Why did you choose the name, Coffee & Blogging?

This is actually the second name my blog has rocked in its time, as I did a complete blog rebrand back in January 2017, taking it from Scampi & Chips to Coffee & Blogging. It’s simple really – I’m a big coffee drinker and my passion is blogging. The two go hand-in-hand, don’t you think?

Who designed your blog?

The blog theme is one I bought from Pipdig who do some amazing WordPress themes and Blogger Templates for such affordable prices! As for the graphics (header, favicon, social banners etc.), these were designed by the lovely Jemma at Dorkface – a fellow blogger, but also a very talented illustrator.

What’s your ‘day job’?

By day I am a Content & Outreach Executive for a luxury homeware company. My blog is actually what got me into the marketing industry in the first place, after graduating with a 1st Class Ba(hons) in Photography – so a little shout out to the blog – *woop woop*!

What camera do you use?

I used to use my trusty Canon 60d with a 24-70mm lens, but have recently moved onto use my new baby and a blogger’s favourite from the looks of things online, the Olympus Pen E-PL8 with the 14-42mm lens – as time goes on I will invest in other lenses, but for now, this one is treating me nicely.

Are you on YouTube?

I do have a YouTube channel, but you won’t find any video content on there right now. YouTube is a blogging goal of mine for 2017 and is currently in the process of being built-up. You can still subscribe to my channel by clicking here, ready to be notified when the first video is live! The kind of videos you’ll eventually see on this channel are: monthly favourites, empties videos, quick GRWM’s (Get Ready With Me, fyi), a little travel and generic lifestyle videos – no vlogging. It just isn’t gonna happen.

Do you accept Guest Posts to feature on Coffee & Blogging?

This is a tricky one, because I feel these days the term, ‘Guest Posts’ is taken advantage of. I happily feature guest posts written by fellow bloggers – that’s bloggers who do similar stuff to me: chat beauty, life, travel and literally anything else they can think of. I obviously don’t charge for you to feature your post, but I’d often ask if I can perhaps write one back to post on your blog too!

I do not feature work by ‘professional writers’ though. Yes, your content looks great on the 10+ sites you’ve shown me, but I want to promote fellow bloggers and not give a free link out to something that is clearly not your site. My blog, my choice.

Any tips for starting up a blog?

In all honesty, it’s difficult to give you a straight answer to this question without rambling on. There are so many blogging tips I could provide you with when it comes to starting your own blog. Whether it’s a lifestyle blog, beauty blog, travel, student, parenting, finance or any other niche, the foundation of setting up a blog remains the same. Check out my blogging tips category for detailed posts to guide you through the process. If you have any questions thereafter, simply send me an email and I’d be more than happy to help!

Can I have the contact email for ‘abc’?

Lastly, just a quick one – it’s obvious when I’ve worked with brands via a product review or a sponsored post, because I declare this in each one that is a form of a collaboration/paid work. One thing I will never do however, is provide anyone with contact details – whether that’s direct brand contacts, or the agency I was involved with. It’s rude and obnoxious to assume I’d provide this kind of information, but to also assume you’re entitled to a ‘freebie’ that you so clearly want.