Favourite Blog Posts in January 2018

I kinda fell off track when it came to sharing my favourite blog posts by other bloggers each month. Well, when I say kindaI mean since May last year which is a looong time ago. Then again, I’ve had a lot on since then and drifted away from blogging all together, but now I’m back on it! So, I want to get back into my monthly series and share with you my favourite blog posts I’ve read in January 2018. Don’t forget to share your favourites from this month in the comments below.Favourite Blog Posts January 2018

Fuck YouTube
by Rhianna at Rhianna Olivia.

I loved this post for two reasons: one – telling it how it is with the fact that YouTube is shit for shitting on smaller video creators. Two – YouTube is not the be all or end all of online creators. Since taking a break from blogging, I shoved reading blogs to one side and watched YouTuber’s all the time. But over the last 2 months, I’ve really got back into reading blog posts and, in all honesty, I much prefer reading content than watching it. I personally find it more engaging, genuine and even inspirational.

Whisky Mac’n’Cheese with Glazed Bacon Crumb
by Chloe at Nine Grand Student.

I do love a bloody good Mac n Cheese, AMIRIGHT? Since moving into my first home last month, I’ve really got into my cooking and this is one recipe I now have waiting to make. Me and my boyfriend normally refer to Jamie Oliver’s newest recipe book, 5 Ingredients, as it’s filled with super-quick and easy meals for after work. But, if you’re looking for a guilty pleasure and a meal that’s all about the good stuff (cheese and bacon of course), then I highly recommend taking a look at Chloe’s latest creation!

Real Jobs
by Fiona (Fii) at Little Miss Fii.

I’m new to Fiona’s blog, but I’ve seen a lot of talk lately around bloggers going full-time and the scrutiny they receive because of this, so her latest post Real Jobs was kinda relevant to latest news. If you asked me two years ago, ‘where do you want to be in five year’s time?’, I would’ve shouted, I WANNA BE A FULL-TIME BLOGGER! But, if you ask me the same question today, I’d say I’d want to be managing my own marketing team in a successful company – which I’m now one-step closer too. However, I love the fact that bloggers are able to hand in their resignation to employers they work for, and start their own business by taking their own online platform to the next level – full time and freelance. It just goes to show how far blogging has come to allow digital influencers to take this huuuge step. But, of course with anything in life, there’s always the negative side some people see in it. Which is why I recommend giving Fiona’s post a read.


What were your favourite reads from this month?