EUG WXGA Multimedia Video Projector 4000 Lumens LED LCD HD Gaming Movie Projector Home Theater Outdoor 1080P – Four Stars

I ordered this to replace my old projector simply because this is compatible with my ps3 and my old one, a very compact acer, wasn’t. The first thing i noticed about this when it arrived is the fact that it’s massive. Make no mistake, this is a huge breezeblock of a projector. After setting it up i noticed two major things. The image cast is much larger than i was expecting. My 120′ screen normally stands against the wall on the opposite side of the sitting room, but the image from the new projector spilled over either side, and i had to bring the screen over a metre closer to accommodate the image. The second thing is the sound of the fan. It’s a lot more intrusive than i’m used to. It sounds like a portable fan heater. Tl:dr – bulky, noisy, intrusivethe plus side?. It’s full hd and lives up to that claim. It gives a true home cinema feel. I’ve connected it up to my stereo and honestly, the sound of the fan (maybe to me at least) very quickly becomes unnoticeable.

Very impressed with this projector. Arrived promptly, easy to set up and great picture from my blu ray player even in only a semi-dark room.

Bought this for s special project and does everything it says it does.

Excellent product really happy and excellent service.

Perfect brightness, color and sound, easy to adjust.

Although this is larger than it looks it is really good value for money. The picture it gives is really clear. It is simple to set up and use.

Very pleased with this projector. I have it ceiling mounted approx 5. 4m away and it projects a screen-size approx 3. It is slightly blurred around the edges when viewing text, but the blurriness doesn’t show at all when watching movies or tv. I have it projected onto a magnolia wall and it’s very sharp. The in-built speakers aren’t great, but i have it hooked up to a soundbar and subwoofer. Initially i connected the soundbar through bluetooth, but there was an annoying lag, so now have a wired connection. Sound and picture are now fantastic. Customer service is very responsive.

This is an outstanding unit for this price. There are plenty of options to download from the google play store to make this connect to your apple device with airplay, like an apple tv. Of course, you can connect easily with the included hdmi cable as well. Shows great in dark and light environments. I would highly recommend this projector and great features of led and to connect to wifi and bluetooth. The picture was brighter than i expected. I can’t say enough about how pleasant and helpful the eug customer service people are. They are a model for the industry in standing by and supporting their product.

The projector arrived earlier than the expected delivery date. It was very easy to install and started to work with no issues. Video quality is very good for our purpose and the speakers are also up to the task.

Well impressed for the price. Use it on my travels living in hotels all the time. 2 usb ports are which are handy to connect a portable harddrive to to watch movies. Speaker attached to it aswell is decent but i’ve attached a little portable one too it. Also lost my remote on my travels but the seller has messaged me willing to send a free one to me.

Can’t say enough good things about this. Great value, great picture and its super easy to use. I couldn’t be happier with it. I use it for video games, netflix and watching live tv. Hdmi from ps4 goes straight in and away you go.

Delivered on time and works as advertised. Completely satisfied with the product.

Very good product (bought 2 years ago). I had to replace the bulb a few days ago and it started working correctly again. Despite this, the experience was very good. Here are the specifications for the EUG WXGA Multimedia Video Projector 4000 Lumens LED LCD HD Gaming Movie Projector Home Theater Outdoor 1080P:

