Favourite Blog Posts in March 2017

Another month has been and gone, and that’s another month where I think, ‘Sh*t, can we just slow down a little? Please!’. It’s been a busy month and in all fairness, it’s going to get busier from here forwards. If you weren’t aware already, despite mentioning it all over social media and numerous times in blog posts, I’m doing a part-time course alongside my full-time job and the stress is unreal. Deadlines are looming here, there and everywhere and the fact that my space is now booked for an exam in July is killing me slowly inside. I haven’t sat an exam since GCSE – that was 8 years ago! Anyway, I’m rambling. Despite the busy schedule lately, I’ve still made sure I set aside time to read blogs – new and old – to which I have a few posts to share with you in this Favourite Blog Posts in March 2017.Favourite blog posts in march 2017

Finance Tips I Wish I’d Known When I Was 20
by Kate at Wit & Delight.

Finances is always a tricky subject, isn’t it? It’s not something I personally feel comfortable discussing in great detail, but it’s still an important subject all round. Although based in Minnesota, USA and mentioning a few things that may not be relevant to some extent for us British lot, Kate makes some really valid points in her post regarding financial responsibility in our early 20’s. I turned 24 this month and for the last 2 years there have been various things I wish I’d done differently. I saved a lot when at university and managed to jet off to America for 3 months, pack up and have a fresh start in North Wales and feel like I did a lot with very little so to speak. But once adult-life hit and full-time work was just the norm, my way of savings differed because suddenly a multitude of bills and additional responsibilities smacked me in the face!

How Painting Can Eliminate Stress & Anxiety
by Dana at Wonder Forest.

I simply couldn’t agree more with this post, although I swap the paintbrush for a pencil every time. If I’m stressed – which is a lot of the time lately – I tend to whip out my trusty Great British Bake Off colouring book and pack of pencils and start colouring away. Or, if I’m feeling extra creative or have a little more time on my hand, I’ll sit and draw for an hour or so to keep me calm. I have The Happy Book by Nuuna which I use purely for artwork, and even treated myself to some Kate Spade pencils to make me feel extra special – can pencils really do that?

Tales of a Tomboy
by Lily at Lily Pebbles.

Although growing up I played with the likes of Barbie dolls and Polly Pocket, and even had my own Sabrina The Teenage Witch playhouse – don’t be jelly – as the teen years struck, I would say I was more of a Tomboy. Pink was never my colour and still isn’t, and like Lily, my favourite colour is also blue. The thought of wearing jeans and a hoody to work on dress-down Friday’s makes me far happier than the thought of rocking up in a dress or skirt. If you feel like you have some similarities there, I definitely recommend giving Lily’s post a read!

How Kathryn Minshew Transformed Her Frustrating Job Search Into a Whole Career
told by Kathryn at Into The Gloss.

I simply liked this post because it was inspiring. I’ve been in the position before where I was a recent photography graduate who no longer wanted to pursue photography as a career, but didn’t know what alternative career option I had. Therefore, I can relate to the beginning of this post. The rest however, delves into how Kathryn then made a whole new career change for herself, through the endless applications and job-hopping opportunities she was taking on board. If you’re looking for a little inspiration or a pick-me-up to motivate you on your way to work one morning, save this one for a read!


What were your favourite reads of the month?