FANQIE Digital Kitchen Scale : Scales

Can’t comment on battery life, haven’t used it long enough. I got one in teal, and i am a giddy goat. What a fantastic scale, it turns on and off, i weighed 3 whole onions, what a time to be alive. Really shiny and easy to use, all you do is press the on button.

Would recommend very responsive and compact.

Since moving house my large kitchen has changed to a small kitchen and ever since i’ve been working on downsizing everything including the kitchen scales :] i have always used analogue scales and they’re too big now. This electronic scales is so small so it’s going to fit nicely into my kitchen, thats if i don’t lose it. The purple digital display caught my attention, i like that colour and the digits are large enough to read clearly. These scales are very easy to use, just have to hold down the button to switch it on, wait a few seconds for the display go to zero and away we go. One particular feature that i like is that i can put a bowl on the scales and set that to zero and still be able to weigh the contents of the bowl. These scales weigh in imperial and metric. They have pin point accuracy. Once i’ve finished using them they switch off automatically after 70 seconds and can be wiped clean with no effort at all. ❤️i hope my review is helpful in any way.

The screen lights up so you can see it clearly. It takes aaa batteries which is very helpful. My scales were a nice teal colour.

Super slim kitchen scales that measure not only pounds, ounces and milligrams but millilitres too which my old scales didn’t have. They also came with some batteries, which is a rarity nowadays. The lcd display is also clear and bigger than usual meaning i don’t have to squint to see it.

Easy to use and clean, nice and neat so stores away nicely.

Exactly what i was looking for & at a great price.

  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • It works, it’s attractive and it’s affordable
  • High Quality

Digital Kitchen Scale with Tare 5Kg/11lb High Precision up to 1g Stainless Steel Weighing Scales Food with LCD Display for Home, Kitchen (Batteries Included)

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Very lightweight, compact scales. Use for weighing out dog food and are accurate. Look good too,left the blue film cover on which protects but also blends in with my kitchen. Very reasonable price and good quality too,so far so good.

I use mine for weighting baby snakes after hatching and older now i have this.

By far the best scales i’ve ever bought.

Love these scales the best ones i have ever brought and are very accurate.

Really good quality for its price and easy to store as it’s compact.

Easy to use, light, compact, stylish design. No problems to set up, easy functionality – does exactly what i need.

My boyfriend and i use scales for our meal prep and weighing ingredients etc – happy with this scale, it seems accurate and the style is really nice.

Like that it didn’t break when i stood on it.

  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • It works, it’s attractive and it’s affordable
  • High Quality

Digital Kitchen Scale with Tare 5Kg/11lb High Precision up to 1g Stainless Steel Weighing Scales Food with LCD Display for Home, Kitchen (Batteries Included)

Will be buying another for my salon for measuring colour.

Natty, slimline kitchen scales which do the job perfectly. Very attractive design with clear display and easy access to the battery compartment.

Stunning looking piece of kit and so easy to use.

Works well but the display could be better,.

Brilliant scales even has a ml setting i would highly recommend this.

Considering the price it seems to do the job and superbly accurately.

Very compact but does exactly what you need. Has a reset button so you can put a bowl on it and then add the right amount of ingredient. Great replacement for an older clunkier one.

Started clean eating and this is perfect and easy to use. Can also wipe clean with ease.

Nice slim scales with a few display settings.

Great product very useful for baking and dieting.

I bought these to use in the kitchen to weigh out ingredients for baking they contain every measurements you could ever need they are easy to use.

Compact size and easy to use without reading the instructions.

Great space saving scales for the kitchen. Seem accurate and have worked fine since buying many months ago.

Good product ,easy storage,easy to use and easy to clean.

Features and Spesification

  • 【High-Precision Sensor】- 11lb/5kg capacity with a division of 0.1oz/1g, perfect for weighing various cooking and baking ingredients such as spices, flours, grains and herbs
  • 【Practical Function】- Low battery indication, auto-off function and tare function for measurement convenience and save energy
  • 【Unit-Conversion Switch】- The cooking food scale is designed with multi-units(grams (g), kilograms (kg), ounces (oz), pounds (lbs) and milliliter (ml, milk ml)), which can be converted mutually by pressing UNIT button
  • 【Power Supply】- The kitchen scale adopts the environment-friendly design with ultra-low energy consumption. The battery is assembled for ex-factory
  • 【Stylish Design】- Stainless steel wire drawing process and LED display, making it a beautiful scenery of the kitchen