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  • Clear and bright picture with vivid details and accurate colours on a white wall, ready for your home cinema viewing experience! Adopt the cleanest and most efficient LED Light source, boasting up to 4000 lumens brightness and 50000 hour LED Lamp life; TFT lcd screen, Wide colour gamut, High colour reproduction,no Rainbow effect; native 1280×800 support 1080p/720p high definition, 6500:1 high contrast displays rich details.
  • Big Screen surrounded by beautiful sound, now it’s your movie/gaming/party time! Image Size:50-200 inches, Throw Distance:1.8- 6.7 metres, Aspect Ratio: 16:9 & 4:3, much bigger screen than a tv. Built-in 10w high-power loudspeaker, crystal clear stereo sound and super enhanced bass, bring you a shocking audio-visual experience. Front/rear/ceiling projector, easy to use with ±15° vertical keystone, lens focus and image flip.
  • User-friendly design gives you more freedom to build your exclusive entertainment center! Dual HDMI inputs can connect anything that has a hdmi out port; dual USB inputs can directly play contents from your usb flash drive and hard drive; more connection options: VGA/AV/ATV/Video. Support 3.5mm audio out for adding speakers. Digital Image Zoom function can reduce/enlarge picture size without moving the projector.
  • High Compatibility with Chromecast, PlayStation, XBOX, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Android phone, tablet, Windows pc, Kindle Fire, Cable TV, Blu ray, DVD, Roku, Firestick, Direct TV etc. To connect an iphone, ipad or mac air, you can use a Lightning Digital AV Adapter to connect your device with the free HDMI cable, plug in the HDMI cable; to connect a mhl-enabled Android phone/tablet, you can use a MHL Adapter.
  • Enjoy the pleasant shopping experience with EUG projector – the original manufacturer, specializing in Innovative design, research, development and manufacturing of home projectors. All of our products have been strictly tested before we sell them! CE,FCC approved. Widely used for movie nights, slideshows, video games, birthday party, Christmas, Halloween etc. Removable Dust-proof Net, easy to clean and maintain; Magnetic suspension fans, no overheat issue. 1 Year Warranty.

Quiet in operation and easy to use once you have had a little practice because a particular sequence has to be followed. I was very pleased to discover that the projector will show a mix of stills and video on the same usb memory stick. I expected this to require a computer but was proved wrong. The range of input devices which are supported is very wide so most needs are catered for. Operating temperatures are low due to the led light source so a cooling-down period is not necessary at the end of a show. A very good product at a very good price.

Just had this projector delivered today set it up last night guys if your looking for a projector that plays the fire stick , ps4 games or your looking to plug your sky box in then this is the unit for you. I set the projector up 3 meters from the screen and what a picture wasn’t sure about the in built speaker but the sound quality is fantastic and you can’t hear the fans well i couldn’t for best results black the room out. Manual is a bit vague but it’s pretty easy to work it outdon’t um and are like i did go for it i am amazed at the quality and sound.

Professional after sales service. Bright and clear picture for this price.

Really nice projector for the price, support was good to. The only criticism i have, is there doesn’t seem to be any bluetooth support.

I wrote a separate review for seller, as the customer service after sales support is absolutely fantastic and incredibly helpful, the customer support person named carol, helped me even after working hours to help resolve a issue, and didn’t stop till they had managed to have a successful resolution, so a huge big thanks for this company’s after sales support, excellent and a grade,now to the product itself, i had been researching into a projector to be a fulltime tv, and checked various projectors from high prices to low end pricing, i ended up settling for this product, as the details of it seemed pretty good, and for the price, was pretty mid ranged compared to all others, so thought would try this and see how it goesfirstly, item arrived quick, within 2 says of ordering, brilliantly packed,the projector itself is a medium sized average projector, pretty light to handle, and made of sturdy plastic all round, has fixings underneath for mounts, i used a ceiling mount, and fitted without a issue,the projector itself, has android built in, but that is not much of a concern for me, as not looking for any smart features i have other things that do that better, needed this primarily for tv sky box viewing, the distance i had setup which my room could accommodate i got a nice big 105inches or so, and when turned on, wow, the screen looks pretty good with daylight blinds open, and lighting on too, i don’t use overhead lighting, mainly lamp lighting scattered around room, but in full daylight ,sunny day, blinds open as normally i would, sunshine shining in, the screen is still so easily watchable and quite incredible too, watching in slighter darker surrounds, and its fabulous, i usually only watch hd channels on sky, and they all look fab, love the huge screen, and the android system for menu system is very good with the remote, the remote don’t even need to point at projector, works flawlessly, fan noise, i have to stay is within comfortable zone, but when you have volume and your watching tv, i hardly notice the fan noise at all, specially since i have it celling mounted, i absolutely love the picture quality, the brightness the settings you can adjust to your own liking for picture quality is fantastic for a product at this price range, and also the built in speakers work great, not to bad at all, though i am getting external speakers setup pretty soon, but internal speakers on this unit sound as good as the 60inch tv i had previous to this, so far i have been amazed with the quality of picture during day and at night with lamp lighting still on, its perfect, loving the huge screen factor, also the bluetooth works perfectly on all devices i tested, so that’s a huge bonus too. The lamp is rated 5000 lumens, and to be honest depending exactly what lumens it is referring to, as some will say its not true lumens or some other variation, i have to say the picture quality from the bulb is amazing, hands down very good, unless you plan to watch this projected on to wall with full direct sunlight hitting the same wall, with over head tube lighting and other lighting, i think this projector works incredibly, cant go wrong for this price and the spec it comes with, it has 2 hdmi ports, 2 usb ports, av and audio and even a vga port, all ports were tested and work without a issue, i even plugged in a extra hdmi box which gives additional 5 hdmi ports, and works flawlessly, built in wife is very good, signal good and has not dropped any connection whatsoever, considering i have a lot of wireless devices connected to the wifi hub, the lamp life is listed as 50,000 hours, which they state is 8 hours a day for 17 years etc, but even if this lasts 5 years or more with me watching this as my main screen, probably 12 to 14 hours of it daily, should be awesome,its early days to review the durability and life of this projector as only using not to long since purchased, but will keep updated, so far its a excellent unit for the price, and customer service for support is absolutely amazing. A great purchase and even though i hadn’t heard of eug before, i certainly will be recommending them to friends n familyand buying from them again without any worries. If you want a decent projector for everyday useday or nightthen this unit excels brilliantlybig thanks to eug after sales support, for there excellent customer service support. Its been a pleasure doing business with this company.

