Favourite Blog Posts in April 2017

It’s that time of month again! No, not that time, but the time where I share with you the blog posts I’ve been loving throughout the whole month by other wonderful bloggers that I enjoyed so much, that I want to share with you. So far I’ve been sticking to a number of my blogging goals for 2017 pretty well. But admittedly, some goals have also taken a back seat due to this year being far busy than ever expected. Albeit, sharing with you my favourite blog posts  each month is one goal that’s remained on track for the last 4 months – still can’t quite believe we’re in May. There’s not a lot of posts to share this month (in fact, very little indeed), but that’s because my month has been quite busy; hectic work life, deadlines for my part-time course and also Brussels for the last couple days of April!Favourite Blog Posts April 2017

Must Read Books For Bloggers
by Charlotte at Colours & Carousels.

If there’s two things I wish I had more time for this year, they’d be blogging and reading. I read a lot right now, but not for what I want – instead this kind of reading simply consists of my head being stuck in a book for studying, not for fun. In this post, Charlotte shares with us the best books out there for bloggers who want to expand their knowledge, learn something new and simply have a good read. I’ve been on the lookout for some good books regarding blogging and everything that comes with it; branding, social media and more, and there’s definitely two in Charlotte’s list I’ve now added to my Wishlist!

My Travel Experiences & Learnings
by Louise at The Little Things.

Travelling is something I love; whether in the UK or abroad, I love to see new places – even if just for the day. I agree that many believe it’s not possible to travel once (or even twice) a year whilst holding down a full-time job and also attempting to save for a mortgage and other things, but it’s possible – I know it is! That’s why I loved Louise’s blog where she shares her top tips for travelling, plus her own experiences. One part about a family holiday in Arizona was pretty sad, but all is well – so give it a read!

DIY Storage Grid
by Caroline at burkatron.

I do love a good DIY post, especially when they’re super simple like this one by Caroline. I love home office DIY projects, because I just know the moment I get my own place, the ‘office’ will be my main priority – so long as I have a functioning kitchen and bathroom first…Anyhow, this simple storage grid DIY post by Caroline over at burkatron, is perfect for adding a minimalist storage solution to any office space and requires little dollar to do so too!