Favourite Blog Posts in January 2017

I’ve decided to start a new series of posts this year that I’m actually going to stick to on a monthly basis. Although it wasn’t in my blogging goals for 2017 to start a new series, it’s still something I want to do on this blog! I read many posts each week during my commute to and from work and on my lunch, but other than leaving a comment and sharing them on social media, I don’t do much else after that.

That’s why this series of posts is dedicated to blog posts by other bloggers that I really enjoyed reading throughout the month and all for different reasons. So, here are my favourite blog posts I loved from January 2017!Favourite Blog Posts January 2017

The Follow/Unfollow Tactic on Instagram: A Different Perspective
by Becca at The Apres Gal.

As Becca mentioned in her post, it’s unheard of these days to log-in to social media and not see someone ranting about their hatred towards the Insta Algo (that’s algorithm between you and me). Their latest algorithm has left people’s post not being seen, despite the hard effort thrown into the social platform. But the biggest dread is the follow/unfollow tactic many pursue. PLEASE STOP. Although it may all seem negative, Becca’s little post enlightened us all on the positive ways to look at the algorithm, which made me smile – it’s all about rocking what you got.

The Importance of Having a Great Woman Squad
by Hayley at London Beauty Queen.

Hayley has been a favourite beauty blogger of mine for quite some time now – we’re talking nearly three years. In short, she knows her stuff when it comes to beauty as well as blogging and I simply admire the stuff she puts out there. One of her first posts of 2017 is something I can relate to massively, and it all revolves around having your very own Woman Squad to get you through the thick and thin. I honestly recommend giving this one a read!

Dear New Blogger…
by Laura at Inside Laura’s Head.

This isn’t just one post, but instead a series of posts I’ve recently come across by Laura this month. A week or so ago I got caught up – amongst a handful of others – in helping a new blogger out with some little questions she had, which became very frustrating to say the least. After our advice wasn’t quite getting through to her – I get it, it’s confusing sometimes – Laura mentioned her Dear New Blogger series she had started. If you’re new to blogging or simply want to recap on certain points, I advise giving these a read.

Is There Such A Thing As Being Too Polite?
by Beth at Adventure & Anxiety.

Beth’s blog is new to me and I only came across it this month after she commented on a recent post of mine, but I’m so glad I found her blog either way. One of her first posts from January 2017 was all about the ‘age ol’ question’ as Good Mythical Morning would say, ‘Is there such a thing as being too polite?’. A tricky one in my opinion. It’s interesting reading other people’s opinions, especially when they’ve opened up as much as Beth, so I highly recommend giving this post a read (and Beth a cheeky follow)!



Which blog posts have you enjoyed reading this month?