All good, no concerns, easy to set up and operate.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • absolutely amazing, dont be wary of a name you aint heard of, this projector unit is amazing
  • Great customer service and a 90 day no quibble return so you have nothing to loose.
  • Happy owner!

Great projector, very easy to use.

 i was a bit wary about this projector, just because of the spec and the low price. I have to say i’m extremely impressed i have it ceiling mounted so it’s permanently set up with my x box one and t8v android box for netflix and iptv. The quality of the picture is very good just remember it needs a minimum 1080p signal going through to get the picture quality , you don’t even need the room to be pitch black but it looks alot better if it is. Excellent value for money great bit of kit.

Does exactly what i need – only downside is the brightness when viewing in daylight.

I got exactly what i was looking for, films look really good,ps3 looks great,ps4 works fine on it but graphics downgrade quite a bit but still playable delivered on time all in all am very happy 😊.

This review is for the 2000ansilumen-pico dlp wifi projector that cost £359 in october 2017 with prime. This is a well built piece of kit that is expensive but let down by a cheap remote. After researching cheaper models i decided to spend more. The item is well packaged and well made. I was able to connect to my home network server and play a film literally within 10 minutes. It throws a big picture and although it will not work well in daylight it is hd and i connected the speaker ot my bluetooth soundbar ok. Initially very impressed but then i tried to use android apps and thats were the problems begin. I must say i posted some questions and response was quick but it did not solve all of my issues. The pros:build qualitypicture qualityconnection to network and bluetooth speaker although it would not find my galaxy tab it found my galaxy s7 phone. (frustrating)the cons:price, for this money i want everything to workremote is poor, you cannot navigate or select actions.

Its not bad, but it isn’t good.

Great machine – the best thing about it is that as a led machine you switch it on and it lights up and when you turn it off it doesn’t take anytime to cool down as the normal lamp projectors do. Slightly disappointed by the misinformation re hdmi sockets as there is only one and the description definitely said two when i bought it at christmas and definitely pretty plastic but hey. It is plastic, strongly built and only £220 so i am not complaining. Seriously, don’t hesitate, it is a great machine and i am totally happy.

This is a great value projector for home cinema use. Very simple to use it has a good level of connectivity via hdmi and video inputs.

Great projector, clear at dusk which is what we wanted and comes into it’s own at dark. Sound is good, but if you add an additional speaker then it’s great.

The quality of the projector is very good for the price, the zoom feature makes it easy to place the projector where you require it, but still allows the image to fit the screen. I used it in my bedroom, with the projector sitting on top of my cupboards above the bed 5mtrs away from the screen, and find the image quality very good when connected to my sky box. My only small issue is that i have found that when you connect external speakers the main sound doesn’t seem to cut out, but this might be an incorrect setting.

