problem, it’s super-versatile and will easily accommodate working standing up and in portrait orientation too. The cintiq wobbles slightly when you’re working, but really not that much at all and that was my main concern before i used it. Plus, it’s freed up most of the work space on my desk, which in itself is useful. Just have someone handy when you fit it, as you need a lot of tension wound into the arm, so it will try to uppercut you if you let go of it when fitting. I use a larger vesa mount with mine (the mount for the cintiq is 200×100), but honestly, the brackets supplied were fine with it too, i just look for any excuse to burn more money on problems that don’t need solving. The next thing i need is a more substantial desk, as the flimsy ikea one i’ve currently got does not have the mass to act as a counterweight for this now, so that might also be something to be aware of.

Can hold a huge cintiq 27qhd comfortably. I can shift it around with no effort at all, like it’s nearly weightless. It needed a lot of tightening until it could keep the tablet steadily up in the air, and the springs seems to sag shortly after tightening, but that’s okay because the tablet stays 99,9% of the time supported by the desk.

Does exactly what you’d expect, very well.

Fantastic stand, is able to comfortably hold a sony kdl-42w705b as long as the tension on the two springs is wound up to maximum.

So good, prefect for the cintiq 27qhd.

Expensive but i’m sure this will last for many many years. Very solidly build, mostly very solid engineering. There’s one thing that i think could be solved better but it’s not that important. Basically the lowest ring that is holding the first segment of the arm is fixated with very small screws that basically screw into the lacquered post. I don’t understand this, instead this should be done bigger screws that have a rubberized button so you don’t damage the finish. Not quite sure why it was done this way. Other then that it is very good and easily handles my quite heavy 28′ lcd screen.

I got this for my wacom cintiq 27qhd as it gives me more freedom than my ergo stand. Brillant piece of kit and works better than expected. First – the desk clamp is quite poor on this and you’ll find you’ll have to keep going round all 3 camps to tighten them as one will come loose. Eventually they will all tighten. Second – for the desk clamp it comes with a 8mm head for a ratchet. But you will need a ratchet handle to attach it to. Third – the cintiq is a 200x100mm vesa fixing. The arm does come with an adapter however i wouldn’t trust it to hold heavy monitors. So for peace of mind i’d get a solid steelvesa mount.

A large, solid piece of kit that handles my 30′ dell monitor with ease. Ordered two more now i’ve seen the quality and performance first hand. Here are the specifications for the Ergotron 45-384-026 LX HD Sit Stand Desk Mount Arm:

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  • Upgrade LCD monitors and TVs with improved ergonomic adjustment
  • Helps reduce eye, back and neck strain
  • Extends LCD up to 84 cm; push your display out of the way when not in use
  • Patented CF motion technology provides premium ease of use adjustment
  • Cable management clips on the under side of the arm route and hide cords

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bought to mount Cintiq 27QHD
  • Brilliant bit of kit for Cintiq 27QHD and heavy Monitors.
  • Perfect for a Cintiq 27QHD