Favourite Blog Posts in May 2017

Another month has come and gone and we’re now just one day away from June – the month where summer finally begins. I mean, it’s pretty much felt like summer for the majority of this month anyway, with hot sunny days around 20c which have made my 20 minute walk to and from work an absolute bliss! As usual, here are my favourite blog posts of the month!

Favourite Blog Posts

How We Can Get The Blogosphere Back
by Vicky at Vix Meldrew.

Thank god for this woman – I love her blog as it is; witty, straight to the point and down-right awesome. I love Vicky’s honesty in all her posts and the pure truth behind all those sex/dating points; I hear ya! But her recent post on ‘How We Can Get The Blogosphere Back’ is definitely worth the read and is something I can relate to 100% right now. Due to juggling full-time work and studying right now, my motivation for blogging has been minimal for quite some time. I can deal with that, as it’s just down to lack of time. But as of the last month, it’s been more down to feeling like blogging just isn’t quite right – I can’t quite put my finger on it, but Vicky certainly has and has some great pointers to rectify it too.

Why I Wouldn’t Blog Full-Time
by Emmy at Emmy Writes About.

I’ve addressed this on my blog before too, but it’s great to see other bloggers on the same page as me. We’re surrounding by bloggers who have already or are starting to take the plunge into taking their blog/YouTube channel full-time, and that’s great. You go Glen Coco! However, despite loving what I do with my blog and enjoying the time I spend working on it, I personally don’t believe I’ll ever take it full-time, even if the opportunity was there for me to do so. So Emmy’s blog post is another one I’ve really been able to relate to this month!

It’s Okay To Take a Break If You Need One
by Sophie at Sophie’s Notebook.

I think it’s fair to say that May’s reading was the month of relatable content for me. Last year I took a good 2 month break from blogging, and again at the beginning of this year, because I had so much other stuff to focus on; finding a new job, then settling into a new job, and also finding a good routine with juggling full-time work and studying. That’s why I can definitely relate to Sophie’s post on taking a break.

You Don’t Need to Achieve Every Single Day
by Hannah at Hannah Gale

This post could not have come at a better time for me in all honesty. As I’ve mention a couple times in this post now, I’m studying part-time alongside a full-time job, and life is hard right now. Juggling the two is soo much harder than I initially planned, and it means that my precious evenings after work are made up of food and studying and pretty much nothing else. With approximately 20 hours study-time a week alongside the occassionally study weekend and then of course my 40-hour work week, it’s fair to say I deserve a little break once in a while and shouldn’t have to feel bad about it – but why do I still get a wave of guilt every time I opt for watching Matilda on Netflix over reading a chapter a two in my big ass scary text book ready for my exam in July? Is a two-hour break out of one entire week really that bad? No. That’s why I love Hannah’s post, so go give it a read!


Which blog posts have your been loving this month?