I use this with my smartphone and it’s perfect and has worked fine with no issues.

The instructions are not great, but the picture is nice and wow. So much fun playing ps4 or watching footie and movies on the sloping ceiling.

Great picture at a fantastic price. Sound is ok but recommend hooking up to external speakers for a better experience. Has wifi built in and is extremely responsive with connection. Projector is not too noisy unlike some more expensive makes. Can’t fault customer services either.

We had one issue with the remote, spoke to carol in customer service and she sent one out to replace it with no hesitations. Great product and great service.

Program language only chinese, when want to send film from iphone.

A very good deal on this projector and i should have gone to them in the first place instead of trying to buy a cheaper model which i had to return. It only took fifteen minutes to set up, ceiling mounted, and then it was in use. The picture is excellent and the remote makes it very easy to use.

Fast delivery, good money for value.

Having never had a projector before, i think my expectations were too high and it was more of a problem with me than the unit itself. For the price, i think it’s a good buy but i was a little nieve in expecting the quality of a £3,000 unit which is unrealistic and unfair on the product of this value. Although i decided to return this, carol, the customer services spokeswoman was absolutely brilliant. If ever a company needed advise on how to give great customer service, carol is that woman. I was initially hesitant to buy the unit but the company gave assurances and offered a 90 day no quibble return, which pushed me to buy it, knowing i wouldn’t be lumbered with it if i was unhappy. So really, you have nothing to lose in giving it a go. I was experiencing issues, albeit mainly not understanding the unit properly and carol was always there to help. For the reasons above, that’s why i’ve given an overal score of 5 stars.

Bought this mini projector for a youth club and are absolutely delighted with it, the resolution is incredible, compact and light. Are running a ps 4, karaoke, and movies through it.

Very pleased with this projector. It does everything it says it will. If had to criticise at all the built in speaker volume whilst ok does not drown out the fan noise. Will purchase some external speakers to sort the problem but must stress this is only a minor problem. The delivery was well within the delivery time slot by several days and the £17 customs cost to get the item delivered has been dealt with promptly by the supplier with a promise to repay in a couple of days. Was nervous about ordering from a china based company. For the price it is excellent.

This projector is easy to handle after the first calibration. The quality is good, even with surrounding light. The cooling fan is audible mainly when you are not playing any sound. However, we tend to ignore it very quickly after starting to watch a film. High quality source material is displayed beautifully (e. 4k videos scale up very well). However, you do see the difference between high and low quality videos more strikingly on the big screen. Overall, it is a great home cinema experience to enjoy movies and series alone or with friends.

The projector works very good, i use it to stream and watch tv, also as a gaming monitor. The picture and sound quality is excellent, and it was very easy to install and use. The 2 hdmi ports work well, i run an hdmi from my laptop to it to play games, which is so much more cool than the 14′ screen.

We have now ceiling mounted this projector and it works well once you get it setup correctly. The online information is good so not too difficult. The follow up from the supplier has also been top class. We have no complaints a in would recommend both the projector and the supplying company.

I bought this projector back in july 2016 for my 12 year old son and it has been pretty much permanently switched on ever since. Amazing product for it’s price. For us it has a cool feature (among many) that lets you flip the orientation of the projected image so you can ceiling mount it with all the buttons facing down (great when you can’t find the remote) and then simply ‘flip’ the image so it projects correctly on the wall or screen. Good product, good value, very happy.

Tried a mini projector at 1/3 the cost of this one first and it really was not up to the job in terms of picture or sound. This one though is a fantastic projector: very easy set up, really good quality image and built-in sound is really good. The fan noise is not that noticeable especially with the volume at low level. It is quite a big projector but seems very good quality. The built-in android system is also great with lots of pre-loaded apps such as kodi, youtube, google. Easily connected to home wifi. 100% recommend this projector for superb quality at a great price.

Brilliant other than a noisy fan, but perhaps they are all like that.

I am very satisfied with this projector, it was the right thing to serve our purpose and requirements. Once again thanks for the decent service.

Contacted customer services about a slight software issue and they sorted the problem very quickly.