Fancy Pants False Nails in the Comfort of Your Own Home

I love painting my nails, there’s something so therapeutic about it all, but I’d love it if I didn’t have to re-paint every couple days. Although I’ve finally found two branded nail polishes which don’t chip within the first 24 hours (check out my latest nail polish review), I’d still love to be able to create that salon-finish at home in less time than it takes to paint my nails. That’s wear easy-to-use false nails come in, giving you that salon finish in a few simple steps.False nails

imPRESS false nail are something I’ve come across before, but have never thought to try. The packaging for one is ingenious; no worrying about silly plastic trays with false nails spilling out of them and getting lost – instead, imPRESS false nails are stored in an acrylic nail polish-shaped container with a black lid that opens and closes the container. It’s the best way to store your nails in one place and makes it look neat when stored away.

These are super easy to apply and are done with a simple adhesive sticker on the back of the nail. However, one thing I’ll mention is that one you attempt to just simply wahs your hands quickly with these on, it appears that the adhesive softens, then becomes weak and falls off. You cane asily buy adhesives to stick them back on as normal, but you may want to carry a tube of nail glue around with you on the off chance one will fling off.

KISS false nails on the other hand are strong as hell! I like the fact that these packs of nails give you the choice of 2-sided stickers or to opt for the nail glue. After the little mishap with the imPRESS nails I decided to opt for the glue – and boy am I glad. These lasted around 2 days before one nail fell off. In all fairness, I had just washed my hair with these on and the rest did a great job at remaining in place for a further 3 days (5 in total) before starting to become loose.

You get a fair amount of spare nails in each pack to avoid the build-up of glue on one nail which makes it difficult to stick in the end. I tried the Gel Fantasty range and the red was my ultimate favourite. It looks so classy and cold, but the glittery nude nails are also stunning too. However, due to personal preference, I do prefer bolder colours which help my nails stand out. Even my boyfriend seemed to like the red nails without me having to ask!


*items may have been gifted to me for review purposes.